New Black Panther Party Promises To Intimidate Voters Again

No good deed goes unpunished and no bad deed goes unrewarded. After getting a pass on their voter intimidation in the last election, the fun loving gang of the New Black Panther Party promises to head back out to intimidate voters in the upcoming election.

During the Democratic National Convention, speakers whipped the audience into a frenzy of hysteria claiming that voter ID’s are there to prevent people from voting. But actual thugs with weapons intimidating voters outside polling places are fine… so long as they intimidate people who might not vote for Obama.

Asked about the dropping of federal charges related to the NBPP’s activities during the previous presidential election, Shabazz stated, “I would like to deny voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party in 2008.”

He continued: “We were not found that we intimidated anyone, and therefore we were not charged, and that’s why we are walking free today, happy as a bird, to the [dismay] of many.”


  • BLJ

    Man, I really wish a couple of these scumbags would be in front of my polling place. The Louisville Slugger I keep in my vehicle would get some good use.

  • Omar

    Wow. Eric Holder has a huge double standard. According to the lunatic Holder, voting ID's are bad, but voter intimidation is good. It's so ridiculous, yet not surprising since this is the same Eric Holder who encouraged Bill Clinton into granting clemency to 16 members of the Marxist terrorist group, the FALN. None of those criminals from the FALN ever requested clemency. It was handed to them. They took thirty days to accept the clemency. What Holder did in 1999 was an insult to the families of the victims of the FALN's bombing terror. In 2009, Joseph Connor, the son of Frank Connor (who was killed by an FALN bomb when it exploded at New York's Fraunces Tavern in 1975), went to the Senate to testify against Eric Holder's confirmation hearing, only to see him confirmed. Now that's unjust. Impeach Eric Holder! Justice for Frank Connor and all other victims of terrorism! Down with extremism!

  • okrahead

    I need to find out if there are any NBPP thugs in my area so that I may arrange for a suitable response to any attempt to intimidate me when I go to vote. Forewarned is forearmed, and I do take that literally.

  • Mister Coch

    The most sense this guy is making is with the hand/wrist gesture he's a-doin'…

  • robbie

    i am black dont try to intimidate me i vote for romney if i want to i fought for my voting rights best thing all groups can do is keep out of my face on voting day i vote for whom i please take that to the bank