Muslim Immigrants Five Times More Likely to Commit Crimes than Australians

According to the Victorial Police Commissioner...

Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians are about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, a trend that must be addressed to prevent Cronulla-style social unrest, police warn. The most common crimes committed by Somali and Sudanese-born Victorians are assault and robbery illustrating the trend towards increasingly violent robberies by disaffected African youths.

Are they mugging Australians because they are “disaffected” or because they make money that way?

‘Property is one of the issues, so they’re stealing iPhones or money or things of value,” Mr Cartwright said.

Apparently their disaffection takes the specific form of stealing iPhones. How oddly specific.

‘We’ve got to fix this now and make sure it doesn’t continue, so the kids who are now 10 years old aren’t in this offender bracket in five years’ time. So we don’t get the Cronullas happening,” Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said.

There is a slightly simpler fix, stop admitting Sudanese and Somali Muslims into Australia and let their crime statistics be a problem for back home. And while we’re at it, why not retune the immigration system so that it admits those categories of immigrants from groups with the lowest violent crime rates?

The police statistics show the rate of offending among the Sudanese community is 7109.1 per 100,000, while for Somali people it is 6141.8 per 100,000. The figure for the wider community is 1301.0 per 100,000.

That’s a 5-10 percent rate of crime in those communities alone. Why would you go on admitting people who are 5-10 percent likely to mug you as soon as they get off the plane?

Would you allow someone who is 5-10 percent statistically likely to assault you into your house, and if you wouldn’t, then why would you let him into your country?

Naturally this sort of honesty wouldn’t pass and Cartwright is already apologizing for having mentioned that there is even a problem.

  • Fabio Juliano

    Australia used to be too crime-free, anyway. Thanks to the diversity provided by Muslim immigrants, walking the streets Down Under is now fun and exciting. And what woman wouldn't feel flattered when chased by rapists?

  • zionit

    Well, we can exam the template of Islamic pyschology by daring to look at what happened at Luxor. What's going on in post-modern Western psychology that opposes opposition to communities who carry such a psychology? Bassam Tibi, a Western educated Muslim reports that "for Muslims war is the basic rule and peace with infidels is understood only as a temporary armistice. Only if Muslims are weak vis-à-vis their adversaries are they entitled to reconciliation with their enemies", and this only until they no longer consider themselves 'weak'. Which means there is no erasing from the Muslim mindset that a dhimmi is a dhimmi is a dhimmi, and therefore dhimmi lands, cultures, peoples are simply a resource, like cattle, like women, to be exploited. So why permit these exploiters across our borders? We need to look at the psychology of Zionists and figure out how to gain back the ability to oppose what should be opposed. We need to cultive the ability to oppose and to begin to temper our gluttony for appeasement.

  • Anonymous

    "Muslim Immigrants Five Times More Likely to Commit Crimes than Australians"

    Five times more likely to do so than humans in general.

  • curmudgeon

    ok, australians. i know that common sense will never prevail in my own country, but how about yours? lets list the many benefits of islamic invasion: 1. ?. 2. ? 3.? sorry. i cant think of any. now lets list the disadvantages (to the citizens of the host country). 1. murder 2. rape 3. slavery 4. pedophilia 5. robbery. 6. get forced to worship an evil god. 7 get forced to revere the worst criminal who ever existed. 8. lose your very homeland to monsters who will enslave, abuse, humiliate, then finally genocide you. now lets review the good consequences of expelling all muslims from your country: no subjugation, enslavement, abuse, humiliation, then genocide at the hands of invited visitors who hate your guts. now lets review the downside of expelling all muslims from your country":1. ?. 2. ? 3. ? sorry. i cant think of any. will you please show us citizens of more cowardly countries what real men do when attacked by genocidal monsters? perhaps we will emulate you. if not, at least you save yourselves from the genocide we have all invited.

    • Derelictus

      Well this is the same country that effectively banned private handgun ownership and recently banned duck hunting in most States, not to mention the media is always crowing about how oppressed the aborigines are and evil white aussies are…I think Australia may be in WORSE shape than America in many regards.

    • brian

      statistics are statistics nothing racial there

  • Steven Goodwin

    Why not deport them … send them back to the $hithole they came from and let them try stealing there…. then when they come back with one hand, you'll know why…:)

    • David, Thailand

      It's their yuman rite to escape from the misery and depravity of their Islamic origins, and then turn their host nations into, er, an Islamic home sweet home.


    Most of the Sudanese in Australia are from South Sudan and not Muslim.

    • Lilac

      Crap. Most Sudanese in Australia are filthy muslims – I know – I live there.

      • NIck Folkes

        No, they aren't. You must be getting Somalis and Sudanese mixed up. We also have a massive crime and welfare problem with Christian Pacific Islanders in Australia. Deport the lot of them as African and Islander communities are a complete financial burden on the Australian taxpayer.

    • Nick Folkes

      You are absolutely right, the Sudanese in Australia are Christian South Sudanese and not Muslim. This proves that it doesn't matter whether the black refugee or invader is Christian or Muslim as the mentality amongst blacks is universal when it comes to crime. Africa is a crime and disease ridden cesspool and the Christians Bantus are just as violent as the Northern Muslim Arabs.

  • David, Thailand

    This is a geographical problem associated with disaffected Africans and Arabs. Nothing religious about it, as demonstrated throughout the European colonies of Islam.

  • David, Thailand

    And I suppose most of the Somalis are also non-Muslim.

  • pat

    Well then. Clearly the need is too bring in more Muslims so that we can better understand their need to rape, burglarize, rob, and instigate race attacks. And loose the one incarcerated. Clearly our society is at fault and not these fine primitive specimens of mankind, unadulterated by modern norms.

  • Concerning Asylum Seekers

    Should limit the immigration to no more than the current demographic spread, or even less until it is down far enough that an equality in crime occurrence occurs. If they are that much of a problem, the country shouldn’t be required to tolerate an equal amount, let alone more than that.

  • Ben

    I totally stopped reading at “Apparently their disaffection takes the specific form of stealing iPhones. How oddly specific.”

    The internet is full of unprofessional twats posing as journalists.

    • AllanZachar

      Thank you. They openly lie because they know that most Christians will accept it since it fits their false narrative.

  • AllanZachar

    The truth is the so-called journalist is lying about the Muslims. Muslim’s crime, across the spectrum of crimes, is far less than the Christian’s crime rate. Compare the crime rates of Muslim countries and to the crime rates Christian countries and see what the results are.

    Anybody can lie against the Muslims and every Christian will believe it, but the actual facts demonstrate a very different reality.