Mohammad Safi, California’s Highest Paid Public Employee, Took Home $822,302

Mohammad Safi is a lucky man. Graduate of a medical school in Afghanistan, Safi took in $822,302, or five times more than Governor Jerry Brown, working at a mental hospital, putting him in the same field as the Governor.

As California’s top public employee, Mohammad Safi proved to be a true Stakhanovite logging so many hours that all the clocks melted, Dali style. In 2006, Safi was making a mere $90,682 starting salary, but not long after he was taking home more than $503,000 in on-call pay for every hour he spent hanging around in a motel somewhere near the hospital.

California’s notoriously Islamophobes have suspended Safi, suspecting him of having tampered with time records,  but surely such a thing is inconceivable.

Mohammed Safi stands as a role model for California public employees who continue to take home record breaking salaries including nearly a billion in overtime, more than twice as much as New York. That is because California state employees, like Mohammad Safi, are hardworking dedicated types who are always there in a motel when you need them, collecting 130 dollars an hour, as Safi did, all for you.

California also leads in overtime expenses, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Last year, it paid $964 million in overtime to 110,000 workers, an average of $8,741 per employee. That was more than twice the $415 million New York paid in overtime to 80,000 staff members, for an average of $5,199, and almost as much as all the other states in the database combined. In Georgia, total overtime for 8,935 workers last year was $12.3 million, an average $1,378.

California employees generally make at least 1.5 times their regular pay to work overtime.

And if your taxes must be raised so that Mohammad Safi can collect 130 dollars an hour for sitting in a motel, well that’s just patriotic. You wouldn’t want him to have to go back home to Afghanistan, would you?

  • Mary Sue

    Sounds like a stealth financing of a terrorist to me.

  • JacksonPearson

    No wonder California's going down a Greek rabbit hole, or something like that!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "…Islamophobes have suspended Safi, suspecting him of having tampered with time records, but surely such a thing is inconceivable."

    How did the Islam-o-phobes get away with that?!

  • Thomas Wells

    Anybody working to improve the mental health of California has the labors of Hercules in front of them.

  • kafir4life

    Is there any way to tell the difference between a california mental hospital patient and any other Californian? I'm confused.

  • kafir4life

    BTW…..Now that he's suspended, Cali had better start saving some money to not only pay him what he "lost" plus interest, they're will probably be some punitive award made for even suggesting that this moon god worshipper would "steal" from the infidels.

    • jacob

      HOLD IT …!!!!
      Now he will be entitled to a pension for life….
      I don't have to watch it inCalifornia.
      Right here in Florida, there was years ago a city manager who engaged in an extortion scheme
      against a company supplying computers to the schools. He was sentenced to five years prison
      and when he was freed, he went to enjoy a $92,000 pension for life…
      I asked why and was told he earned it while he was working "honestly"…!!!!
      If this is fair, why wouldn't this Muslim graduate of an Afgani medical school (?) who was paid
      that incredible sum be entitled now to a compatible pension ???

  • Jakareh

    I'd pay a graduate of an Afghani medical school not to treat me.

  • CatK

    You would be hard pressed to avoid such graduates. They are everywhere. Not all are bad doctors (I leave the assessment of their politics and their souls for another discussion). Soon you will be grateful to find any MD at all. They are being replaced with assistants with far less training &knowledge.
    It's all sad….
    I do envy this fellow's paycheck though. And I have a feeling he will be on a flight back to his homeland sometime soon.