Muslim Brotherhood President Frees Monster in Brutal Luxor Massacre

President Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Monster-in-Charge of Egypt, has announced the pardon of Mostafa Hamza, a leader of The Islamic Group.

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya leader Mostafa Hamza, detained for terrorist activity and attempt on Hosni Mubarak’s life, released Tuesday by President Morsi’s pardon. Hamza, a leading member of Islamic organisation Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya, was extradited to Egypt from Iran in 2004. He was detained following terrorism-related charges that included being a member of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Forget Mubarak, Hamza was responsible for a lot of atrocities, but his ugliest hour may have been the Luxor Massacre.

Six black-garbed gunmen killed two police officers and shot unarmed ticket-takers Monday while taking over the temple compound.

They then took their time–“dancing and singing” for an hour, one survivor said–as they slaughtered and mutilated helpless visitors from Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Britain and several other countries.

Police said Thursday that a note found in the wallet of one of the attackers said the operation had been ordered by an Islamic Group leader, Mustafa Hamza, who is believed to be in hiding in Afghanistan.

The Luxor Massacre has been mostly forgotten, but it deserves to be remembered as a template of the Islamist soul. The full horror of what happened there needs to be understood for us to understand what Morsi has just done.

As they ran past a Japanese tourist, she said, one of the men fired into the woman’s face from a range of about 15 inches.

“They made us get down on our knees,” Ms Dousse said. “And then they started shooting. A man who was very heavy fell on me and the lady behind me also covered me … They shot me in the arm and leg, and then they started again shooting those who were still alive in the head.

The gunmen “took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them. I don’t know where they went with the women, but they hurt them. We could hear screams of pain,” Dousse said.

“It went on for a long time, an hour or an hour and a half. The terrorists came back again and again; they danced and sang,” she said.

Among the horrors, the marauders cut off the ears and noses of several of their victims. A note praising Islam was found inside one disemboweled body.

The foreign dead included 31 Swiss, 10 Japanese, five Germans, four Britons one a child a Bulgarian, a Colombian and a French citizen. The Japanese victims were four newlywed couples and an elderly couple on their second honeymoon.

A statement issued in the name of Egypt’s most prominent Islamic militant group said that the massacre had begun as an effort to take hostages in order to secure the release of a leader imprisoned in New York for his role in the World Trade Center bombing. But the accounts by survivors gave no hint of any attempts to take tourists alive – only to kill and, perhaps, to butcher, them.

The terrorists came back, as they sang, danced and shouted “Allah, Allah …”. It took an eternity before help arrived.

Two British backpackers told last night how a screaming terrorist slit the throat of a tourist as he begged for mercy.  Stuart Bentley and Paula Wainwright watched terrified from behind a pillar as the black-clad gunman first riddled the man’s legs with bullets as he tried to flee.

Stuart said: “I saw three men dressed in black.They were screaming something, almost like a chant, and shooting indiscriminately.

“I saw one man, who looked European, trying to run away. He was shot in the legs, rolled over and clasped his hands together as if begging for his life. But the gunman just cut his throat and began firing again.”

The remains of the Luxor massacre victim Joan Turner were eventually flown back to Britain yesterday. The body of her daughter, Karina, is still missing.

Behind the difficulties in identifying the bodies of the family lies the brutal fact that their Muslim fundamentalist killers had deliberately disfigured the bodies of their victims after stripping them. They had been shot in the face after they were dead.

After the September 11, 2012 attacks, Morsi pardoned one of the worst monsters in the ranks of Egyptian Salafists, the man who ordered this atrocity. This is not an accident, this is a message. It is a statement from the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama has put in charge of Egypt. “I am with you.”

Whatever outrage there was over the freeing of the Lockerbie bomber should be doubled and trebled in this case. The Luxor Massacre was far more horrifying than Lockerbie. It was closer to Beslan and Morsi has made it clear that his new Egypt is on the side of the perpetrators of the Luxor Massacre.

  • BLJ

    Scum of the earth. I say kill them all and let Allah sort it out.

    • Sunshine gal

      We will eventually have to do JUST THAT…sooner or later… YOU KNOW which I prefer don't you?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The CIA needs a revenge hit squad like the Israelis put together after the Munich Massacre of 1972. First targets? Head to Egypt and then move around the region.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This one would seem to be up to the Brits or the Swiss. It was their people. Or the Japanese for that matter. But the least we could do is stop backing Rigor Morsi.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "This one would seem to be up to the Brits or the Swiss. It was their people. Or the Japanese for that matter. But the least we could do is stop backing Rigor Morsi."

        National membership was trivial to the hitsquad. If this was an isolated incident, I would maybe care who responded. This is not isolated and the USA must take its de facto global leadership (military and cultural hegemony) more seriously.

        Who said, "Without a Pax Americana, there will be no pax"? The left compromised Bush's war, and then Obama set out to reverse all of those gains, and to reduce American power to the point that we would no longer have the option to react. This is the same way a city would fight crime by eliminating its police department. "Nobody would get angry if we didn't have any police to upset them."

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "But the least we could do is stop backing Rigor Morsi."

        As a specific reaction to this event, sure. But this is again, not isolated. Funding should have been cut the moment the MB took power. It should have always been tied to behavior.

        Reward good behavior, don't just wait and merely use weak words to appear to "get tough" on bad behavior. These psychopaths know Western politics very well.

        • Daniel Greenfield


    • Guest

      The problem is that Obama identifies with these victims of western imperialism.

  • Matty

    Great article! Long-time reader. One little correction is necessary: "After the September 11, 2011 attacks," beginning paragraph should be "After the September 11, 2012 attacks," – *2012* – Thank you for all your efforts in writing great stuff! Keep it up!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Thank you

  • Horace

    Mostafa Hamza's demon is working on Obama and Hillary too. President Morsi's power is their handiwork. Houma Abedin and her other Muslim Brotherhood sleepers in the White House must be very excited to hear of this pardon, now maybe she can smuggle him in through Mexico and let him blow up a few churches in the US. "A prophet takes no prisoners till he has created a great slaughter in the land." Mohammed. The ignorant dupes voting for more Obama will cover their eyes and ears while the great slaughter is going on here. Muslim Allah is the god of murder and torture. Luciferian.

  • amused

    Mubarak freed Al Queda'a # 2 , and he was involved in Sadat's Assassination [later to plot 9/11 with Bin laden] We had one of the worlds most wanted terrorist butcher, trapped on an Italian Airliner in Cairo – Mubarak let him go -/ RE: Luxor – the words of an Egyptian Journalist from Nov 1997- quote :
    Ever since Sadat's assassination extremists have been active in Egypt alternately shifting their targets from foreign tourists to Copts and state officials including the speaker of the house, ministers and police officers. Even the well guarded president of the republic was not immune to their machinations when it was his turn to cut short a 1995 trip to Ethiopia following a failed assassination attempt outside Adis Ababa airport.


    • Will48

      freed Az-Zawahiri … when?? In the 80-s??? Don't oversimplify things. Omission is as bad as outright distortion.

  • amused

    To be sure, as evidenced over the years, any regime has become vulnerable. The spread of fundamentalism and the increasing extremist violence in our region can no longer be tackled with purges and microsurgery or by burning sugar cane fields. Today, extremists are using stolen rifles and police issue firearms. Tomorrow, when it is the Treasury's turn to be infiltrated, they might buy missiles and technology. Now, more than ever, the time has come for a comprehensive curative check-up of an aging direction trying desperately to survive. Otherwise, we are living on borrowed time. -endquote

    Prophetic words and absolutely true .

    • mr brown

      God bless u for this undiluted truth!

  • zionit

    'a template of the Islamist soul' – unconscienced doesn't go far enough. These men celebrated their depravity, gloried in the unspeakable suffering they caused. Their braoder 'aim' was to display a big no to 'non-violent initiatives', and now Morsi is releasing the representative of the depravity, the psychoathism that detests the 'non-violent initiative'. We need to be willing to actually look at this practical template of the Islam in actionand own that there can be no moral, ethical, or conscienced appeasement – only practical opposition.

    • Will48

      Hear hear! No more moral or ethical "engagement" with Muslim Supremacy is possible (never was). Anyone who's pushing for "engagement", from Brzezinski to Buchanan, is as much an IMMORAL MONSTER as those he seeks to "engage" with.

  • Cat

    Why would any sane person go to Egypt as a tourist? Yet, I know people who have quite recently done this. Yuck! Bad enough so many of the religion of peace and their beeeoootiful book (just quoting leftists) are here in the USA.
    It seems important to be armed, yes?

  • chowching259

    Mosques are social centers that not only offer a place to pray but after the rugs are lifted a buffet of goat and camel milk is displayed. Memberships are cheap and affordable to the poor. The Imam runs the Mosque and his orders come from the Grand Mufti. Mass demonstrations take place when the Mufti is displeased, but a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills makes any Mufti dance and sing. The reputation of Muhammad is never the real issue; it is all in the greed of The Grand Mufti.

  • Cuthbert

    Proposed new holiday: September 11 Lottery Day
    Description: Every year on September 11th, at the precise moment the first plane hit the first tower, an Islamist military facility, city, or place of worship, picked at random from a list of candidates who have been active over the last year, will be vaporized.

  • David, Thailand

    This article cannot be true.

    Either Morsi did not pardon Hamza or Hamza was not responsible for the Luxor massacre, otherwise common sense says something so outrageous would be taken up by the Zionist controlled mainstream media.

  • G. J. Blomst

    A horrid and terrible massacre, As it popped out of the blue, and seemed without meaning, it came as a huge shock. Should the terrorists first claimed the tourists carried concealed weapons of mass destruction then I am sure it would be all right !!! No matter if they had them or not – after the act, who cares. In fact one of the instigators of the Iraki invasion where hundreds of thousands have died and suffered including a huge number of women, children and civilians, is now the Nato general secetary, (anders Fogh Rasmussen)
    I am presently on holiday in Taba. Egypt, Here the service staff are educated and have an understanding (and disgust) for islamic terrorists. The general population in Egypt has a very VERY low level of education. Should we fight fundamentalism we should send in the medical and educational forces, – Leave the weapons at home – they just hurt people and create hate. Informed, educated and balanced people dont lean toward terrorism. illiterates, dimwits, rednecks, zealots and the insane do. The public dosent declare war, big buisiness does.
    Would the american govt be willing to fight a war like Irak if it took place in Wisconson or Ohio? Maybe texas as there is oil there.

    As the roman lawer of antiquity, Cicero, said in his defense of a farmer – Que Bono – "who profited"?

    Well what I am trying to say is you can fight terrorism with war. but to win over terrorism you need peaceful means.
    Also, By engaging the brain and analyzing the situation you may find a better answer than to grab after a M16
    Jus my 5 cents