None of the 5 Worst Shooting Rampages Were Carried Out By An American

These days you can’t turn on MSNBC without hearing another heavily made up talking head bloviating about America’s culture of violence. Michael Moore got famous by exploiting and lying about the Columbine Massacre.

The talking points are already set. Americans have too many guns. And our culture of guns leads to shooting sprees. But the facts are different.

Of the 5 worst shooting rampages, only one happened in America, and none were carried out by Americans.

The worst shooting rampage was carried out by Anders Breivik in a country with some of the toughest gun control laws in the world.

The second worst was carried out by a South Korean police officer who killed 57 people. A South Korean was also responsible for the Virginia Tech Massacre, the fifth worst on the list.

The third worst university shooting in the United States was also carried out by a South Korean, One L. Goh, making South Koreans responsible for the two deadliest university shootings… in the United States. And that’s without mentioning the Su Jung Health Sauna shooting in Atlanta which killed 5 people.

There isn’t anyone talking about a South Korean culture of violence because that would be silly. And talk of America’s culture of violence is equally silly when Americans don’t even show up on the list of the 5 deadliest shooting rampages.

Of the 5 worst massacres, two were carried out by Asians and one by an African constable. Only two were carried out by white men. The next man on the list was Latino. None were carried out by Americans.

Two of the killers, William Unek in the Belgian Congo and Woo Bum-Kon of South Korea were police officers.

The deadliest shootings have occurred in Japan, in Colombia, in the Belgian Congo, in South Korea, Norway and in Australia, along with the United States. The only thing that all the shooters had in common was mental illness. In many cases there had been early warning signs. Martin Bryant in Australia had even told his psychiatrist that he wanted to go around shooting people. And then he did.

Of the worst shooting massacres in the United States in the last ten years, besides conventional lunatics like James Holmes, the Batman killer, and Adam Lanza, we have Jiverly Wong, a Vietnamese Chinese immigrant who killed 10 people at an immigration center, and Nidal Hasan, an Islamic terrorist who carried out the Fort Hood Massacre, who killed 13 people.

Of the 5 major Americans shootings in the last 5 years, only 3 were carried out by Americans and only 2 were carried out by white men. None of those white men fit the “profile” of the so-called American gun culture. Both were troubled and mentally ill loners.

The issue has never been the traditional American gun owner. And no matter how much MSNBC rants, it still isn’t.

  • Mary Sue

    Interesting. That sure puts a damper on the whole anti gun narrative, doesn't it?

  • judson

    Hmmm, I wish this were broadcast on every social media site to end the ideologic views of those too ignorant to see the root evil of the problem; indeed mental illness is a problem. Its a shame while the vast majority sees only the 'weapon' that is used to inflict such tragedy and not the individual behind it.

    • Charles

      No mental illnesses exist. There are only moral problems. Psychiatry is not medicine. Psychiatry has called anything it wants, "illness." Psychiatric drugs are making people go berserk and go on rampages. Psychiatry said slaves wanting to escape had "drapetomania." Psychiatry said women in pants were under "permanent mental hallucination," look up NY Times editorial "A Curious Disease." A Chicago judge in June 1943 ordered Evelyn Bross, arrested for wearing pants in public, to see a psychiatrist for six months! Harold Sleeper, psychiatrist, injected his wife with her own piss! The Feds busted National Medical Enterprises in 1993 with $300 million + in fines for racketeering (psych hospital chain!) Psychiatry is the continuation of the Inquisition and the witch hunts, giving psychiatry more power will only worsen matters. Psychiatrists are mostly men, and so they "diagnose" (slap a label on) more depression as affecting women—because they prefer women coming to "see" them, and rapes have been known to ensue! Outlaw psychiatric drugs, the rampages will cease, ordinary criminals do not have as main objective, mass killings.

  • UCSPanther

    The rogue police officer that committed the South Korean Massacre back in the early '80s was known to have had a troubled life, and was in a drunken stupor during the rampage. He had stolen an M2 carbine, ammunition for the weapon and several frag grenades from a police armory and went on a mindless rampage that lasted for several hours, using his status as a police officer to gain access to his victims in their houses.

  • Tarquinn

    It is simple to see that there is more than one cause to the problems in America involving shootings. Yes there has been a common theme that mass murderers have a mental disorder. But this doesn’t mean that all killers have a mental disorder. I believe that the root of this problem is the American gun culture. If the average joe was unable to have a gun, then this would not happen, it wouldn’t be able too. If there was not access to semi/automatic weapons which hold a large number of rounds then there wouldn’t be as many killing like this. So two solutions can be seen here, one provide free healthcare, including care for the mentally unwell and also strict gun laws should be put into place.

    • Ar'nun

      "If the average joe was unable to have a gun, then this would not happen,"

      The average Joe in this case did not have a gun. Instead, they were forced to make themselves into human shields in an attempt to protect the children when a strategically placed round to the shooter's head would have been far more effective.

      If guns are so easily obtained, how come not one single other adult in or around that school had one?

    • Srqgal

      In addition to Ar'nun's response, I would like to add that healthcare isn't "free". Someone has to pay for it – all of us have to pay for it. Nothing is free. Seriously.

    • LibertarianToo

      "I believe that the root of this problem is the American gun culture."

      It's like you didn't read the article at all.


        I believe we have a violence problem here. We have kids/young men who have no respect for the value of human life. Last week 2 13 year old and a 14 year shot and killing a woman because when they asked her for a cigarette she said GET A JOB. The gun was bought off the street illegally. My gun has never loaded it self and shot someone. I took a training course on my gun and kow how to handle it properly. You see kids beating p kids all over the Internet, hits bus driver, innocent people walking by. We need to talk about the real problem ARE KIDS ARE MEAN AND VIOLENT

        • Bartemais

          Yes, the problem is really is about moral breakdown not guns. The founding fathers said words to the effect that our form of government was set up for a moral people and will not work for a society that is lawless and immoral. The dilemma of our time is the fact that freedom and lawlessness cannot be found together. Eventually the tendency toward a police state comes from the lawlessness of the people. The present government and society is backing more and more the dissolution of the Judeo Christian moral code. The attack on the traditional family, the rejection of the Ten Commandments as a moral guide, etc. are parallel to increased violence in our society. It is not likely that we will recover a sound moral foundation having once rejected our moral heritage of the past. Unless there is a true spiritual revival in America, the future does not look very bright

    • Mary Sue

      um, no. Just no. You don't know what you're talking about.

    • Big d

      You are stupid

  • R.C.

    The anti second amendment fools are really anti human and pro crime–most of them are very ignorant and useful idiots of Marxist politicians and media.

    Those at places like MSNBC and the democrat party are promoting Marxism–and Marxism cannot have an armed citizenry as it threatens their domination.

  • Debra

    If the average Joe was unable to have a gun we would have more killing of innocent people .Georgia Crime Index Rates Per 100,000 Inhabitants
    Source: FBI, Uniform Crime Reports
    Forcible Aggravated Larceny- Vehicle
    Year Population Index Violent Property Murder Rape Robbery assault Burglary Theft Theft

    1987 6,222,000 5,792.0 576.5 5,215.5 11.8 43.1 209.2 312.4 1,552.1 3,171.0 492.4
    1988 6,401,000 6,326.6 665.3 5,661.2 11.7 46.4 243.6 363.7 1,610.8 3,495.8 554.6
    1989 6,436,000 7,073.1 735.8 6,337.3 12.7 48.9 271.1 403.0 1,712.5 3,971.1 653.7
    1990 6,478,216 6,763.6 756.3 6,007.3 11.8 53.6 263.5 427.4 1,619.4 3,714.3 673.6
    1991 6,623,000 6,493.4 738.2 5,755.2 12.8 42.3 268.2 415.0 1,514.7 3,629.2 611.3
    1992 6,751,000 6,405.4 733.2 5,672.3 11.0 45.3 249.8 427.1 1,442.8 3,653.1 576.4
    1993 6,917,000 6,193.0 723.1 5,469.8 11.4 35.4 248.0 428.3 1,307.3 3,568.7 593.8
    1994 7,055,000 6,010.3 667.7 5,342.7 10.0 34.7 222.6 400.4 1,153.9 3,631.6 557.2
    1995 7,201,000 6,003.6 657.1 5,346.5 9.5 35.3 205.2 407.1 1,059.9 3,678.3 608.4
    1996 7,353,000 6,309.7 638.7 5,671.0 8.6 32.1 205.4 392.8 1,114.8 3,927.7 628.5
    1997 7,486,000 5,791.7 606.6 5,185.1 7.5 31.1 206.7 361.3 1,086.3 3,503.4 595.4
    1998 7,642,000 5,463.0 572.7 4,890.3 8.1 30.4 187.2 347.0 990.8 3,342.8 556.6
    1999 7,788,240 5,148.4 533.9 4,614.4 7.5 29.8 166.4 330.3 917.1 3,182.2 515.1
    2000 8,186,453 4,751.1 504.7 4,246.4 8.024.0161.9 310.9 836.6 2,937.0 472.8
    2001 8,405,677 4,634.3 495.7 4,138.57.1 25.9 171.3 291.4 854.2 2,837.2 447.2
    2002 8,544,005 4,515.8 459.6 4,056.2 7.1 24.7 157.2 270.7 865.3 2,745.7 445.2
    2003 8,676,460 4,714.2 454.5 4,259.7 7.6 25.7161.9 259.3 910.5 2,849.0 500.1
    2004 8,918,129 4,674.5 451.04,223.5 6.9 26.8 153.1 264.2930.6 2,796.8 496.0
    2005 9,072,576 4,618.2 445.9 4,172.3 6.223.5153.7 262.53 924.6 2,733.01 487.0
    2006 9,363,941 4,360.2 471.0 3,889.2 6.423.2165.6 275.8 909.0 2,519.3 460.9
    2007 9,544,7504,403.2 493.2 3,910.0 7.522.8181.7 281.2 950.2 2,540.6 446.3
    20089,697,8384,481.0489.4 3,991.6 6.724.2184.2 274.3 1,038.0 2,545.4 408.3
    20099,829,2114,100.6428.03,672.6 5.823.6148.9 249.8 1,003.2 2,332.0 337.4

  • κατεργάζομαι

    To paraphrase Mark Levin; "I would rather live where the citizens are armed to the teeth, than a country where only the government is armed." ~ America is racing toward the later.

    Thinking heads knew that Obama would seize the first opportunity to initiate Gun Control, it is just that no one expected him to do so before he was innagurated into a second term.

    Meanwhile the elected GOP Politicians do their "YESSIMS Mr. President, sir…." shuffle, as America Circles the Drain into the Cloward Piven Abyss.

  • Trialdog

    Daniel, why isn't Beslan on the list? Would opening up the list to Islamic terror make it too exhaustive? Do we want to avoid listing Islamic terror with insanity?

    • Trialdog

      Sorry, just saw the list. By an individual, not a group.

  • Ar'nun

    We have more restrictions today on gun ownership and still have high statistics of gun violence. This stigma that society has placed on guns makes the average bad guy realize that the odds of him encountering an armed citizen are slim to none. Will more guns or easier access solve the problem? Not exactly, but restoring the idea that anyone around you could have a gun on them will. This is just common sense. Weather you are honest enough to admit it or not, your senses are heightened when you drive into that infamous "bad neighborhood". You are more aware of your surroundings, and you are more mindful of your actions. And so is the bad guy.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    do-do-doo-do….do-do-doo-do…do-do-doo-do Twilight Zone music fade in……..

    Larry, the article is easier to read, as I have after a search, – if you simply link it for us.

    Isn't Clare Kuehn a self discribed conspiracy theorist, who is at home with anti-semites and the same woman who uses her limited analysis capacity for spreading hoax and conspiracy? Such as her belief that an unknown man shot John Lennon, and Paul McCartney was Killed?

  • VLParker

    I noticed how many of these leftist shills have started screaming about killing NRA members. Such none violent wonderful people that make up the left. The NRA has done more to promote gun safety and self defense than any other organization I know.

    A proud life NRA member.

    • VLParker

      Whoops: non-violent

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Does MS Kuehn have a black cat named, Pyewacket?

    Larry, the article is easier to read, as I have after a search, – if you simply link it for us.

    Isn't Clare Kuehn a self discribed conspiracy theorist, who is at home with anti-semites and the same woman who uses her limited analysis capacity for spreading hoax and conspiracy? Such as her belief that an unknown man shot John Lennon, and Paul McCartney was Killed?

    do-do-doo-do….do-do-doo-do…do-do-doo-do Twilight Zone music fade out……..

  • Ghostwriter

    I've said it before,I'll say it again. I don't own a gun myself,but I'm not going to stop a law-abiding person from owning a gun. That's just my decision,that's all.

  • BLJ

    The Soviets were always concerned about the fact that the "average Joe" was packing heat. The Left, MSM and Obama can kiss off.

  • Oyvind

    This is taken totally out of its context. You have to look at how many people is dying from guns here and there. How does America turn out then? The reason why massacre's in other places go to a higher level (higher body count), and therefore the police is not ready to stop them. In America they're so used to it. The police is ready to stop it, witch was not the case in Norway 22.juli 2011. It was totally unexpected, and had never happened before.