Muslims to Promote Respect for Religion by Hating Jews and Christians

There’s two things that Muslims do really well. Respect religion and hate everyone else. But they do the second one best of all so they’re going to play to their strengths.

Egypt’s Salafi group al-Gama’a al-Islamiya declared Tuesday that it will form a new movement – the “Supporters” – whose sole purpose would be to promote the Prophet Mohammed as a positive religious and social character.

Al-Gama’a al-Islamiya held an emergency session in Alexandria over the weekend. Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Youm quoted Shura Council member Assem Abdel Maged as explaining that the new movement will be “in charge of projects meant to support and promote Islam, Mohammed and the decree of respecting the religions.”

And they are going to promote respect for religions by

A. Promoting respect for all religions

B. Attacking Christians

C. Attacking Jews

D. Setting a bunch of things on fire

If you answered B,C and D; you’re almost correct.

Abdel Maged added that the movement will focus on producing films on Christianity in Europe that will delve into the questions of why “many believers have forsaken it.”

Films on Judaism throughout the ages are also in the works, he added, as are films about the history of Zionism – “so to increase global awareness to the movement’s operations,” Abdel Maged said.

The Islamist plan to promote respect for religions by spreading hate toward all non-Muslim religions is a timely reminder that Islam is to religion what Lee Harvey Oswald was to politics.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the films that this venture will produce, but I’m not sure that it can ever top the greatest Islamist film ever made.

International Guerrillas

Enjoy this incredible pivotal scene that will surely convert you to Islam faster than you can say Allahkazaam Allahkazoom.

  • Advocatus

    Wonderful little clip there. Same fine production values as in Innocence of Muslims.

    Above all, the message the clip reinforces unwittingly is that deep in their heart of hearts Muslims are not entirely certain of the validity of their own claims and need constant reassurance from other Muslims and unbelievers alike that theirs indeed is the greatest and most wonderful religion that ever was and ever will be. Pathetic sight all around.

  • Tanner

    A new movement from Egypt about making films demonizing Christianity and Judaism? Let's see if the Hollywood Left sympathizes with them. I would be shocked. And the youtube video in this article looks like a Islamic version of the Power Rangers. The only thing they need is the color helmets and uniforms like every other series has.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "We" will embrace them in order to show moral leadership and positive modeling.

      BTW, if the koran has these protections and powers, why to the Muslims need all of the weapons and violence to protest? Can't they just sit near the infidel and wait for the show to start?