“Near Total Lack of Progress” Bringing Benghazi Attackers to Justice

As Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine reminds us the Obama Administration’s failures and malfeasance in Benghazi did not just end when the last body hit the ground. Not only was there a complete failure from the very beginning of the poorly planned regime change operation that Obama and his officials repeatedly lied about, to the failure to secure the Benghazi mission and then the failure to send help in a timely manner and provide support for the embattled Navy SEALS, but the investigation afterward has also been a botch.

With every passing day, a fourth aspect of Benghazigate moves to the fore — the fact that the perpetrators apparently are alive, well, and free. During the campaign, Obama promised to bring them to justice. It hasn’t happened.

The ARB did not attempt to identify who carried out the attacks; it properly left that work to the FBI. But the Washington Post tells us that there is little sign of movement in the FBI probe. It quotes House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers who reports “a near total lack of progress in bringing these terrorists to justice.”

President Obama can’t undo the Benghazi attacks. And he would not want to undo his administration’s falsehoods following the attack, since they aided his reelection campaign.

However, Obama can work to keep his promise to bring justice to the terrorists who, on September 11, brutalized and murdered our ambassador and killed three other Americans. Perhaps he is, but it doesn’t look that way.

The FBI famously flew in, spent a little time in the compound, while still leaving classified documents behind, and had no cooperation from local authorities. A few of the supposed attackers have been arrested in the region, but extradition is uncertain, and the majority of them have probably moved on to the fight in Syria.

  • JacksonPearson

    No surprises. The Clintons wrote the How-To-Cook/Playbook on evading, covering up, dodging, "is," etc. Monica Lewinsky, and Vince Foster were two Clinton classical examples. With Hillary, Benghazi will be nothing more or less than a little headache, and all will be smoothly forgotten, because the fix "is" in!

  • jakespoon

    Nothing is going to happen to anyone,here or in Libya. Lying administration, complicit press,scapegoats resigned,It's handled, next screw-up!!

  • BLJ

    Let's make a citizens arrest. Obama and Hillary in matching orange jump suits.

  • Mary Sue

    we'd need total housecleaning in 2014 if y'all wanted to actually do something about it.

  • Johnconrad


    You really think that would work?

  • Thomas Wells

    Were are Woodward and Bernstein now that we need them?