Muslims Continue Showing Respect for Other People’s Religion

If there’s anything we know about Islam, it’s that it’s positively notorious for respecting other people’s religions. That may explain why the Middle East is a wonderful multicultural utopia that Christians and Jews are fleeing from, except for the Jews who built Fortress Israel to keep out that notorious Muslim respect for their religion.

These Muslim girls at a Sydney protest in defense of respecting religion by displaying a sign of the Coptic Pope in a toilet are actually being quite respectful of non-Muslim religious figures by Muslim standards.

By Muslim standards, burning down a church and driving out Christians from a village is a sign of disrespect. Massacring hundreds of thousands of Christians, as Turkish Muslims have done to Armenian Christians and as Indonesian Muslims (including Obama’s Stepdad) did to Timorean Christians, is a sign of slightly elevated disrespect.

Compared to Christian genocide, this sign is downright respectful. And Australia can look forward to more shows of Muslim respect for religion as its Muslim immigrant communities continue growing.

That’s why when Muslims in Lebanon protested by tearing down posters of Pope Benedict, they were respecting religion. And when they rioted on the Jewish Temple Mount, more respect for religion. And when Muslims deface the Star of David, the symbol of the name of King David, a man they claim to consider a prophet, that’s just more respect for religion. With so much Muslim respect for religion out there, it’s hard to know if we can take any more.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How can anyone be blind to this?

  • Mike

    could be that our political leaders are scared to stand up to it along with many of our ministers in the pul-pit.

  • fizziks

    Obama's stepdad massacred Christians in East Timor? Do you have a link for that?

    • Mike L.

      Gee, fizziks, you better not let Volleyboy1 know that you're reading over here or he'll kick you out of his little club.

      btw, you owe JayinPhiladelphia a beeeg apology.

      You stood by and watched while VB dragged his name through the mud and you refused to come to his public defense.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself, as far as I am concerned.

      You are a coward.