Mo Filmmaker Targeted by Top Federal Prosecutor

Now remember the Mo filmmaker isn’t targeted by the authorities because Muslims want him in prison. It’s just a technical probation issue. And it’s completely normal for the Chief of the Criminal Division in Los Angeles to show up for a probation violation for a man who was never that important to begin with. Completely normal.

Robert Dugdale, the criminal division chief for the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, personally handled Nakoula’s hearing, contending misrepresentations by Nakoula had caused “real harm” to those who signed on to work on the film.

They caused real harm for reasons having nothing to do with the aliases, but because of Muslim reaction to the movie, so Dugdale is still prosecuting Nakoula for upsetting Muslims.

Dugdale is the Chief of the Criminal Division of the central district of California, a position that he has apparently held for nearly twenty years. The last time this guy was making headlines it was over the Whitey Bulger case and the Mexican Mafia case. This is not a guy who handles parole violations.

Now Dugdale might have been attracted to the headlines and his district office has put the Nakoula case at the top of its cases of interest, so clearly there is the usual attempt by prosecutors to promote their own careers. But this goes well beyond just publicity. The Nakoula case is about scoring points by putting away someone who has become a nuisance regardless of the charges.

This is standard procedure in this game. Capone was prosecuted on income tax violations, even though that was not the real issue. Nakoula is being hit with probation violations for the same reason. There were obvious reasons for wanting Capone put away. And it’s a telling sign of the country’s descent into Islamist appeasement and tyranny that Nakoula has become another Capone and a high profile Federal prosecutor is doing everything possible to put him away on whatever charges he can throw together.

“Certainly the sequence of events looks very much as though this man has been arrested and held on account of his producing a film,” said Michael W. McConnell, a former judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit who now directs the Stanford Constitutional Law Center. “It sends exactly the wrong message abroad, because when people are becoming violent to try to pressure the U.S. to violate someone’s constitutional rights, we ought to be going out of our way to make it clear that we will not accede to that kind of pressure.”

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley wrote on his blog that the case “raises obvious concerns that the Administration is again defending free speech while quietly moving to punish those who cause religious strife.”

In an interview, Turley, a criminal defense attorney who has represented high-profile terrorism suspects accused of violent speech, said the charges against Nakoula had “common elements of pretextual charges.” He said the government could have been hoping that putting Nakoula behind bars would appease those incensed by the film.

He said the arrest could send the wrong message to the public: “Even if you have a right to say something, the government can still choose to punish you on other grounds.”

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "He said the arrest could send the wrong message to the public: “Even if you have a right to say something, the government can still choose to punish you on other grounds.”

    Could? Did. Rushdie Rules ratcheted up.

  • amused

    Yea Greenfield it IS completely normal , NOT because he violated his parole which will get ANY parolee thrown back in jail for as little as an unpaid traffic ticket , BUT becasuse this particular parolee violated his parole in such a way , that it indirectly got a US Ambassador, 3 other Americans as well as 58 people around the globe KILLED , 4 US Embassies stormed , damaged or destroyed , and put the lives of Americans at risk in many places as well as the cast of his own dumb movie . Yea Greenfield , the muslims are indeed the murderers and destroyers , and the transplanted Egyptian Copt/crook has free speech rights , blah blah blah . Screw those alleged law schlars saying it sends the wtrong message , that's B.S. /a parolee violated his parole and made a world wide mess to boot , for which he is not legally culpable , but morally DEAD WRONG .He gets a pass on that but he doesn't deserve any favorable treatment other than ANY other parolee . No pass there , he goes to jail .

    • Jim

      Does he deserve less favorable than any other parolee????

      • Advocatus

        Amused, you have a pretty crooked sense of moral culpability. So if an obscure man produces a laughably inane video that certain Muslim militants decide to use as an excuse for going on a rampage and killing with wanton abandon, he is somehow responsible?

        Did he call on said Muslims in his video to launch their coordinated campaigns of murder and mayhem?

        So if I decide that your comments here are offensive and think it a swell idea as a result to kill a few hapless souls I happen to chance upon, you will be morally responsible, right?

    • Daniel Greenfield


      You admit this isn't really about the parole, it's because he offended Muslims.

  • Jim

    If Muslims are behaving badly ,like Billy Bud, it's because they are not capable of logical speech.

    Or maybe they are susceptible to mind control and some evil speaker can get them to rape ,murder and pillage
    right on cue there fore proving they are mid numbed robots.

  • KingJefferson

    I swear I'm going to make a F Mo movie. I'm not on probation. I wonder what farce the Feds will use to arrest me.

  • zionit

    Here's a summation of why the movie was as institutive of the Islamic violence as the fact that America and Israel still exists. Pretext for violence is a broad, broad category in Islam. And in a country where it's becomeing illegal to jail illegal immigrants and where illegal acts of violence are swept under a judges robe so that abused wives have no hope – breaking parole? Another pretext.

    For those with a couple of spare minutes, the following are the facts of it – the true facts.