Muslims Have More DNC Delegates than Montana, Utah and Oklahoma Put Together

Number of delegates for the Great State of Oklahoma – 50

Number of delegates for the Great State of Utah –  34

Number of delegates for the Great State of Montana- 31

Number of delegates for the Great State of Vermont – 27

Number of delegates for the Great State of Nevada – 44

Number of delegates for the Great State of Iowa – 65

Number of Muslim delegates – 100

The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004, according to a Muslim advocacy group. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations counts more than 100 Muslim delegates representing some 20 states at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., this week. That’s up from 25 delegates in 2004, according to CAIR.

Isn’t that great. And who needs Montana anyway when we have the State of Islam? Muslims had around 5 percent of the delegates in a Democratic Party convention for a country where they aren’t even 1 percent of the population. Maybe in the next election they can quadruple it again and have 20 percent of the delegates.

  • James G. Borden


    Under the leadership of Islam Muslim General Barack Hussein Obama II there is no Democratic Party for it has been changed to the Islamic Communist Party.

    Anyone who supports Muslim General Obama is also supporting the antichrist.

  • Kezel

    that is actually 251 delegates total……..and those states? whats going on?

    • bob

      and did you hear all the bussed in blacks and "peace loving" muslims at the convention scream violently in protest against re-instituting the words that Israel is our strong ally into the DNC Charter.? they also vociferously voted against re-establishing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. quite a group of anti-Semites. we are in deep do if Obama gets re-elected in November.

      • jason

        what do you expect from the party of no god? the democrat party of today is not even the democrat party of clinton. they have veared so far left it is beyone scary.

  • Jeanne

    Interesting that the women in the photograph exposed their faces for their identification cards.

    • Paul

      So are you sure the pictures are of the ones behind the masks?


    The Democrat party has been HIJACKED by the same evil forces that perpetrated 9/11.

    Obama and his sick ideology MUST BE DEFEATED.

  • YourDaddy

    Of the 3253 #DNC2012 delegates 500 are #LGBT. That is a 15.3% representation in the democrat party with an overall LGBT population in America that is less than 1%

    Now between the swollen number of LGBT and the overrun by the Muslim delegates this party is going to cut its own head off before much longer. Those two groups are totally incompatible. Muslims have no TOLERANCE for the LGBT and the LGBT bunch just don't get it about Islam.

    • MotherGoose

      From your mouth to God's ear! I, too, have been waiting for the war in the dnc tent – lgbt and feminists vs islamists. It will be quite a show and my money is on the islamists. The second war will be between the islamists and the communists, though they are using each right now to further their goal of bringing America down. Interesting times.

      • Betty Wills

        What is happening in America today is the script for the next James Bond movie. Unfrapping believable!!

  • AntiSharia

    God removed from the 2012 platform, look for allah to be in the 2016 platform.

    • Crazycatkid

      You got it! That's what it's all about and all it is about.
      But, don't worry. The leftists will abandon LGBTXYZ, women, electric cars, and anything else they are told to, to side with sharia. Because they have no choice and because, like zombies, they march wherever they are directed without any cognition. One day they are for traditional marriage, the next against it. They used to burn a bra. Now they wrap from head to toe in black cloth. .

    • Brett Gasper

      It already was :(

  • amused

    Gee , those muslims must be citizens no ? Just like any other demographic .. And if Jerusalem was their problem , they didn't get their way . Just like that delegation that walked out of the Republican Convention , nor did {most }of the loons on the far right . I've got no beef with Romney's Mormon Faith , but just wait until the Christian Fundies get a whiff of what the real tenets of Mormonism is …..NO Jesus ISN'T Lord , but merely a Brother of Satan , and that Mormon men after they die , get their own planet , populated with women foir their exclusive pleasure as they await being elevated to being a god . LOL…they got a leg up on the muslims who get a mere 72 virgins . The Dems get a " D " for attempting to change their 2008 platform but they also get a " C + " for being wise enough to change it and putting it to vote .

    • Shari Rhodes

      That is absolutely not true about Mormonism. I have worked with Mormons and been a guest in their homes. Jesus Christ is Lord to the Mormons and the rest of that nonsense is, well just nonsense. Check it out for yourself people.

      • MAC

        What "amused" stated is true…Mormons believe Jesus and satan are brothers, etc., etc. Most Christians today have no idea of these tenets of the Mormon faith, though that may have been why there was so much anti-Mormonism back in the 1800s, along with their polygamist beliefs back then before the government outlawed it.

  • Maggie

    I welcome all peoples from all cultures to come to this great country(legally) and enjoy the freedom that my father,uncles ,husband and son have helped to carve out for all of us. I have no problem that people practice their religion or not, as long as it is within the confines of the laws of my country. I do have a problem with you coming to my country and saying God is not acceptable to you.He come's with this country. He is non negotiable.You want to be here you deal with him or find someplace you are more comfortable. People have come her for a few hundred years,brought their beliefs and customs and we all adjusted.I would advise Muslims do the same.Do not come here with the idea that you will remove God from my country. Amazing that these same people sat and accepted the gay agenda,which is not accepted in their religion but were offended by God. No different I guess that the same women who cheered for Sandra Fluck also cheered for Bill Clinton a liar,adulterer and the biggest user of women in this country. The Democrats are not inclusive,as they call themselves.After watching them live,in color and in action they simply do not know what they are doing. I will spend my life apologizing to my children for having once been a Democrat.

    • Betty Wills


    • FoundersIntent

      Maggie….your willingness to accept people of vaeious faiths is admirable on the surface. Do a bit more due diligence on the Muslim faith. It isn't being introduced in the US for the purpose of fitting in and enjoying the rights guaranteed by our constitution. It's being introduced as part of process of "take over", akin to what you already see in Europe. It is a movement of political control, not of faith.

  • Sharon Lynn

    DNC Total Delegates 5,556

    100 MUSLIMS IS LESS THAN .02% NOT 5%


    • david hunter

      Actually 100 is slightly less than 2% not 0.02%

    • Brett Gasper

      Sharon Lynn,


      • Cogito

        David is right – 2%

  • NKhan

    Mr Greenfield can we do a quick calculation of Jewish delegates Republican and Democrat and correlate that to the percentage of Jews in the general population?

  • Ron Hinton

    Gee, Democrats way to go, umm out of office.

  • Al Pinto

    31+34+50<100. Ha ha!!! President Clinton was right – arithmetic is not a strong suite for the Republicans!!!

  • Mannard

    Nothing like a gay islamic president who is American only because of a photoshopped birth certificate.

    • Abe

      They had photoshop in the 50s??

  • Raymond of Canada

    I’m surprised Muslims submit to a line-up and don’t demand special attention. If I found myself in such a line-up and would go home and give some serious thought as to whom I was voting for.