New Tax to Allow Obama to Seize Half of 25 Percent of American Farms

In completely unrelated news.

Between September and December 1929, collectivization increased from 7.4% to 15%, but in the first two months of 1930, 11 million households joined collectivized farms, pushing the total to nearly 60% almost overnight.

In more completely unrelated news

A Venezuelan farmer who went on a hunger strike over the occupation of his land by neighboring farmers with the support of the government died Monday night, the government and his family said Tuesday.

Franklin Brito, 49, was a farmer in the southern Venezuelan state of Bolivar. He said his land was taken over with the blessing of President Hugo Chavez’s land reform agency in 2000. For a decade, he appealed and protested with a number of hunger strikes in an effort to get his land back.

In the news of the day, in the fabled land of Itcanthappenhere…

New legislation that jumps the death tax to 55 percent of estates exceeding $1 million threatens 526,421 family farms, of about 25 percent of all farms in America, according to a Senate analysis.

This summer, Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats passed legislation (S.3412) on a party-line vote that allows Washington to take up to 55 percent, a huge increase over today’s top rate of 35 percent, and drop the tax’s exemption from $5.1 million to $1 million. The lower exemption — combined with soaring farm real estate values — could put more than 420,000 additional farm estates at risk from the death tax.

Farm values are largely tied up in non-liquid assets like land, buildings, and livestock. Many farm and ranch families would be forced to sell their assets to satisfy Washington Democrats’ insatiable appetite for tax money. Up to 24 percent of America’s farm and ranch families could be forced to hand over a large chunk of their heritage to the Internal Revenue Service when a family member dies. This would economically devastate rural communities.

Here are a few Russian words that you might want to consider learning. Kulak. Kolhoz. Gulag.

Michael Savage meanwhile has his own thoughts on who would profit from this arrangement.

  • JacksonPearson

    Clearly, this isn't what the founding fathers ever intended for this country.

  • Mary Sue

    This smacks of Agenda 21 as well as typical "tax the rich moar" nonsense.

  • Thomas Dobbins

    His affiliation with Monsanto might have a little to do with him trying to kill off family farms

    • LibertarianToo

      THANK YOU for this link. An entire segment of Obama voters never heard a word about this -of course there was no mainstream media coverage. It should have been a scandal.

  • IATR

    It gets better than this…

    The Fed is buying $40B worth of "mortgage-backed securities" per month (per the propaganda), which is to say they are buying that much in OUTSTANDING MORTGAGES. Yes, that's right. It's either the best insurance policy against "End the Fed", since no one in their right minds is going to want to risk them calling in those loans, or it is straight out of Agenda 21 and after they collapse the dollar they'll own all those properties and will turn management over to the U.N. My guess is it's both.

    What could possibly go wrong, right…??

    • 11bravo

      I think Ben upped the anty to 80 Billion-read it somewhere today.

  • Thomas Wells

    If they end up with the farms,Obama's government wouldn't know which end of the bull to milk.

    • TheZohan

      That's the only funny line in this whole page! Everything else makes a bleak picture look bleaker.

    • Viet Vet

      That's exactly what happened in the Soviet Union after the Bolsheviks systematically starved to death all the Kulaks of the Ukraine, they brought people from the cities in to run and work the new collectivized farms. Of course these people knew nothing nor cared anything about farming. Throw in the Obummer system of redistribution and "fairness", thus taking away the incentive to excel and you had a recipe for mediocrity and disaster.

  • Freedom Mann

    One thing that everyone here seems to leave out is that this sort of thing is actually a front and an actual bonanza for big insurance companies to force people, especially family-farm owners to take out whole-life insurance policies that will be paid to the estate in order to preserve same; that no one mentions this, particular "conservative talk radio" should be obvious.

  • Slothmorse

    Farms? What are these "farms" everyone keeps babbling about? Doesn't food just come out of those swinging doors in the back of the restaurant?

    Now, everyone repeat after me: Two legs, BAD, four legs, GOOD.

  • Hermit

    Combine this with Obamacare and what will happen to seniors before their time…..quite the deal isn't?

    Kill them off, get their land …

  • Eagle One

    That sucks. A couple things farmers as well family owned business can do is buy life insurance to cover the tax bill. Start a trust, get self educated about financial planning. Find a good financial planner too. Second and third opinions as well. Better do it before those are outlawed too. That goes for individuals too.

  • FormerNurse

    EVERYBODY QUIT TALKING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!! What can YOU do to stop this? Send this article to EVERY friend, EVERY neighbor, EVERY relative! Print it out and put it on ALL your neighbor's doors. Print it out and put it in your Christmas card mailing. Write your local paper about this! Try to get it mentioned on the local radio. Call in to a talk radio station and bring up the topic. CALL ALL THE LEGISLATORS and ask your friends and family to do the same. SCHEDULE A MEETING with your legislators about stopping this. This is our government's legalized theft of property!! This is much bigger than one of the commenters statements "That sucks". WAKE UP PEOPLE and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!

  • Burn a Buck Nanke

    TELL EVERY FARMER YOU KNOW!!!! This is Obama plan to take money put back into the SLUMS they have built, allowing all his buddies to get the kick backs. They want MORE PEOPLE in the cities, EASIER CONTROL!! Do You realize you would need to pay sibblings their percent then the GOV'T before taking over what your FAMILY has fought to PROTECT!

  • youbecomealawyer

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