NJ Dem Congressman Called Hamas Member “Peaceloving”

(Congressman) Pascrell signed an affidavit opposing the deportation on behalf of Qatanani, the Imam of one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, calling him “peace-loving” and “magnanimous.”  That’s hard to square with information provided by Steve Emerson, one of the world’s leading terrorism experts. Emerson wrote that Qatanani’s deportation case centered on the Imam’s lying on his immigration documents about having been arrested by Israel for membership in the terrorist organization Hamas.

Among all the other troubling things about the Qatanani case is that it has shown off how New Jersey Muslim groups have subverted the state’s politicians getting them to support Hamas terror.

Congressman Pascrell’s willingness to sign on to the Hamas 54 letter and a letter in support of Qatanani is dangerous and despicable. The Federal affidavit for deporting Qatanani described him as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatanani lied to Federal agents. Israeli police records show him to have been a Hamas member. It also shows that Qatanani admitted to those charges.

This is the man whom Congressman Pascrell called “Peaceloving“.

“What is happening now in Palestine and Iraq, you would have thought of it months or years that it’s gonna happen at any time… You see you cannot just shed blood unless there is rights and then just states, and that with established law and Sharia, then they could do that.”

This is the terrorist supporter on whose behalf Congressman Pascrell intervened.

“Mohammad Qatanani, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, posed a hypothetical question: What if the charity did support the children of suicide bombers? What would be wrong with that, he wondered?

‘There is a big issue between supporting them before, not after,’ suicide attacks, he said.

The whole point of supporting those children is to provide incentive for their fathers to kill themselves while murdering Jews. And Pascrell’s reason for supporting Qatanani is to get the votes of a man who supports those murders.

  • Ghostwriter

    HAMAS? Peace loving?! What world is that guy living in? It's sure not ours!

  • Jacob

    actually, Qatanani has denounced Hamas on several occassions.

  • Bright Knight

    His Governor, Islamie.. uhhh.. Christie is in bed with the Islamists so Pascrell is just following the lead of his Islam and sharia loving Governor.