Morsi Coming to Visit Obama in 2013

And how could the timing be any better? Smash some heads, assault some women, seize tyrannical power and ram through an Islamist constitution, and if you finally get around to arresting one of the terrorists responsible for Benghazi and belatedly defer some of your powers, you get a chance to meet up with Barack Hussein Obama.

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi will visit the United States in 2013, a presidential spokesman said on Monday, in what would be the Islamist leader’s first visit to Washington since he was elected in June.

The spokesman, Yasser Ali, said no precise date had been set for the visit.

What about Jan 25th? I know that’s a date they could both come around on, though I imagine Morsi will spend Jan 25th in Cairo delivering another bellicose address about safeguarding the revolution by imprisoning all the revolutionaries.



  • AdinaK

    Oh well, commentaries previously written – less than 3 months ago – will now be applicable in 2013 –

    And it is not as if this blogger is a genius, nor is she a soothsayer. But she is a student of geo-politics with a specialty in the Mid East and Islam. She knows the subject well….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  • JacksonPearson

    Now that's good news. Mohamed Morsi and Barrry Soetoro can exchange info on how to squeeze and get the most out of their serfs. /Sarkmark

  • Chanameel

    New World Order needs a New World Religion.

  • Snow White

    Hey, Obama is looking out for US workers. He just said he had to give this Egyptian radical Muslim tyrant tanks and fighter planes to rout those dangerous Christian Copts and to fight our military people because it means saving American Jobs.

  • Mary Sue

    This really isn't any different from when world leaders of the past feted Arafat.

  • Matt

    It was either mow the brotherhood down after Mubarak had said he would leave during a period of calm and the majority of protesters had left the square and only the brothers remained, remember they were late to the party and used the majority as human shields. Mubaraks gone, SCAF control until the handover after elections to nice European style coalition like Iraq, at least by Mid East standards. Which would have included a weaker faction of the MB, not majority. Or now they have created a situation in which the moderates have to be mowed down. That's it for Egypt as a moderate Islamic state in the future.

    And we were right, someone had to be crushed, Mubarak had to go, the SCAF handover power after a transition that allowed the opposition to have a chance to win a large block in Parliament and democratic elections. It was just who radicals or moderates.

    Otherwise chaos so it is right to crush the moderates now as they are the smaller force structure, it is in the national interest as it was in Feb last year to crush the MB, so this would not happen. Don't cry over dead Arabs, moderates or not. Someone was going to have to cop it, there can't be civil war in Egypt or the Suez shut. What that means long term for US ties, who cares it is what it means short term, chaos, civil war. So they live under radical Islam, women talk to much anyway, not seen and not heard, that's the word. If they can't contain it the violence by targeting the smaller force structure the opposition and it ends like Syria then it is God's will. The alternative is to fight the majority or if the military seize full power fight everyone, so it the lesser evil to target the weaker faction and hope the violence can be contained to Iraq levels not Afghan levels and not full blown civil war like Syria.

  • Empress Trudy

    Why not? Obama can get his swearing in from Morsi, hand firmly placed on the Koran.