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Netanyahu to Obama: “No Red Lines for Iran Means No Red Lines for Israel.”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 11, 2012 @ 5:27 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


The official media narrative (TM) is that Netanyahu is either a coward who’s bluffing on Iran or a dangerous hothead who’s bound to begin bombing Iran at any minute. The nuanced reality is that the Israeli Prime Minister has done his best to do things Obama’s way and now time is running out.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasted the Obama administration today for its continued refusal to give Iran an ultimatum, telling reporters, “Those who refuse to draw red line to Iran don’t have the moral right to put a red line to Israel.”

That’s a clear statement that the options have been exhausted. Not the options on Iran, but the options on Obama. Netanyahu is telling reporters why Israel will have to go it alone and rejecting the notion that Obama has the right to deny Israel the right of self-defense against a genocidal nuclear program.

The source of the quotes is Barak Raavid, from Haaretz, an outpost of the far-far left, who also claims that Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu on the 28th. Meanwhile a supposed secret envoy from the UK’s Prime Minister Cameron warned Netanyahu against a unilateral strike. The ideal time for a strike is before the election. Once the election is over, Obama will be a lame duck with a free hand or a loser with nothing to lose by doing as much damage to Israel as possible.

Carter’s resentment against Jews for his defeat translated into an ugly demented career of spewing hate and enabling terrorists. Obama is likely to show even less restraint. The election is the only available restraint on Obama’s worst impulses toward Israel which creates a narrow strike window.

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