Newtown Residents on Media: “Some of these People Just Don’t Have a Soul”

Adam Lanza terrorized a school and the media camp followers have managed to terrorize all of Newtown. Or at least that is how it looks from some of these accounts.

The worst of them may be this story.

The parents of a little boy who darted past the shooter just before his teacher and classmates were slaughtered put up a sign asking people not to ring their doorbell, CNN reported. Every time it rang, they said, their six-year-old son thought the gunman had found him.

The media is following up on Adam Lanza’s terror spree by terrorizing the survivors. But then there’s this story.

“We need you to help us beg people to stop calling the victims,” the woman said. “They’re in mourning. Someone actually pounded on a friend’s door and, literally, they were shouting, ‘Someone in this town has to start talking to us, this is our story.’

It’s hard to find a better illustration of media arrogance than that sense of ownership. “This is our story. We own you.”

In the nearby parking lot of Holy Cow Ice Cream, a first responder who didn’t want to give his name said that reporters had been rolling their eyes at him, parking on his private property, and acting as though they were entitled to be in Newtown more than he was.

There are “no media” and “no press” signs taped up at various points around Newtown. At least one church strung up yellow caution tape to keep reporters at bay.

On the Newtown Bee’s Facebook page there are countless other stories like it.

Eileen Byrnes I had a person from CBS news lie to me and say she was a friend of one of the grieving mothers. She came with a plant and so we let her on the property only to find out she was with the news. Some of these people just don’t have a soul.
Phil Otto Is anyone else getting calls from the Washington Post?? We lost a couple of our neighbors on my block, and I think they’re just calling people randomly looking for comments. 2 calls so far.
Christine Dennison Wilford The phone calls from 7am-11pm need to stop. and coming to my doorstep was completely out of line. LEAVE US ALL ALONE.
But the media doesn’t care about people. Victims are commodities in building a narrative. Building blocks in a political agenda.

  • Mary Sue


    They DIDN'T tell their kid the gunman was dead? STUPID!

    • Cowgirl Mom

      Mary Sue, my take is that you are not a mother of small. Little kids do a lot of magical thinking, and although the parents have probably told the little guy that the gunman is dead and that death is permanent, that means little to him. At that age monsters and myths inhabit the dreams of children. For this poor, little boy, that monster is real and it will take time for him to stop being afraid. Have a little compassion for the youngest survivors.

      • Mary Sue

        …..I wasn't that dumb at 6. What the heck is wrong with kids these days? No I don't have any but a relative does.

    • Deep Space

      Whatever you are you are 1) not funny; 2) not human; 3) completely irrelevant.

      • Mary Sue

        who said anything about funny? I am dead freaking serious. It sounded like the parents COMPLETELY neglected to tell their child the gunman was dead.

        If a child is worried that the gunman is coming to get him, learning that he's dead is KINDA IMPORTANT INFORMATION, don't you think?! Letting a child worry like that is worse than him learning the truth. What is wrong with people?

        When I was that age I was firmly grounded in reality, and able to separate reality from fantasy quite well.

        • Wink

          Good for you Mary Sue. I can admit that I don't recall much about being 6. I remember a trip to Idaho, but all I remember about it is cows and the cold grass under my feet after camping all night.

          I believe it is possible that the parents told their child the gunman is dead, but that doesn't necessarily eliminate the nightmares, the fear, and the ideas that the person at the door is a killer.

          You, Mary Sue, are no better than the media. Leave these people alone! It is none of your business or any of ours how they are coping with this. All they need from us is prayers and peace. Go fight a better battle.

        • AlWommack

          May I remind you that that poor little guy was most likely told. You assume he wasn't . Also you compare him to yourself, YOU (I am almost certain) did not live though as massacre, at that age, at any age. Therefore you have no business judging the parents of a little boy that survived the massacre of his classmates. Finally this article is not about how that poor child is afraid of someone who is now dead. This article is about how the MEDIA has shown no respect whatsoever for the victims, their families, and their neighbors.

  • JacksonPearson

    Congress just passed a Bill, stating to fund all ex presidents and their families, with lifetime secret service protection, instead of the previous 10 year protection. So why would they need that kind of body guard protection if gun controls were passed? Just asking?

    Also, if gun control legislation were to somehow become the law of the land, would Obama feel comfortable walking the streets of Chicago unarmed, or without his army of secret service agents?…again, just asking?

    • Deep Space

      Gun controls – as I understand current proposals – don't stop you from buying a gun only certain types of guns.

    • thewhitechrist

      Yeah, just like Hitler and Stalin felt 'comfortable' walking the streets of their ill-gotten Empires, as well.

      Same tactic, different communist. Puh-leez. You Yankees and Left Coasters still are engaging in millenarian Utopias, when you at the same time deny sin exists. My purchsing a gun is because I BELIEVE that sin exists, and I refuse to allow a sinner (criminal, pervert) to kill my kids, my family, before I kill him. And I am justified in doing so, Jack…. asss. – Fr. John+

    • tagalog

      I am an attorney, who used to work with family disputes. Once I received a death threat. I obtained a concealed carry permit and began carrying a pistol. Then I realized that anyone with a scope-equipped rifle could climb up to any roof within a couple of hundred yards and pop me off any time. I stopped carrying; what good would it do? Carrying a handgun is uncomfortable; they're heavy and they snag on furniture when you try to sit down or get up. Most of your friends look at you funny.

      So, since history shows that anyone can get their hands on a firearm pretty much at will any time, I doubt if President Obama or anyone else is justified in feeling secure with Secret Service guards around them, even in retirement.

  • @BlissTabitha

    This is disgusting. There was an image on twitter of the families during the memorial service being literally swamped with media cowering over them with cameras in their faces as they sat on pews trying to grieve. We seriously need laws to protect victims from the press.
    This is not a new thing. I was in a situation as a child whereby I'm a survivor thanks to a gun used in self defense from a madman on a rampage.After being through the trauma of the incident itself, my Mother & uncle were being taken away in ambulances while I was escorted to a neighbors home as the local press was all over me. Mikes were shoved in my face, reporters were yelling questions, cameras were at every angle….It was madness.
    I was 11 then & am 40 now & still remember it. That part of the experience only further traumatized me. How horrible must it be for these people??! This is criminal. These vultures need to be smacked with some serious charges!

    • Mary Sue

      b-b-but, The Media was only doing their jobs! [/sarcasm]

    • Deep Space

      I've long been totally flabbergasted at the way the media – both the MSM and some of the 'new' media – is allowed to run roughshod over people in the name of 'Freedom of the Press'. This doctrine was fundamentally about the right to publish political ideas and criticism and of course the very brave men and profound thinkers who fought for and established this right could never of have envisioned the stinking nest of whoring wevils that comprise the members of the modern media.

      • jakespoon

        Someone from Newtown needs to throw a beatin' into one of 'em and it would stop. At least,the person would feel better,I know I would.

        • Wink

          Violence begets violence. Probably not the best answer. Maybe if they were warned that they could be arrested for trespassing they would go away? Why can't these idiots understand common decency in a time like this.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    More evidence about who the enemies of the nation are.

  • Chiggles

    These idiots desperately need to be pounded senseless. I'd love to see some angry locals overturn a news truck and set it afire.

  • UCSPanther

    Remember John Henley's song Dirty Laundry?

    It applies to all MSM in general, especially their vulture-like mentality.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I'm not big on using analysis of lyrics in political discussions, but his clear disgust is even more appropriate today than it was when he wrote it.

      This song was released in 1982 (when I was a teen). CNN was relatively new and I don't recall any other national news other than the big 3 and I guess you can count PBS too, sort of. Cable was very rare in populated areas and was at the time mostly an alternative for those who couldn't get over-the-air TV signals. Things have changed a lot since this song was written; they're a lot worse.

      Don Henley > I Can't Stand Still > Dirty Laundry

      I make my living off the Evening News
      Just give me something-something I can use
      People love it when you lose,
      They love dirty laundry

      Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
      I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear
      Come and whisper in my ear
      Give us dirty laundry


      Kick 'em when they're up
      Kick 'em when they're down
      Kick 'em when they're up
      Kick 'em all around

      We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
      Comes on at five
      She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam
      In her eye
      It's interesting when people die-
      Give us dirty laundry

      Can we film the operation?
      Is the head dead yet?
      You know, the boys in the newsroom got a
      Running bet
      Get the widow on the set!
      We need dirty laundry

      You don't really need to find out what's going on
      You don't really want to know just how far it's gone
      Just leave well enough love
      Eat your dirty laundry


      Kick 'em when they're stiff
      Kick 'em all around

      Dirty little secrets
      Dirty little lies
      We got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pie
      We love to cut you down to size
      We love dirty laundry

      We can do "The Innuendo"
      We can dance and sing
      When it's said and done we haven't told you a thing
      We all know that Crap is King
      Give us dirty laundry!

      Don't forget about "Network."

      I was of course even younger then but it seemed to me the liberals (including my family) loved it because it attacked the establishment tool. Boy did those hippies take notes! There is no accountability at all in any of the media these days. It's all about PR and the perception that the reporter is…taking the "correct" (politically) view shall we say? Chris Matthews? Need I say more?

      What a mess.

      • jakespoon

        Shoe leather applied to the backside of a nosy reporter might help assuage the situation.

        • tagalog

          I thought answering the door to an unknown person with your Mossberg 590 9-shot 12 gauge shotgun crooked in your arm would be pretty effective.

          Open door: "Hi" (big smile)
          Reporter: "Uh, wrong address, never mind"
          Close door
          The End.

          Of course, you might get charged with Displaying a Deadly Weapon, but under the present circumstances in that town, I'd ask for a jury trial and let the jury decide on my guilt or innocence.

  • cheech4u

    The banner on my blog says: "Freedom of speech is a responsibility, not a right . . "
    While I may not be perfect in its observance (emotions run deep on sensitive issues) I still value and respect its principle.

    This has left a sour taste in my mouth – excuse me while I go and puke . . . .

  • BLJ

    The media are buffoons at best. Decorum prevents me from saying anything else.

  • Arlie

    There is a new song: " Where Was The Media Then" Lyrics: Richard Mgrdechian MADISON RISING

    Stooges with their cameras
    Watch our every move
    Waiting for that one mistake
    Some footage they can use
    To smear the ones they fear the most
    The ones that they despise
    And fill the minds of spiteful pawns
    With anger, hate and lies

    Exploit the children
    Puppet the weak
    Rile the masses again

    Where was the media then?
    Tell us why!
    Where was the media then?
    But every time the truth came out
    Where was the media then?
    After fifty years of all your lies
    Were was the media then?

    When vegans kill in the name of peace
    Holy men curse the white
    Beheadings in Afghanistan
    They vilify the Right
    Voter fraud is just ignored
    Acorns don't exist
    But when the lies are exposed
    It's Murdoch they insist

    Exploit the children
    Puppet the weak
    Rile the masses again

    Hypocrisy is all we see
    Hostility and misery
    Always condescending
    Until you mind is numb

    Defenders of the free
    The fourth pillar
    They were meant to be
    Masters of duplicity
    The fifth column
    They've become

    Exploit the children
    Puppet the weak
    Rile the masses again
    My Opinion:
    this song is done with an angry and frustrated tone, as it should be. The most CORRUPTED institutions in America (besides the UN Agenda Corrupt Government itself) ARE the Main Stream Media and Government Indoctrination in the Unionized Propaganda Education System. IF you can get you precious children OUT of these institutions do it! UNPLUG from the cable and satellite system….starve the BEASTS.

    If G-d (YHVH) does remove his Blessings from the USA….we are done….WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Ghostwriter

    What is it with some in the media? Do they enjoy making themselves look utterly stupid?

  • Asashii

    what is sick is the footage of laughing family members of the slain victims, escpecially the father that was laughing so hard turns around and see the camera for his interview and then turns all sad, i have seen serial killer footage that rainbows compared to who ever that guy was. evr heard of anyone laughing within three days of a CHILD dying, i havent!!!!