Mo Moviemaker Bounty Up to $200,000

Between Pakistan’s railways minister offering up $100,000 and Mufti Mohammad Yousuf Kasuri, chief of Jamiat Ahle Hadith Party, offering $105,000 “for the one who will hand exemplary punishment to the blasphemer” that’s over 200,000 dollars for the man’s head, but it’s not really that impressive.

Eric Allen Bell’s bounty of 10 million rupees comes out to about 187,000 dollars, which isn’t that far off. And the Muslim Murder Bounty on Salman Rushdie was raised to 3.3 million dollars.

Compared to that 200,000 bucks is pocket change. Maybe those mad Muslims really aren’t all that mad about Mo after all.

The Jamiat Ahle Hadith Party is straight up Jihadist and this may be its way of competing with its leftist rivals as represented by Pakistan’s dimwitted railways minister. And “hand exemplary punishment to the blasphemer” probably calls for more vicious violence than just a shooting.

  • BewareofBell

    AS others have pointed out, this "bounty" (which is nothing more than someone's Photoshop creation), is a one with fifteen zeros after it. That would make it 1 quadrillion rupees, or about 19 trillion dollars. . . . for Eric Allen Bell.


    • zionit

      'Beware of Bell?!' Are you kidding? Who would you rather have over to dinner? Bell? Or the gehennah welcoming party of Lybian embassy? I know who Rushdie would rather entertain.

  • BewareofBell

    What does that have to do with the fake "bounty"?

  • livingengine

    Oh, baloney!