Not Protesting Against Blasphemy is the New Blasphemy

And here you probably thought that blasphemy required actually required painting a funny mustache on Mohammed or making a movie about him. But in Pakistan, not joining the crowd of rage boys and chanting the ritual Islamic cry of, “Death to America” is also a form of blasphemy.

Pakistani officials say they have opened an investigation into a businessman who has been accused of blasphemy after refusing to join protests over an anti-Islam video and allegedly trying to convince others also not to take part.

Police officer Munir Abbasi says that hundreds of protesters in the city of Hyderabad who rallied against the film that mocks the Prophet Muhammad demanded businessman Haji Nasrullah Khan shut his shops in solidarity. When Khan refused, one of his tenants said his decision supported the film.

A failure to vigorously support a protest with the tactics mandated by the League of Righteousness is the equivalent of supporting the movie. This is the same thing that the left does. The Islamists might as well borrow the left’s slogan, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Here we also see a glimpse of what blasphemy is. It’s not offended sensitivities, it’s a political program every bit as cynical and aggressive as anything that ever came out of the ranks of the Communist Party. This is less about America, or some obscure movie, than it is about using America and the movie as a lever for implementing an Islamist program.

The Islamists, like the Nazis and Communists, use their imaginary outrage to feed public anger and engage in shows of violence to bring their own people into line. American appeasers debating how much free speech we should censor are blissfully clueless about what they have stumbled into.

Appeasement will not work, because confrontation is the Islamist goal and the more we retreat, the more securely the Islamists will stage confrontations like these for their own purposes.

  • @nb2d

    The best way to limit or to kind of defuse hate is for Muslims to stop committing the violent acts and justifying them by Islamic teachings. Those who do not commit violent acts should be directing their energies to those who are, and trying to convince them to stop. As well as working with non-Muslims to root jihad terrorists out of their communities.

    If Muslims did that, they would find non-Muslims would have significantly less of what they think of as "hatred" for them, but which is actually a normal impulse for self-defense.

    I believe very strongly in free speech and free expression. It is one of the building blocks of this great republic in which we live. And any attempts to abridge or diminish it are serious matters.