Muslim Country Warns Israeli Tourists Not To “Wear Jewish Dress”

Now that is what actual Apartheid looks like. Remind me when the Israeli government ever warned Muslim tourists not to wear Muslim clothes or pray in a public place. But this kind of assumed Apartheid goes unnoticed. Worse still it’s taking place in an “officially” moderate Muslim country where the tourism ministry is essentially warning visitors that being identified as Jewish will result in violence.

According to a copy of a ministry memo issued at the end of November, Amman instructed Jordanian tour operators to inform their Israeli counterparts to advise Israeli visitors not to wear “Jewish dress” or perform “religious rituals in public places” so as to prevent an unfriendly reaction by Jordanian citizens.

The Jordan Society of Tourism and Travel Agents forwarded on the imperative to Jordanian tour operators, one of whom forwarded a copy to The Times of Israel.’

Earlier this year, six Israeli tourists were assaulted in a market in southern Jordan after vendors were angered by their traditional Jewish skullcaps.

It’s not the skullcaps that they hate, it’s the Jews. Until a serious discussion about Muslim Anti-Semitism takes place, there can be no peace.

  • Mary Sue

    Geez. Talk about blatant admitting that there's antisemitism.

    This is like telling a woman to wear a burka or else she gonna get raeped.

  • JacksonPearson

    "It’s not the skullcaps that they hate, it’s the Jews. Until a serious discussion about Muslim Anti-Semitism takes place, there can be no peace."

    Anti-Semitism discussions with savages are meaningless, because the Qur'an does not permit peace

    • Mary Sue

      nor does it permit questioning of itself.

      • JacksonPearson

        Controlling Ignorance in Islam is of utmost importance for it's survival. Because, if mullahs and clerics had to answer tough questions on the Qur'an, Hadiths, or Surrahs, Islam would quickly disappear. The way it's written, if Muslims ask a controversial question, they lose their lives. Christian apologists that argue pro and con with Islamic scholars are constantly being threatened with death threats. The same goes for authors of books, movies, or cartoons that are contrary to Mohammad. Truth is not their best friend. :o)

  • Zionista

    Oh no! Now I have to cancel my travel plans to jordan – scratch that cesspool from the bucket list.

  • Daniel Middleman

    I don’t understand why an Israeli would go to a Jordan when it is

    full of Palestinians. I don’t understand why you would want to be

    surrounded by the enemy.

    • Larry

      There are some sites of immense historical and cultural significance to not just Jews, but the whole rest of the world, on the east side of the Jordan.

  • Rafiq

    This webpage is one sided and extreme. The Israeli Embassy in Copenhagen told the Israeli tourists the same thing. Muslims do not hate Jews. The Prophet married one. But if someone steals your land, would you love them? This is all a political and not a religious issue.

    • JuJu

      Hey you.

      Your main man married a Jewess after slaughtering her entire tribe. But she had the last laugh, didn't she?


      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Your main man married a Jewess after slaughtering her entire tribe"

        Married? Sure. That's marriage too, right? According to Islam. Sex slavery, marriage, what's the difference in Islam? The clothing worn by the sex slave and the wife slave are not the same. Sex slaves are also counted separately so as to not interfere with the rule of having only 4 wives at any given moment.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Muslims do not hate Jews. The Prophet married one"

      OMG. Do you have any clue? Your cheese prophet enslaved a Jews he lusted after. So Muslims love Jews they can treat like objects and dispose of when they wish. Americans treat animals better than Muslims treat Jews. That's no exaggeration. Americans love chicken. Muslims love Jews, when they're hungry for something they can get from the Jews. They love to extort, rape and murder them, dancing with entrails, etc.

      They'll do it with Christians or any non-Muslims too, but based on the facts of objective (not Islamic) history, it's an easy thing to prove how much Muslims, like their false-prophet Mohammed, love Jews.

  • Jane bennington

    Muslims will use any excuse however futile to discriminate against the Jewish people, until Israel is obliterated and becomes Islamic there will be no peace and tolerance from Hamas and other violent Islamic groups, come to think of it ,where in this world are Muslims tolerant of humanity, respectful of equality and peace loving ?? Name anywhere ??