Muslim Brotherhood Thugs Fire Shotguns at Human Rights Protesters (VIDEO)

In Egypt, the dead at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood include a female protester as the violence continues, and there are reports that the military is working hand-in-hand to support the Muslim Brotherhood coup, which would make it an actual coup as well.

An Egyptian female activist was killed as the Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked and violently tore down a sit-in near the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

Mirna Emad was reportedly killed in the violence that has continued to spread in front of the palace as the Brotherhood supporters of President Mohamed Morsi are attacking opposition activists who had set up a sit-in on Tuesday evening after their massive demonstration, al-Hayat news and Sky News Arabic reported.

Thousands of supporters of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi violently attacked and threw out protesters who had gathered by the presidential palace on Wednesday, taking down their tents.

Reports suggest at least one member of the opposition is in a coma after being brutally attacked by a Brotherhood supporter.

There is a great deal of contrast between the media’s coverage of the Mubarak protests and the Morsi protests, even though the same activists are in the fray over some of the same issues. The media is still hedging its bets on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring. The American mainstream media takes its cue on most issues from the government and the Obama Misadministration has yet to come out against Morsi’s atrocities. So it takes videos like this to give us a snapshot of what is really going on.

  • AdinaK

    Of course, few have a clue as to what is going on, and that has been the case throughout the so called 'Arab Spring' nightmare.
    While there has been a small segment of secularists seeking relief from the boot of Islam, the fact of the matter is that the only thing which stood between Islamism and the people was the reign of Mubarak.
    However, when the POTUS wants nothing more than for the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia to prevail,and the media is in the tank for him too, it is hardly possible to glean a clear eyed picture.
    So, when human rights protesters are indeed shot, what's an Islamist-in-Chief's stance? –
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • tagalog

    How unfortunate that the Egyptians don't recognize the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Those shotgun blasts could have been answered by a volley of rifle and pistol fire. After that, the government forces might be more prudent.

    After all, these people are the folks who carry RPGs and RPKs around every now and then. <shotgun blast> followed by <roar of RPG round leaving its tube, followed by explosion and whir of flying shrapnel>

  • Coptic John

    Here you are another on Mr.Daniel…!
    Hope the US administration enjoy it

  • Arlie

    You can thank the corrupt members of the US Senate for continuing aide to Egypt. Rand Paul tried to get the aide cut but could get very little support. It is tragic to see what US aide money to the Egyptian military is doing to the people that desire a free and open Egypt without Muslim Brotherhood or Sharia Constitution. 0, the noble peace prize, US felony fraud pResident with his cohort NGO's and corrupt State Department and the OIC dreams of a caliphate are all in collusion causing human suffering and civil wars in everything they meddle. This is all planned for the new world order which prays to satan their god.

  • @trthwillout

    Um honestly, all we see is people shooting amidst chaos. We have no clue who is shooting what and this footage is being shown by both sides. Actually only one of the people shooting had a beard and beard does not = brotherhood. None of them look particularly like they belong to any group. For all we know that was one of the opposition people shooting the gun. Or neither Pro or opposition but a regular criminal or a counter-revolution thug. Sorry this is not proof a thinking person would believe against the MuslimBrotherhood. Actually most of the dead have been MB. They aren't shooting their friends out there.