Muslim Tries to Bomb Obama’s Hometown

What with a worldwide epic case of Muslims misunderstanding their peaceful religion, sooner or later one of them was bound to try and misunderstand the wholly peaceful nature of Islam in Obama’s own backyard.

Undercover FBI agents arrested an 18-year-old American man who tried to detonate what he believed was a car bomb outside a downtown Chicago bar, federal prosecutors said Saturday.

Adel Daoud, a U.S. citizen from the Chicago suburb of Hillside, was arrested Friday night in an undercover operation in which agents pretending to be terrorists provided him with a phony car bomb.

I wonder why he chose a bar. So far popular targets of Muslim terrorist attacks have included synagogues, a Christmas tree lighting, Christmas flights and a showing of the Lion King.

The pattern here is that Islam hates other religions and people having fun.

Progs will of course complain that Abel Daoud was never really a threat until the FBI arranged for him to become a threat, his lawyer will appeal to the judge and the judge will reject any terrorism charges and Abel will change his name to Cain and be out plotting to bomb bars in 2-3 years.

  • Peace

    you don't see women protesting…I wonder why

  • William Johnson

    "Why is there a picture of an exploded car bomb accompanying this story? Wow! There was no explosion, was there? Or am I missing something?"

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  • Roger

    Oh, this wasn't about Kenya or Hawaii.

    It's so hard to know which pretend 'hometown' the media is going to talk about….

    • Red47

      Oh now you won't get incited toe the Christmas, oops, Holiday party at the White House.

      • Roger

        Rats, I wanted to Michelle set up in the corner doing her normal feeding on lobster.

        • Red47

          Dang my learning curve on the swipe keyboard. " Invite to". I put it in correctly and it changes when my back is turned.

          • WhoDuuuuhthunkit?

            It's not your typing skills or learning curve. All our post are subject review, rewrite and approval through the WH before posting.

          • Red47

            I think you and Roger need vacations!  ;)

          • WhoDuuuuhthunkit?

            Vacation? In this Obamaconomy? Surely you jest! I can't afford one… His are costing too much.

          • Red47

            Well…go do the dishes!

          • Roger

            I was paying attention to one site's troll moderator who bragged that on occasion he would de-spell words to make certain people look stupid.

            Of course we know that kind of thing happened on Breitbarts with troll moderation.
            I still understood what you were saying, I was thinking perhaps you just couldn't bring yourself to use the word 'invite' and "Michelle" in the same sentence?

  • Billyb9

    He was a Tea partier before (they found out) he was an Radical Muslim.

    • Roger

      Not another phantom tea party group….

      They do that a lot.

  • Omar

    I wonder if Adel Daoud has met Bill Ayers. The two lunatics have a lot in common. We need to defeat their totalitarian ambitions.