Muslim Respect for Religion Roundup: Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Edition

First in Bangladesh, from Jihad Watch.

Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims angry over an alleged derogatory photo of the Islamic holy book Quran on Facebook set fires in at least 10 Buddhist temples and 40 homes near the southern border with Myanmar, authorities said Sunday.

Let’s see if this gets a fraction of the press that Buddhist riots over the Muslim rape Jihad did.

Muslim respect for religion continued in Chad, where Muslims respectfully threw a grenade into a church killing a nine-year-old boy and wounding several children. (Via Religion of Peace)

Police say the children in Kenya were at a Sunday school service at Saint Polycarp Church in Nairobi when someone hurled a grenade into the building.

“We were just worshipping God in church when we suddenly heard an explosion and people started running for their lives but unfortunately we came to realize that the explosion had injured some kids who were taken to hospital and unfortunately one succumbed,” said worshipper Irene Wambui.

Prrime Minister Raila Odinga suggested the attacks were meant to spark tensions between Muslims and Christians. And he said the violence stemmed from terrorism, not religious conflict.

Raila Odingo is Obama’s cousin.

Then in a truly extraordinary display of the religious respectfulness that Muslims are known for, Muslims ransacked a Hindu temple and found themselves on the wrong end of blasphemy charges.

 The Shri Krishna Bhagwan Mandir, located in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area of Karachi, was vandalised by a mob rallying against the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. They also ransacked nearby houses where members of the Hindu community reside, and looted jewellery and other valuables.

In the single-room temple, destroyed sculptures of Hindu gods lay scattered. Too devastated to pick up the smashed pieces, its caretaker Maharaj Sunda cried, “I devoted my life to serve the gods, and seeing them like this makes me wish for death.” When the attack took place at 8:30 am, the Maharaj was tending to animals near the temple. Frightened screams from within the temple brought him running back.

When he entered the temple, a scene of chaos greeted him. Six statues of Hindu gods were destroyed. An infuriated mob of 150 people, carrying rocks and sticks, had barged in chanting ‘Allah hu Akbar’, and took away gold adornments from the four-foot statues before smashing them to the ground. Worth more than Rs1 Lakh each, the sculptures were brought from India when the temple was made in 2000.

We could call these Muslims savages, but Mona Eltahawy would try to hack the site and then whine about freedom of expression when she is arrested.

Obviously Muslim savages trashing a Hindu temple has nothing to do with “Innocence of Muslims”. It’s a freelance excuse for Muslims to hurt people and then cry that they are the real victims.

For the most part Muslims continued to focus their notorious respect for religion on Christian churches. A Lebanese church was shot at and a Bishop in Pakistan was assaulted.

In the Muslim world, Muslim respect for religion remains a real problem and a real threat  to the religious freedom of all non-Muslims.

  • Roger

    They show the only respect they have is for the jizya tax we pay.

    The surah 9 mandates speak for themselves.

    • Rebas Thgil

      surah 9 sure shows us just what kind of behavior we should expect from the koranimals.

      • Roger

        They say we take it out of context. But when you watch what they really do, like to Daniel Pearl it matches their actions perfectly.

        • Rebas Thgil

          The koranimals put context into terrorism, murder, anti-semitism, arrogant bigotry of all other imagineable flavors, mysogeny, pedophilia, beastiality, global caliphatism and so on and so forth. Our ambassador got a first-hand look at such context in Libya.

  • Jason File

    It's sad seeing people cherry-pick examples and then generalize them out to 1 billion people. More stupid than sad, I guess, but plenty of both.

    • Rebas Thgil

      "9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "

      It's sad to see that some are so stupid as to think that this article is a cherry-picked example, when over 1 billion muslimes are commanded by their own gamebook to act just like these Bangladeshi muslime animals.

      • Jason File

        Then why aren't those other billion muslims in the news?

        There's a real myopia going on here, people like you just consistently and egregiously miss any kind of perspective on the topic.

        • Roger

          They were busy trying to avoid the attention of the acitivists that actually follow the koran.

          You know surah 9 isn't very subtle.

        • Rebas Thgil

          "Then why aren't those other billion muslims in the news? "

          myopia, JF, is just what you are exercising with your all-or-non idealism. People like me have looked at their koran as well as other books on the matter. People like me aren't blinded by pro-muslim gullibility / stupidity. We weren't born dhimmis; or as it were, dhummies. People like me watch koranimals day in and day out act upon the hideous commandments in their book, though not all at once as your myopia suggests must be the case in order to validate our sound observations.

    • Roger

      It sad to see someone like you pretend it's cherry picking.

      • Jason File

        You don't think it's cherry picking? What do you think the other 1.4 billion muslims were doing on the same day as these events described in the article? (Hint: they weren't doing anything)

        • Roger

          Hint, let's look and see what other religions do in the same circumstances.

          (this is an adult image, be warned)

        • Rebas Thgil

          I know what numerous so-called palestinians were doing on the evening of 9-11, dhimmi. They were dancing in the streets and it was caught on videotape. You are quite the dupe if you think that 1.4 billion muslims are caught up in suspended animation at any given time.

        • Rebas Thgil

          Choke on this if it doesn't open your eyes.

    • pagegl

      Let's cherry pick examples of terrorism by some organization. How many terroristic acts have been perpetuated by Christians in the last six months? How about Jews? Hindus or Buddhaists? Now, let's compare the total to the number of terroristic acts by Muslims for the same period. I'll bet you a nickel that the number of Muslim attacks is vastly greater than the other four religions together. Then, let's take this a step farther. How many of the Muslim attacks have been celebrated by crowds of coreligionists versus how many have been condemned. And how many of the non-Muslim attacks have been celebrated by non-Muslims versus how many have been condemned. I think you will find that Muslims tend to support terrorism by their brethren and that the other religions tend to condemn terrorism committed in their names.

  • BUTSeriously

    One day, today's criminal media and journalists will be taken to task and all media will be licensed just as doctors and solicitors are. Meanwhile they are on a rampage causing death and chaos world-wide with no fear of heaven.

  • rick

    Koranimals and mozzies … lmao….

  • chowching259

    Identification cards with a big I on its face will soon be issued to all Middle-Eastern Infidels. Their safety can be guaranteed by a belt beeper, when activated the police will be there in minutes. Each Infidel can hire a government employed body guard, 24/7 protection is available. For those that remain fearful a conversion to Islam is simple, just accept the merciful one and his Messenger. But remember to give Zakat (charity) when the Imam knocks on payday.