Muslim Population of Britain Doubles

Bad news for Christians, Jews, Atheists, Women and people who like drinking beer and eating ham sandwiches and drawing cartoons.

Since 2001, the Muslim Population of the UK has doubled,

Between 2001 and 2011 the Muslim population of the UK rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million. Otherwise put, that is an increase from 3 percent to 4.8 percent of the overall population.

Over the course of a decade up to four million more people have entered the country to live. In the capital, London, people identifying themselves as “white British” have for the first time become a minority. Perhaps most strikingly, the national Muslim population has doubled.

Naturally this is being met with the expected cheerfulness of the suicidal maniacs of the left.

The London Evening Standard welcomed the news that white British-born people had become a minority in their own city, and ran a lead opinion piece accusing anybody unhappy about the doubling of the number of Muslims of being “Islamophobes.” Since then, the comments have barely gotten more enlightened. The author Will Self declared on the BBC’s leading talk show Question Time that people unhappy about the direction Britain is going on are “racists.”

And there’s no worse racism than not wanting your synagogue torched or your publishing house bombed by the Religion of Peace.

If in 2001 the British Prime Minister had said to the British public that over the next decade he intended to double the number of Muslims in the country, he would most likely never have been returned to office. But of course he did not say that, any more than any of his successors or predecessors did.

For the last decade, every major politician has lied about this issue. While talking tough, about putting a cap on immigrant numbers, pushing people to assimilate and much else besides, they have done nearly nothing. For instance, ten years ago Home Secretary David Blunkett talked as tough as he thought he could, saying that migrants ought to learn English. His successor, Jacqui Smith, said the same thing five years later. As did immigration minister Phil Woolas a couple of years after that. Throughout the last decade the Labour government managed to do exactly what the Conservative and coalition governments before and after them have also managed to do: go as far as they thought they could in rhetoric while going wholly against what they said — and the wishes of the country — in actions.

Now, true to tradition, a couple of days after the census Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has come out to declare that immigrants to Britain should learn to speak English. It is exactly what all of his recent predecessors have also said, and it is exactly what none of them — any more than he — have done anything concrete about.

Perhaps it might be time for Ed to beginning brushing up on his Urdu.

  • Chanameel

    Islam isPure Luciferian Doctrine.

    The Complete Book of Amulets and Talismans by Migene G. Wippler

    Pg. 70 The Crescent and the Star. " A magical or astrological symbol, the Star and the Crescent which are

    the typical symbols of witchcraft."

    Pg. 173 "Fatima was the daughter of the prophet Mohammed by his first wife Khadijah. The fingers of the hand of Fatima represent the whole religion of Islam and its fundamental duties, as follows:

    (1) to keep the fast of Ramadan;
    (2) to make the pilgrimage to Mekkah;
    (3) to give alms to the poor;
    (5) to perform daily the prescibed ablutions."

    • Mary Sue

      Well, even further back than that, the Crescent Moon was the symbol of the Arabian Moon God, which continues to be used as a symbol of Islam. Co-concurrent usage of various "satanic" branches is not a coincidence, I guess.

  • Drakken

    The Balkanization continues to the enevitable civil war that is on the horizon. These traitorous civil servants out of either ignorance of complicity will rue the day they turned against their own, the lamposts of Europe will be filled with these Quislings, God may have mercy on them, we won't.

  • JacksonPearson

    Paradise in Allah's heaven is no way better than a brothel in hell or a torture chamber. Muhammad was so spiritually deprived that he could not see anything beyond earthly pleasures even after death; leave aside any moral upbringing and purification of the soul. It is really surprising that today more than a billion Muslims put their blind trust on this seventh century criminal, whose life was an example of what not to do, rather than how to behave. His Allah is an ungodly God.

    This God is so ridiculous that he is ready to bribe man with the paradisiacal luxuries, and if man does not fall for it, He frightens human beings with the most sadistic torture of hell. Yet this stupid God, Allah calls himself independent, absolute and disinterested. Such a God is nothing but a clever myth invented by Muhammad. With this invention, Muhammad declared Allah as a real Master and himself as his humble servant. This way he fooled the people by personalizing his authority in the name of God and imposed his dictatorship on them. In theory, Muslims are following Allah’s guidance, but in practice, they are offering their blind obedience to Muhammad. With all these revelations Allah slowly moved away into the background, leaving the front seat to Muhammad.

    • ALAM

      Sad…you people are so ignorant……..this venom you spew could hardly shake the spirit of muslims…..this website is a jewish propaganda platfom……and what you…. seemingly clever idiots……. write is rubbish…….distorted…..and uterly false….shame on you stocks…..

      • Stephen_Brady

        Has the Muslim population of Britain doubled, and are white Brits a minority in London? Yes or no?

        If "yes", how is this propaganda? It would be a fact, would in not?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Sad…you people are so ignorant"

        Really? Straighten us out.

        "……..this venom you spew could hardly shake the spirit of muslims"

        We know. They're used to the toxicity of their own delusions already.

        "…..this website is a jewish propaganda platfom"

        You're an idiot Muslim. We know this for certain now by your own words.

        "……and what you…. seemingly clever idiots……. write is rubbish…….distorted…..and uterly false"

        Tell us the "truth" about your so-called prophet, other than how much you want to kill his critics.

        "….shame on you stocks….."

        OK zombie. See what you think when you arrive in Hell.

      • JacksonPearson

        Just a reminder Numb-Nuts, for you to BEND OVER for Muhammad:
        ISLAM: The Religion of Peace (and a big stack of dead bodies)
        Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 20,144 terrorist attacks since 9/11.

        SHAME ON YOU….now pull up your pants and go home!!!

      • Mary Sue

        Who said anything about shaking the spirit of Muslims? That's got nothing to do with anything.

        Jewish propaganda platform? What are you, some kind of Nazi?

        • Logan

          Yes, an islamonazi

    • Mary Sue

      The very fact that Allah is dangling pleasures in front of people is pretty much solid proof that it's Lucifer, not Yahweh, that embodies that deity.

    • ansarizafarali

      Some people are qualified illetrate ,they dont have knowledge of prophet mohammed peace be upon him & islam.

  • Thomas Wells

    London's brains are falling down,…

    • Mary Sue

      LOL good one.

  • Questions

    Enoch Powell spoke the magnificent words in 1968. But England has refused to listen. Now it is paying a high and perhaps irreversible price. Without strict immigration controls, Great Britain is doomed. The process of collapse will take several more decades, but I don't see how "this green and pleasant land" can survive.

  • JacksonPearson

    "The Arabs & ISLAM have managed to achieve a COMPLETELY false history!" Yes indeed.
    Add, according to the Satanic verses, Muhammad flunked the Deuteronomy test for prophet-hood. Why?…, Because if that part of the Qur'an were messages MO received as being divine, then which other parts, if not the whole of that unholy book were also Satanically inspired?

  • BS77

    England's idiot PC liberal bureaucrats are destroying their own nation. Fools….utter fools.


    I am not truly excellent with English but I come up this extremely easy to translate.

  • filter

    PCism has taken the spirit of freedom out of people and pacified them with ‘free stuff’ – it will all be lost before those brave few will rise up for freedom but it will be after all good is lost and we’re bowing down to ROPers in fear.