Navy SEALS Waited 5 Hours for Air Support Before They Were Killed

The Obama Campaign cannot wait 5 hours without sending another fundraising plea for four more years of the same, but the former Navy SEALS defending the Benghazi consulate waited 5 hours for air support that never came.

The presence of laser capability on the roof of the CIA annex confirms what Fox News sources that night in Benghazi originally said, which is that they had laser capability and for 5 hours and 15 minutes were wondering where the usual overhead air support was, especially since, according to this source, they radioed from the annex beginning as early as midnight asking for it.

The presence of lasers raises more questions about why air support was not sent to Benghazi even protectively once it became clear that the fighting had followed the CIA rescue team back to the annex.

But the good news is that Obama did find the time to meet some coffins, according to David Axelrod who said, “This president is 100% committed to the people he sent overseas personally to represent this country. He’s the one who met those coffins when they came home.”

We’ve established that Obama is really great at having his photo taken next to coffins of dead soldiers. He’s just not very good at saving their lives by providing them air support when that might offend his Islamist allies.

One source said the Blue Mountain Security chief seemed “distraught” and said “the situation here is very serious, we have a problem.” He also said that even without these phone and radio calls, it was clear to everyone in the security community on the ground in Benghazi much earlier than 9:40 p.m. that fighters were gathering in preparation for an attack.

Both American and British sources say multiple roadblocks set up by fighters believed to be with Ansar al-Sharia were in place in Benghazi several hours before the 9:40 p.m. timeline and that communications also alluded to “heavily armed troops showing up with artillery.”

Multiple British and American sources insist there were other capabilities in the region and are mystified why none were used. Fox News was told there were not only armed drones that monitor Libyan chemical weapon sites in the area, but also F-18’s, AC-130 aircraft and even helicopters that could have been dispatched in a timely fashion.

British intelligence sources said that unarmed drones routinely flew over Benghazi every night in flight patterns and that armed drones which fly over chemical sites, some a short flight from Benghazi, “were always said to be on call.” American sources confirmed this and questioned “why was a drone armed only with a camera dispatched?”

Another source added, “Why would they put a ragtag team together in Tripoli as first responders? This is not even what they do for a living. We had a first responder air base in Italy almost the same distance away.” Despite the team arriving from Tripoli that night, sources said sufficient American back-up never came.

British sources on the ground in Benghazi said they are extremely frustrated by the attack and are still wondering why they weren’t called for help. “We have more people on the ground here than the Americans and I just don’t know why we didn’t get the call?” one said.

That’s another interesting questions. The Benghazi cables confirmed that the British had a far larger armed presence in Benghazi than the Americans did.

  • Mary Sue

    Another case of Obama fiddling while Rome burns. I get the impression that Obama does NOT do his job, at all. Like seriously. This guy is a worse procrastinator than I am! Now whether he's doing it on purpose, or whether he just doesn't give a flying rear end maneuver and couldn't be bothered, remains to be seen.

    But the bottom line is, it's clear now (complete with the picture of his inaction or slow action on the hurricane disaster) that he's as irresponsible as hell.

  • White House lies

    If your sources say there were military assets in the area, they should clarify these claims because the White House is telling some tall, tall tales

    U.S. officials from the White leaked heavy denials that any military assets were anywhere near Benghazi (New York Times, Nov 3, 2012; Benghazi attack shows Pentagon's limits in the region).

    The White House will blame anyone and everyone in defense of Obama. Now the inadequacy of the military assets were to blame. Oh, and Obama cannot be held responsible for the second attack because it was separate and he can only do one thing at a time. The White House excuse machine has lost ALL credibility. Call them on the carpet, inaccurate quote by inaccurate quote, line by line.

  • Rob

    The question is; was this the call of the Whitehouse or military leadership on the ground ? Nevertheless a great instrument being used by GOP to yet further demean the President for their own political objectives. When it was the republican party who sent our troops and citizens into these God forsaken crap holes of the world while praising George W Moron and DICK as kings of their distorted visions of life. Referring to themselves as conservatives but being the greatest radicals of this genration.
    I have one child who served two tours in one these fecal infested sand traps behest the almighty GOP, and have another going. Don't ask me to thank them. Ultimately your almighty vote will hold you accountable before God for the thousands of lives that ended by voting for the previous administration.

    • Mary Sue

      Prez Obama effed up. End of story. The actions he has engaged in throughout the 4 years he was in orifice culminated in the disaster of today. If the military leadership on the ground denied this they could easily have been overruled by the White House, could they not?

      Bush may not have been perfect but he was better than this.

      • P. Albert

        Please explain how exactly the president "effed up." I can't really see this as a case of the white house dropping the ball, but the military AO command.

        • Mary Sue

          Only the president can grant cross-border authority (because those who could come in to help were NOT in Libya). The Military Commanders know this and would have HAD to ask.

          Obama wouldn't even have had to actively say no. All he would have to do is say "Eff this, I'm going to bed," and not even answer.

  • Christi

    He didn't even have the respect to cancel a campaign jaunt… He got us in it and if it had to be an out front use of force he choked

  • Mary Sue

    .Oh by the way did you hear the nonsense coming out of media matters lately, that tries to make it sound like something actually was done?

  • Greg

    Funny, when the Wall Street Journal posted their editorial, and that’s what this is…. An editorial, they stated that “at 9: 40 (Benghazi time) this attack occurred” and at 11:00 (Benghazi time) the “Obama was informed of the attack, and ordered military assets into the area”. Now, who is right? Remember, both articles are editorials- not news reports. They are the opinion of the editor or writer and do not have to be fact checked. A) who to believe,… B) what to believe. You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts!!

    • Mary Sue

      If he ordered military assets into the area, what the hell happened to them?