National Debt and Unemployment Rate Doubled Since Democrats Took Congress

As Boker Tov Boulder reminds us, Hope, Change and Depression didn’t begin in 2008. They began in 2006. The media blamed Bush during those two years of a Democratic Congress. Then in 2010, when there was a Republican Congress and a Democratic Oval Office Occupant, the media began blaming Congress.

The day Pelosi assumed that office,

the Total Public Debt Outstanding was $8.67 Trillion,
the unemployment rate was 4.4 pct,
the GDP (for the previous quarter) was 3.5 pct

Today – almost six years later –

the debt is up 89 pct … to $16.3 Trillion,
the unemployment rate is up, at nearly 8 pct,
our GDP is slowing this quarter to below 2 pct

The national debt is climbing, the unemployment rate has doubled and our economy is slowing down. Are we headed for Greece or Japan?

No nation is immune from the fixed laws of mathematics. The Japan that Americans were terrified by in the 1980s has become a doddering wreck. Its leading companies have been downgraded to junk bonds. That is where America is headed under the terrible troika of Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

Welcome to the Hope and Change Depression.

  • Mary Sue

    Welcome to the new welfare state!

  • JayB

    It's exhausting trying to point fingers at any politicians from any particular party anymore. They are all liars and crooks.

    It's exhausting having to read articles about how bad things are getting economically and how dim the future looks. There is nothing anyone can do about it but take care of their own.

    Just let the left have it – let them have what they want. There is no use fighting anymore. The war is over.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Follow your own advice if you wish, but encouraging others to lose hope is pretty lame IMO. False hope is no good, but fighting on seems noble to me.

  • JayB

    What the heck are we fighting for anymore anyways? Are we (as supposed conservatives) worried about trying to preserve some sort of an idea of a country with a free market economic system? That system is long gone. Are we worried about trying to preserve our individual freedoms? Once again, those are almost totally dimished in today's America, and there is no stopping the slide.

    So why not just jump in head first to this new America? Why not just stop fighting for something that no longer exists…let's print more money, let's nationalize more businesses, let's increase abortions, let's decriminalize narcotics, let's redistribute wealth to establish fairness and justice, let's eliminate our borders, and let's let anyone who wants to get married.

    I say, let's all jump on the bandwagon and go full steam ahead, and let the chips fall where they may!

    • Will

      I agree with JayB. From Johnson's Viet Nam until today I worried about this country, I will no longer. The market forces will deal with this in due time. The market always wins. Once upon a time we were so rich we could afford to see how much stupidity and greed we could handle. Now we know.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What the heck are we fighting for anymore anyways? Are we (as supposed conservatives) worried about trying to preserve some sort of an idea of a country with a free market economic system? "

      The losses we see now began decades ago. We need to start over with children and their schooling and focus on educating all who we can.

      That is what we are fighting for: the truth about the history that informs us what made America great.

      • JayB

        But don't you see – we're being left behind in the dustbin of history.

        The left is rewriting the history books. The left is shaping their own vision for America and fundamentally transforming it, and there is no turning back now.

        There is no "starting over." The war is lost…they control the education system, the media, and the government. Political correctness and socialism are the new ways: you either adapt or you will never be able to live a happy life and be content, because it is what it is now.

  • Mary Sue

    Not long ago, one of the newspapers had on-the-street commentary (brief one-sentence blurbs) and two young women, probably between their teens and early 20s, said Obama was "awesome". This was in reaction to the election results, even though this was in CANADA.

    Brain dead uninformed idiots. You won't see the Canadian Media, particularly not the CBC, reporting on that stuff. Except Sun Media.