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No, America Does Not Need More Teachers

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 9, 2012 @ 11:25 am In The Point | 7 Comments


As sure as rain in Seattle, sunshine in Phoenix and suicide bombers in Pakistan, the most reliable stump speech of any Democrat will be about raising taxes to hire a giant army of teachers to make our children super-smart and capable of inventing a new new math to cover all the money we spent hiring all those teachers.

Half of Obama’s platform is hiring more teachers. The other half is free abortions for everyone, which seems to negate the need for more teachers.

Teacher’s unions need more teachers. Democrats need more teachers. People who sell teacher training materials need more teachers. But neither students specifically nor the country in general needs more teachers.

Teacher to student ratios have been steadily shrinking [2] even as our educational system has gotten worse. In the 1950s, we were at the top of the world, turning out the leaders of tomorrow with one teacher teaching an average of 27 students. [3] Today the system is absolutely hopeless with one teacher teaching an average of 15 students [4]. We’ve doubled Federal educational spending [4] to no avail.

The 15 students of today could not even begin to pass the tests that the 27 students of the 1950s could. If anything it would almost seem as if we need larger class sizes. After all the reforms and the lower classroom sizes, we are getting worse results, not better results. Hiring an army of teachers will just make things worse… not better.

So let’s zoom over to 2025 where the student to teacher ratio is 1 to 10 and there are strikes every day because there’s no money for teacher’s pensions and all our engineers come from Asia because the curriculum focuses on the history of the transgender civil rights movement and its pioneering leader, Mark/Martha Alloweous, and the Democratic Socialist candidate calls for hiring more teachers because only when we achieve a 1-1 student to teacher ratio will the educational system finally be completely bankrupt.

No, America does not need more teachers. It needs less teachers and a common sense educational system where the goal is to provide basic knowledge and a route to a career, rather than a promotion from high school to diploma mill college with an emphasis on graduating absolutely everyone.

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