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Newtown Residents on Media: “Some of these People Just Don’t Have a Soul”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 19, 2012 @ 10:22 pm In The Point | 27 Comments


Adam Lanza terrorized a school and the media camp followers have managed to terrorize all of Newtown. Or at least that is how it looks from some of these accounts.

The worst of them may be this story [2].

The parents of a little boy who darted past the shooter just before his teacher and classmates were slaughtered put up a sign asking people not to ring their doorbell, CNN reported. Every time it rang, they said, their six-year-old son thought the gunman had found him.

The media is following up on Adam Lanza’s terror spree by terrorizing the survivors. But then there’s this story.

“We need you to help us beg people to stop calling the victims,” the woman said. “They’re in mourning. Someone actually pounded on a friend’s door and, literally, they were shouting, ‘Someone in this town has to start talking to us, this is our story.’

It’s hard to find a better illustration of media arrogance than that sense of ownership. “This is our story. We own you.”

In the nearby parking lot of Holy Cow Ice Cream, a first responder who didn’t want to give his name said that reporters had been rolling their eyes at him, parking on his private property, and acting as though they were entitled to be in Newtown more than he was.

There are “no media” and “no press” signs taped up at various points around Newtown. At least one church strung up yellow caution tape to keep reporters at bay.

On the Newtown Bee’s Facebook page [3] there are countless other stories like it.

Eileen Byrnes [4] I had a person from CBS news lie to me and say she was a friend of one of the grieving mothers. She came with a plant and so we let her on the property only to find out she was with the news. Some of these people just don’t have a soul.
Phil Otto [5] Is anyone else getting calls from the Washington Post?? We lost a couple of our neighbors on my block, and I think they’re just calling people randomly looking for comments. 2 calls so far.
Christine Dennison Wilford [6] The phone calls from 7am-11pm need to stop. and coming to my doorstep was completely out of line. LEAVE US ALL ALONE.
But the media doesn’t care about people. Victims are commodities in building a narrative. Building blocks in a political agenda.

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