Muslim Persecution of Muslim Sects Comes to UK

Muslim immigration, it’s a wonderful thing. Before you know it there are curry shops, honor killings and minority Muslim sects seeking the protection of the authorities because Muslim immigration has recreated Pakistan right in Londonistan.

The community moved its headquarters to the UK in the 1980s after the Pakistani government passed a law forbidding Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslims and curbing their religious practices.

They were also hounded in Pakistan by Islamic groups that have set up UK satellite offices and are doing the same here. A leaflet distributed in Wandsworth, south-west London, this year, attributed to a group called Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat, states: “Qadianis [a pejorative term for Ahmadis] are apostate (‘Murtad’) … He should be given the punishment of a Murtad which is capital punishment.” It later makes clear: “Individuals cannot and should not administer this punishment.”

Groups however may be another matter. But we aren’t allowed to call this kind of thing savagery. Nothing savage about it at all.

This is why Muslims don’t go together with multiculturalism. When your religion can’t even get along with other versions of itself, then it really cannot hope to peacefully coexist with other religion. It just doesn’t work.

The Ahmadis fled to the UK and now that the UK has enough Muslims, they’ll have to flee the UK and eventually so will everyone who isn’t a Muslim. It’s insane for this process to keep repeating itself with no one turning out to be the wiser.

Multiculturalism with Muslims does not mean a happy community of people from different backgrounds. It means Sunnis and Shiites fighting among themselves. It means Muslims persecuting Ahmadis, bombing Jewish supermarkets, and kidnapping Sikh, Hindu and Christian girls. It recreates the same conditions that everyone who isn’t a Muslim and some who are tried to escape. And it does it in formerly civilized countries.

Last month, three Ahmadis were reportedly shot dead in 10 days in Karachi in suspected hate crimes. The most notorious attack against Ahmadis came in 2010 when co-ordinated assaults on two Lahore mosques killed scores of people. Din warned: “It’s only a matter of time until an atrocity is carried out against someone in our community here.”

No savagery to see here.

  • Henry Oloriegbe

    UK should be so careful at the way Moslems are being given protection because the religion itself lack peace within it, and the manner in which they resolve differences with excessive use of force extrajudicially, if the Uk community is not on watch out someday the christian country will be subjected to violent hatred by the people the poise to help.

  • kafir4life

    islam is a gutter cult, and muslims are the gutter cultists. This isn't an opinion. It's fact. Their "prophet" (mohamat) was a terrorist. A pedophile (Jerry Sandusky could be the prophet of islam). I don't care what they think. Why would it matter?

  • bob e

    mr g..just love readin' your stuff …

  • gman213

    Bring that Sh*t to America..bring it on…there will be a war like you have never seen here…you Shi*thead muslims have mistakenly been taken in by our lame ass leadership…you have not seen real America

  • Aziz Bhatti

    Hello All Angry Birds on Islam

    Islam is nothing to do with violence and killings. Unfortunately after the World War II and oil discovery from Middle East has made Islam/Muslims vulnerable and most recently post 9/11 events, media has played a huge role in promoting these minority terrorist groups Taliban/Alqaeda/”Muslim”dictators etc. to paint a picture of Islam that it is the most barbaric religion/philosophy on planet earth. Lets remember here these so called Islamic groups have been western/American darlings for the last few decades. Watch this video:

    Or (YouTube “Hilary on Taliban” if this link doesn’t work)
    I’m not trying to defend terror but I’m just saying dont judge my religion with its few rotten pages.