Muslim Gets 40 Lashes for Drinking Alcohol…. in Australia

Sharia law, as we’re told, is a non-issue made up by Islamophobes that will never come to the West. Certainly not the punitive kind. That would be ridiculous. Except of course that it’s already here.

All that you need to implement Sharia law is a whip and someone to wield it. As the unfortunately named Christian Martinez, a recent convert to Islam, discovered in Sydney, Australia. (Jihad Watch)

A Muslim man who was whipped 40 times for drinking alcohol was told to remember the pain next time he thought of picking up a drink, a Sydney magistrate has been told.

Zakaryah Raad, 21, Tolga Cifci, 21, Wassim Fayad, 44, and Cengiz Coskun, 22, faced Burwood Local Court today charged with lashing Christian Martinez, 31, with an electric cable as punishment under sharia for drinking alcohol.

The court heard Fayad, also known as Fadi Alemaddin, carried out the alleged whipping while the three other men held Mr Martinez down on his bed.

Fayad had become Mr Martinez’s “spiritual leader” after he converted to Islam before the alleged incident, prosecutor Sevinch Morkaya said.

Sharia. It doesn’t have to be very fancy. It can be as simple as four men and an electrical cable. And the Koran. Underneath the facade of courts and judges, this is what it comes down to. Violence.

  • kafir4life

    Savages. Just savages.

  • http://N/A Ruth Trigg

    This is what is coming to your street corner in the near future unless we stop these self appointed judges from handing out such barbaric acts of violence. Wait until the hand chopping starts and the be headings. Sharia law should be banned from non Islamic countries. Make these fundamentalists be forced back into the Islamic country of their choice. That’s where they’re the happiest and not impose their barbaric ways on their indigenous host country that has offered freedom from tyranny.

  • Bazza Mackenzie

    I was having a bonza with a coldie of the amber fluid when I had a Captain Cook at this yarn.
    Fair dinkum, these clackers have got kangaroos loose in the top paddock!

    What was the result of this matter heard in the magistrate's court? And exactly when did it take place? 'Cause it should have been in big bold back letters across the front page of every newspaper in Australia (from East to West, and even in Taswegian news). As a former cadet-journo, I see this story as "newsworthy".

    Although, this news is shocking, it is not surprising. Still, it leaves a very bad taste in one's mouth.
    I feel sorry for the poor fool, Christian Martinez (and all the other fools) – and not just because he had a drink and offended his guru.

    S'trewth, I fear for my country of Australia, the *Great South Land of the Holy Cross. I think I will print this story ( in large bold black type) and place a copy of it right next to a flyer (placed by unknowns) on the noticeboard at the local shopping centre) which depicts Israel as "Nazi Occupiers" (and features the Swastika symbol).

    * "South Land of the Holy Spirit" – Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, (Day of Pentecost) May 14, 1606 in declaration re land of Australia to the South Pole.

  • Bill

    Could this not be real? Article says he was held down on his bed. But the pic shows him on some kind of table. The marks look real. And it looks like they hit over the kidney, which is a no-no in BDSM. I guess just one more indication of the savagery. Agree with above comment that it should be on every front page, and should have been discussed at the Romney/Obama debate under the topic of immigration. I wonder how CAIR will spin this?

    • pat

      The photo provided above is not of the alleged Australian incident taking place.

  • RonGee

    Obama would have the victim apologize for drinking and starting this.

  • Farpolo

    This is a picture taken in Tehran-Iran almost 3 yrs ago. I can not see this happening in a western country.No way. I really dont know why these people go back to their own countries and practice their own laws. I think the western governments have been too tolerant for too long.Its time to get a grip.These people have turned the west to their own playground and have no sense of loyalty to the countries they have taken refuge in. They live by their own culture parallel to the western culture, Do not mix and think the worse of westerners.
    This has to stop before it goes too far.

  • Shirl in Oz

    Oct 22nd Sydney Morning Herald

  • Paige

    why was this photo used when it is not related to the story? You don't need a scare tactic when you are being truthful. Did it happen? Yes but misleading people is wrong and the original story is not about the practices of some in the middle eastern countries & beyond but rather about a man, who was a recent convert to Islam, calling his "spiritual leader" for help after drinking alcohol. Once the leader arrived to the man's apartment with four other men, he was held down on his bed & given 40 lashes because this "spirital leader" decides he wanted to interpret Sharia law in his own way. Don't try to scare people by posting something that say it's encroaching on the west.

    • Taleisin

      The idea that whipping is an expression of love is scarier that that that pic.

  • Paige

    It’s like people who spank their children for misbehavior.

  • Paige

    sorry for the typos & grammatical errors. It’s hard to type on these small keys on this phone.

  • Danel Grayson

    …yet it wasn't against their version of sharia law to steal cable-tv service…..if convicted, and if they are immigrants to Australia, all of these perpetrators should be deported; this is tantamount to vigilantism, and a usurpation of the sovereign laws of the country in which they have chosen to live. If they are not immigrants, they should receive the harshest possible penalties for torture which Australian law provides.

  • testificari

    Hilarious and well deserved by a "recent convert to Islam" If he's stupid enough to convert, he's stupid enough to stay.

  • Kandy

    Geert Wilders from The Netherlands has spoken true words last week during his visit to Australia.