Muslim Brotherhood Media Advisor Claims Israel Spreads Cancer

You’ve got to give the Muslim Brotherhood credit for having a polished media operation. Sure lesser Egyptian bigots will claim that the Mossad trains sharks to hunt tourists or trains migrating eagles to spy on Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood’s media advisor however is savvy enough to claim that the Zionist Entity only spreads cancer through Egypt.

“In addition, carcinogenic pesticides were imported from the Zionist entity, and Egyptian agriculture was made available to the Zionist entity. This led to the destruction of various sectors in Egypt.  Egypt now suffers from endemic diseases, such as various types of cancer, hepatitis, and kidney infections. All these and other diseases are the result of the carcinogenic pesticides, which were brought here along with that agreement.”

Before the Camp David Accords, Egypt was cancer free. Oncologists didn’t exist because there was no cancer… not until the Jews brought it into Egypt with their pesticides.

But this is more sinister than silly. As has already been discussed, Egypt is on the verge of famine. The Muslim Brotherhood’s explanation for the famine will be that it was caused by the Zionist entity and their pesticides. They will blame Mubarak for allowing Zionist pesticides into Egypt which suddenly killed all the crops.

With Egypt heading toward famine, Ahmad Sabi is sending up a trial balloon.

The interview also tell us just what the Muslim Brotherhood means when it talks about modifying the Camp David Accords.

Ahmad Sabi': “[I support] amending the [Camp David] agreement, which is a mark of shame upon the Egyptian people. This agreement has been a heavy burden upon the Egyptian people, undermining Egypt’s sovereignty.  It has even undermined projects for the development of the Sinai. Therefore, it is an unjust and unfair agreement, which has isolated Egypt from its Arab and Islamic environs, and from the pan-Arab effort to liberate the land of Palestine and to support Palestinian resistance.”

Sabi talks about amending the agreement in the opening but he concludes by saying that Camp David is an obstacle because it prevents Egypt from supporting Islamist terrorists and destroying Israel.

  • Herbie bente

    God bless Israel! True Christians around the world stand with you and pray for you because you were and still are the " chosen people". You have a major role to play in Gods plan and the world hates you for it, justt as the world hates us Gentiles for being brought into the fold through our Lord Yeshua. Be strong dear Israel.

  • isahiah62

    I advise Israel to accept Egypt's reversal of the Camp David accords- USA will be responsible to make sure every square inch of the Sinai reverts back to Israel and every Egyptian who lives there must clear out

    • BUTSeriously

      Is this referring to US-OBAMA?

      • isahiah62

        If we are lucky Obama and his commie Muslim lover admin will be gone by January- in any case he is bound by the treaties our Congress signed onto- He is not the King of the USA nor can he dictate everything- and most of the USA does support Israel