Military Faces Severe Cuts While Pentagon Buys Chevy Volts

While Obama is determined to impose crippling cuts on the core functions on national defense, the United States military is being turned into a slush fund for his Green projects.

The Chevy Volt, one of the bigger disasters of Government Motors was dumped on crony capitalist pals of the government and is now being dumped on the Pentagon.

So far, the military has acquired 168 road-capable, plug-in electric vehicles, such as the Volt, and more are on the way, according to Air Force spokeswoman Tonya Racasner, whose service branch is overseeing the military’s effort to acquire more electric vehicles. The Army alone is placing electric vehicles at more than 40 installations, she said, and the DOD aims to integrate about 1,500 road-capable electric vehicles over the next few years.

Tricare for veterans will be cut, defense technologies will be cut, soldiers will pay more for health care and be more vulnerable in the line of fire, but the Pentagon will instead focus on the important things in life… like buying the leftovers of Obama’s latest disastrous scheme.

But hey who needs 20,000 Marines when we can have 20,000 Chevy Volts instead.

The Marine Corps will slash 20,000 Marines as part of Defense Department-wide budget cuts, reducing its end strength to about 182,000, top Pentagon officials announced Thursday.

  • PaulRevereNow

    What will Obama’s next parcel of cow dung forced down our throats be? So the U.S. military is being forced to buy Chevy Volts, wretched automobiles that are little more than glorified golf carts. Most GM vehicles are now produced in China, and every one produced benefits the Chinese in some way. And what do the Chinese do with their profits/benefits? Why, they build up their military, to use against the United States. What is Obama doing about this? Why, nothing. Instead of touting the dubious benefits of green vehicles, he should be branding China as a currency manipulator; and placing a hefty tariff on Chinese goods coming into the U.S.

    • Susen Foster

      It was Barry's Bail Out that afforded the 7 plants in China. Okay, so they did pay it back quicker than if they had to pay US labor costs. Frankly, Chevy is doing business smartly and that is something big biz has been lax on for decades. But here we sit with many out of work right out of the plants that were closed here. Bizarre.

      • Ray M..

        GM certainly has NOT paid back all the bailout money,, and they are going down again and will need another bailout… do some checking before talking please………..

  • 125hillside

    I would never buy a GM product or use their finance branch: Ally Bank.

  • FPF

    And we can slash 20000 government jobs, replaced with 20000 volts too!

  • renrah

    A great book on how the communists have taken over our institutions – churches, schools, businesses, government, Military and now our court system is –
    The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist – Revisited
    by James C. Bowers

    He discusses how W. Cleon Skousen ( author of the 5000 Year Leap ) was an FBI agent for 16 years and was concerned about the implementation of what he felt were the top 45 stated goals of the communists at that time. You will be shocked how successfully their plans have been completed.
    A MUST READ book for any freedom loving American

    Also watch the youtube video from the 1980’s !!! of Yuri Bezmenov, with G. Edward Griffin (The Creature From Jekyll Island author ) A Soviet KGB defector, he tells how it was his job to infiltrate these institutions and place communist supporters in positions of leadership and power. He was successful in doing so as our present situation implies. Mind boggling stuff.

  • Paul

    Is no one aware that the Department of Defense wants to get off oil for national security reasons? Has it not occurred to the writer or the commentators that the nation wouldn't need so many marines if it weren't so dependent on foreign oil and weren't sending so much of its hard earned money, your money and my money overseas to pay for this oil? Wouldn't it be nice if fewer in the military were coming home maimed or in boxes, if the need for oil weren't so great? The DOD already owns many pure EVs. Expect the services to own a lot more. Guaranteed that the government isn't paying retail for those Volts either. Anyone ever look at the cost to own an EV over time when maintenance is also considered? One doesn't have to like EVs to appreciate the favorable lifetime economics of these vehicles in fleets.

    • Ray M

      we will never be free from using Oil.. we have more than anyone else so why not use it??? as far as EVs are concerned, have you checked the price of a replacement battery for one of these junkers??? thought so…. do you realize how many oil changes and normal batteries can be bought for the price of one battery for a Volt?? and besides all that it is necessary to carry a bucket of water along to put out the fire these pieces cause.. and Oil is NOT the cause of our problems… the cause of our problems is ignorance…

  • George Holmes

    The Volt is made in the United States of America, manufactured by Americans.
    Best part: the government owns 25% of the company and forces the company to sell these cars to itself for a massive fleet discount rate. People win, Wall Street Loses; Go FORWARD.

  • Romney Landslide

    President Romney will only delay the revolution, but I'll appreciate the breather.