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Muslim Brotherhood Now Has Right to Declare War

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 2, 2012 @ 4:46 pm In The Point | 11 Comments


The authority to declare war will be stripped from the Supreme Council of Armed Forces and given to the president, Egypt’s constitutional assembly decided.  To declare war, the president will require the consent of the National Defense Council, a security body revived in June by the army and comprising political and military figures. It will also require the consent of the People’s Assembly, Egypt’s parliament, but not that of SCAF.

What this means is [2]that the Muslim Brotherhood now has the unilateral ability to go to war with Israel or any other country at any time of its choosing. The Egyptian military will receive its marching orders. With troops concentrations in the Sinai and the Muslim Brotherhood negotiating with Salafis [3] to form an alliance with Sinai Bedouins… the Sinai is about to turn into Gaza.

Terrorist attacks on Israel will come out of the Sinai. Israeli responses will be met with threats of war from Egypt. Eventually an incident may ignite the spark that the Muslim Brotherhood is looking for.

Picture this [4].

And according to Magda Kankil of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, Egypt will move to a ration card system for bread as well. [5] If Egyptians want to eat, or cook dinner with propane, they can apply for a ration card to the local Muslim Brotherhood office.

Egypt spends roughly US$25 billion a year on fuel, and the present subsidy of 95.5 Egyptian pounds is a life-and-death matter for the Egyptian poor. According to the Wall Street Journal on March 22, “Subsidies already absorb at least 28% of Egypt’s budget outlay of 476 billion Egyptian pounds ($79 billion). [6] About two-thirds of that goes toward fuel and energy, with the rest aimed at reducing food prices, particularly for wheat.”

A massive reduction in subsidies combined with rationing will put the existence of half of Egypt’s people under the immediate control of the state.

Now when things are at their worst, an incident occurs, probably manufactured in Egypt. Israel responds. Egypt declares war, diverting attention from domestic chaos. When the dust settles, the Muslim Brotherhood conducts a massive purge of domestic Zionist collaborators imprisoning most of their liberal opposition.

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