Muslim Brotherhood’s War Propaganda Targets Israel

This is the kind of historical revisionism that eventually leads a country into a war.

Mohammed Badie, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, who had previously claimed that it is every Muslim’s duty to wage war on Israel, got caught tinkering with history when he claimed that the Yom Kippur War was a “Great October Victory” that was won through Egyptians turning to Allah.

The “brilliant victory” Badie added, “abolished the Zionist myth that its army was invincible.”

If your definition of a military victory is proving that a country that is a tiny fraction of your size isn’t invincible, then you’re really setting the bar low.

The Yom Kippur War was a surprise attack on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar with the Muslim side having twice as many troops and nevertheless took Four times as many casualties and lost Five times as many tanks in the greatest tank battles of the 20th Century.

Only a bloody lunatic thinks a war where the enemy loses 400 tanks and they lose over 2,000 tanks is any kind of victory. In this case the victory appears to be Israeli forces only 63 miles from Cairo.

And Badie would like Egyptians to believe that this was an amazing victory that they won by turning to Allah. With the implied suggestion that Allah and Islamization can help them win an even bigger victory.

But here’s where the propaganda turns really dangerous.

During the memorial ceremony, which was held at Cairo’s soccer stadium, Morsi said “today is a day of victory. This has been a happy day for the past 39 years. The commanders and soldiers crossed the Suez Canal, demolished the Bar-Lev line and entered Sinai. It was a decisive campaign, and thanks to Allah Egypt retrieved not only its land, but also its dignity and pride.”

The Yom Kippur War did not retrieve any land. Invading Israel failed. What retrieved the land was Sadat’s peace deal with Israel.

Morsi is sticking with the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda of undermining the Camp David Accords while promoting an imaginary world where Egypt got the Sinai by defeating Israel in 1973, instead of by signing a peace treaty.

Propaganda like this paves the way for war and Islamization. And few people are paying attention.

(But if Morsi really wants to wrap himself in the flag of the “October Victory”, that was Mubarak’s war. Despite being 22 during the war, Morsi apparently only served in 1975. to 1976 in the chemical warfare division.)

  • chowching259

    Brotherhood leaders are busy feeding the growing hatred in Egypt of Jews. Muhammad’s view of Infidels is being refreshed in the minds of every Muslim. Jewish tourism to Egypt will never return.

  • Cynic

    The brilliant victory that stopped the Israelis 63 miles from Cairo was Henry Kissinger!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Very true. And also the man responsible for Israel not carrying out a preemptive strike.

  • E.H. Lieberman

    The article leaves open the possibility that Israeli forces remained 63 miles from entering Cairo because they were stopped by Egyptian forces. In fact they were stopped – but not by Egypt. Henry Kissinger told Israel if their tanks rolled into Cairo, all US aid to Israel would be terminated. Same thing for Damascus – another city Israel was about to enter at the conclusion of the '73 War. Israel had no intention of remaining in either of these cities, but Golda Meir wanted to humiliate the Arab world into never attacking Israel again. Kissinger felt such an humilitation would be an insurmountable diplomatic obstacle for future negotiations in the region In retrospect, Kissinger was wrong. The sort of "victory" propaganda the Muslim Brotherhood is putting out would not be possible had Israel succeeded in their justifiable humilation plans. This very propaganda is not new, by the way. Egypt has long claimed the '73 War as a victory simply because they managed to penetrate into Israeli territory. A pity that the Soviet foreign minister didn't threaten to cut off all aid to Egypt if they didn't turn their tanks around and cease their attack immediately. (as if).

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Indeed. But the Soviets backed their allies. The US not so much.

  • Larry

    The US has stuck its nose in and stopped Israel getting the complete victory that it needs to thoroughly cow the arabs on several occasions.

    The only thing that arabs understand and respect in a fight is if you have a boot in their groin and your gun muzzle shoved between their teeth. Not doing that sends the message to them that you're weak, because if they got into a position to do that, and pull the trigger, they would.