Muslims Show Respect for Religion by Attacking Pope

If there’s one consistent element in the media’s coverage of the Mohammed riots, it’s that Muslims are sensitive darlings who get very upset when religion is offended. All they really want is for everyone to respect religion… their religion.

Some 1,000 demonstrators marched from Tripoli’s Al-Mansouri Mosque to nearby Nour Square following Friday prayers, shouting slogans against the U.S. and Pope Benedict XVI, who began a three-day visit to Lebanon.

They tore down posters and banners welcoming the pope that had been put in place by Saad Hariri’s Future Movement.

The demonstrators ignored warning shots fired by police, and tried unsuccessfully to make their way to the Tripoli Serail, which is close to Nour Square, hurling stones at policemen blocking their path. Some demonstrators also beat policemen with wooden and steel sticks.

Finding themselves unable to storm the Serail, the protesters headed some 500 meters down the road to a KFC/Hardee’s outlet, setting the establishment on fire. They also set four delivery mopeds ablaze.

The Pope has a rather important role in Catholicism, but that’s okay because the only religious figure that Muslims expect everyone to respect is Mohammed.

If Christians pulled down posters with Koranic verses on them, there would be more riots and murders. But because they didn’t have access to the Pope, they fell back on the usual Muslim protest outlet, burning a fried chicken franchise. KFC Akbar.

Is it something that the Pope did or said? Not in the least.

“I have come to Lebanon as a pilgrim of peace,” the pope said upon his arrival in Beirut. “As a friend of God and as a friend of men.”

Earlier, speaking to reporters aboard his plane, the pope called for an end to weapons imports to Syria and called them a sin. Syria’s rebels have appealed for weapons shipments to help them fight the regime. He also praised the Arab Spring uprisings, which have ousted four long-time dictators.

The attacks on the Pope are plain and simple Islamic intolerance of all religion, but their own. That is what is behind these protesters and this intolerance should be directly addressed.

Naturally Muslim religious intolerance was not limited to Christianity. On the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, Muslims engaged in their usual antics on the site that they had occupied and transformed into the Al Aqsa Mosque, cursing, screaming and throwing stones.

Jerusalem police clashed with hundreds of Muslim youth Friday after they left prayers atop the Temple Mount in the direction of the Damascus Gate. Police said the rioters were on their way to the US consulate, In a rare move, the US State Department on Thursday issued a travel warning for Jerusalem, urging American citizens to “defer nonessential travel and exercise caution.”

Muslim demands that people respect their religion might have some credibility if they showed equal respect for the religions of others.

  • Bob FitzGibbon

    Islam is a religion of peace. Bill Clinton never had a blowjob.
    Islam is a religion of peace. Barrack Obama is a die hard capitalist.
    Islam is a religion of peace. Nancy Pelosi is Pro-Life.
    Islam is a religion of peace. Hitler loved the Jews.

    Even if you repeat the lie over and over, most sane people do not believe it.

  • Horace

    Th pope is running scared that if he says anything negative about Islam and its depraved murderous adherents, he will cause the deaths of thousands of captive Christians in the muslim lands. He's probably right. If he continues to whitewash Islam though, he will cause the deaths of millions of captive Christians in Europe and USA. They are being slowly taken over by Muslims, and with the current demographics, within 30 years Europe will have fallen. The US will probably go soon after. The Pope wont be around then though so he can keep on kicking the can down the road with his ruby slippers. Wake up Pope.

  • Horace

    Not bloody likely that Muslims will show any respect for anything good, except more oil money from the US & Europe. These anthills of welfare scum (Muslim countries, the more salafist the less educated) would go into rapid decline and starve to death pretty soon if the oil money was cut off (not to mention the outright handouts we've been giving them for years. Thats why the atheist commie left which has some undefined delusion that they will be able to co-opt the Muslims after they get them to destroy western capitalism and civilisation uses its environmental wacko useful idiots to prohibit US energy independence. Lebanon was briefly a haven for middle eastern Christians. Not any more, its sinking fast. Most Lebanese who could, got out years ago. The rest will be leaving soon, either running bloody and ragged or in the smoke of funeral pyres lit by the respectful Muslims who of course wouldn't defame any religions. (Phfft-snort-barf). Coming home to the US again, Obama, Clinton, Farakhan, Emanuel, Pelosi (Pope forgot to excommunicate that abortionist harpie, Biden is obviously mentally unfit to be excommunicated, he doesn't know where he is, never mind what he is) Reid and their ilk will wake up when they get to hell.

  • isahiah62

    Kahane ws right- only one solution- population transfers- every Muslim out of every kafir nation and vice versa- gtfo NOW- get them out now- out of USA and Israel and EU and UK and AUS- why do we tolerate them? they do not tolerate any non Muslims??

  • Indioviejo

    Pope Benedict XVI has inherited a problem that the Catholic Church has not dared face since the Crusades. As much as Catholic Europe at the time, and in successive centuries, suffered the Islamic Onslaught from the bloody Turks, they failed to educate the Masses as to the real nature of the satanic cult. Perhaps they prayed for conversion of the satanic horde, or by ignoring the problem that it may go away. It didn't work and know Europe is dying, and the world is on the brink of the Islamic World War. War is a horrible business, and the outcome uncertain, but unfortunately is coming sooner than later because we can't live in Totalitarian tyranny. I feel sorry for Benedict, he is a man of God.

    • Chris

      He may he may be a man of God but instead of quoteing a bizentine emperor he would have been better off if he had quoted Jesus, he probably didnt mean it but his quote was an insult to the muslim faith.There are fanatics in all religions, the muslims i know are very kind and are loveing people.I 'am a catholic but i have come to the point i see organized religion is the cause of more wars and the roman catholics in the early church were a bunch of coo coos to. As a matter of fact there still are coo coos!

  • jemaasjr

    The core problem with Christianity is that it is insipid. It imagines that niceness is enough, and so it invites the kind of wishful thinking malarkey that we are currently saturated with. I wish him well as an individual, just about the only useful thing he could do for the cause in the Middle East would be to be martyred