Muslim Gay Bashing Comes to Paris

That’s the trouble with multiculturalism. It’s still a buffet, but it’s not an “All-You-Can-Eat” special. So you have to pick and choose. You can have the salad or the goat. But you can’t have both. You can have the Koran or you can have gay bars.

But you can’t have both. It’s either the Koran… or the gay bar.

Alexandre Marcel, vice-president of the Comité Idaho, an NGO that organises the international day against homophobia and transphobia, confirmed that he had filed a complaint against X on Saturday, following an attack on Friday night while he was in “Cud”, a gay club in the Marais district of Paris.

“At 2:30 in the morning I came out of a bar to smoke a cigarette with my companion when five guys arrived and started hitting the bouncers. They said: “On the Koran, we’re going to kill you, bunch of peds!”, he recalls.

Paris is promoting itself as a great gay tourist destination.

The French capital has always wooed visitors with its reputation for fine dining and high fashion, and Paris continually cashes in on its mystique as the land of love and romance.  Now, City Hall has a new strategy: selling Paris as a leading destination for gay travelers. At the mayor’s office and the tourism bureau, which has funded a press junket this week for journalists from American gay publications, officials call it the next frontier of tourism.

“We want to create a gay friendly spirit across the whole city,” said Laurent Queige, one of the project’s organizers at City Hall.

But the City of Paris is leaving out a minor problem. It has a nearly 10 percent Muslim population. And Islam believes that gays should be neither seen, nor heard, but should be beheaded.

A city cannot be both gay-friendly and Muslim-friendly. That illusion falls apart as sizable groups of both populations come into contact. Paris can be Gay Paree or Sharia Paree. It cannot be both.

  • Piera Prister

    This is only the beginning, the left here voted for Obama, who is sorrounded by many Muslims at White House, the left in France voted for Francois Holland who has three muslims ministers in his cabinet. Tollerance can not get along with intollerance. Just it can not. Obama and Holland are unbeatible when it comes with propaganda that is a travesty and a grotesque parody of the truth. George Orwell docet.

    • Dapper Dan

      Mm, yeah, right. And the names of those Muslims in Obama's White House would be…? Yeah, I didn't think you could name any.

    • kd

      Well here I thought Obama was Christian based on the several times he has been quoted saying he was and that while he grew up in a non religious household he came to being a devout Christian later in life. no where is it shown that he is “surrounded by many Muslims” at the White House not that it would be a bad thing for any of his advisors to be Muslim just as there is nothing wrong with Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Hindus etc in the end the deity they all pray to is one God just have different names and ways of doing so.

      Now that being said, Homophobia is not just a Muslim deal there are several so called Christians that use passages of the Bible to justify it as Muslims are doing with the Koran, in the end it is personal fear of the unknown that are causing people to go to extreme means. I have several friends who are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and a lot that are gay as well; I have no problem including them all in activities because I believe TOLERANCE is the way forward, I believe being a truly religious person means you look into the soul/character of the person and then judge if you can include them positively in your life not what they look like on the outside or their culture because there are good and bad people IN ALL cultures, creeds walks of life but you should get to know people before tarring them with the same brush so to speak.

      That is just my two bits and if you agree with me great! if not thats fine too since we are all individuals and entitled to our opinions and hopefully can intelligently and respectfully articulate them with out forcing them upon others who don’t agree.

    • Palantiri

      That's is the stupidist lie I've heard in a while. I'd tell you to check your facts, but you know you're full of it. Especially when Obama ended discrimination in the military against gays and lesbians and endorsed gay marriage during an election year!

  • BS77

    I wonder if Animal Farm and 1964 are still being read in the public school system?????? These are invaluable guides to understanding tyranny, propaganda, dictatorship, media indoctrination etc etc

    • eray


    • Michiganer

      Oy, it's "Nineteen EIGHTY four"!!! (don't make those of us who once saw this as a distant futuresque novel feel older than we already DO!!) :-)

  • erica

    7,000 women and girls raped,Jews persecuted ,assaulted and murdered now gay bashing begins.

    In response France bans burkas and elects a socialist .

    Cowardly Europeans won't even defend their children against muslim crimes.

    Racism ? This is self adopted genocide.

    Wave your heritage ,religions,culture and skin color goodbye Europe .
    You are being exterminated .


    Send john galliano to Paris in his gay attire to wow the Parisiene Muslim crowd.

  • Just a guy

    I hope France's problem becomes even more severe so that we can point to it and warn our American peers to stop before we follow suit. Something needs to shock them out of their delusion. But if 9/11 didn't shock them, Katrina and Sandy didn't shock them, what will wake our American brethren up from their slumber?

    • Katie

      Lol. So Katrina and Sandy were caused by Muslims??

    • eray

      this is a global problem, not just confined to the states.

    • Simon

      I thought Hurricane Sandywas caused by the Gays or Have I been watching too much Fox News

  • Rosey

    All this sex, sex, and more sex. Generals, COOs, (Martin Marretta-Gov contractor) Bouncers in Paris at Gay Bars. Lordy, when did we all become so horrified at adults having sex? Apparently sexual promiscuity trumps corrupt govenment officals and even an more corrupt media. The average person is clueless about the motives of our handlers, but you canbetcha, it not really the sex.

  • Mary Sue

    I was wondering when this was going to come to a head. I knew it was inevitable but hadn't heard anything yet.

    So, in Political Correctness/Hate Crimes land, who gets priority? Homosexuals, or Muslims?

  • GaryG1

    Heh-heh. Guess the mooselims aren't politically correct. Will the liberals wake up?

    • Mary Sue

      probably not until the swords of beheading are already at their own necks (if it comes to that).

  • MKG

    The choice is clear. We have already had to address this with Christian/gay conflict of ideals. Humans should always trump a set of ideas/beliefs.

  • TJ Romaniuk

    As Leviticus states in the Bible, the punishment for homosexuality is death. So, it's not just the Muslims and the Koran with these ideals. In every place, there is going to be persons that oppose others rights' due to their own moral and/or religious belief. It happened here in the West, why is it so shocking that it should happen there? And more importantly, why is Islam generalized based upon the actions of a few? I could make similar assumptions about a Christian faith based upon the actions of a few as well. But I guess as an educated, open-minded, and tolerant human being, I choose to not pass shallow judgements based upon what the media thrusts in my face.

  • Eray Morehouse

    Glad you brought this up, its been on my mind for ages and I have already witnessed some of their backward beliefs with regards to people who are LGBT, thats another political hot potato.

  • jblakeboyd

    Which code to live by determines base philosophical approach. Evolutionary understanding of beliefs leaves just as much potential toward an enlightened way to perceive society as easily as it can validate fears.

  • Dean Campbell

    Here we have to put up with the Christian church hating on gays and demanding that the government should treat them as lesser people and not give them rights because it says so in the bible. Honestly people should just harden up and accept that not everything is religion based.

    Also I have talked to many Muslims that actually accept the gay movement and also are very liberal compared to others. Muslims and Christians have the same groups of people so we need to accept that both are as bad as each other and we shouldn't single one group out.

  • cathie

    no religion has the monopoly on hate, or love; no race or creed or faith or orientation has the monoploy on suffering. using tarry brushes reduces us all to caricatures & does nothing to improve any situation.

  • Nemesis

    No, Leviticus doesn't say that because it wasn't written in English. The actual text says something completely different and has been mistranslated.