Obama’s Anti-Semitic Anchors

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Jews occupy a peculiar position in the Democratic Party: The Jewish vote is part of the Democratic base, but at the same time the party does not represent Jewish interests, either at home or abroad, and of the last three Democratic presidents, two were nakedly hostile to the Jewish state. Now the second of them is running for reelection and is counting on the Jewish vote.

After November 6th, 2012, Barack Obama will either be a leader with absolute control over foreign policy and nothing to lose or the first Democratic incumbent since Carter to lose the White House. For Obama everything hinges on securing the next four years and that requires him to play up his pro-Israel credentials while trying to convince Jewish voters that the animosity and ugliness of his present term never happened.

But there are two things dragging him down: The Center for American Progress and Media Matters.

Jewish discomfort with the administration has been growing for some time now. While Obama’s growing loss of Jewish support cannot only be put down to Israel, the Jewish state has become shorthand for the administration’s attitude toward the Jewish community. Vocal condemnations by former New York mayor Ed Koch and now by prominent civil rights attorney Alan Dershowitz make it clear that even mainstream Democrats are aware of the problem and that it is not going away.

While Koch’s remarks have been fairly vague, Dershowitz has been much more direct about identifying and attacking the root of the problem. “Media Matters and Center for American Progress are two extremely left-bigoted groups that are so virulently anti-Israel and anti-supporters of Israel that they’ve gone over the line from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism,” Dershowitz recently affirmed.

“These two organizations have been found to be anti-Semitic by many of the objective monitoring groups. And now they are closely associated with the Democratic Party and I have said very clearly there is no room in this tent for me on the one hand, and for Media Matters and for this other group on the other hand. We can’t be in the same tent. I will not be in a tent with fascists, with supporters of Ahmadinejad, with supporters of Hamas, with supporters of Hezbollah, with anti-Semitic bigots, whether they’re Jewish or not.”

Unlike Koch who did not set up a specific test that Obama needed to pass, Dershowitz has issued a clear call for accountability, and that creates a specific metric that cannot be avoided with vague promises and assurances. It offers Obama a choice between the radical left and the Jewish community.  But the radical left is no longer radical; it has become the establishment.

The Center for American Progress is not just another think tank; it is the brain, heart and soul of the administration. It is the interface between the proposals of the left and the policies coming out of Washington D.C. and it is also the interface between the policies of the White House and the media coverage of those policies and the opposition to them.

The Center represents the power of the left over the message, shaping the ideas that reach the White House and then shaping the ideas that leave the White House, blending the power of policymaking with the power of spin to form one of the most powerful arms of the shadow government set up by billionaire criminals like George Soros to control the American political process. But the power and radicalism of the Center is also becoming a liability.

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  • findalis

    Obama should remember 3 words: New York 9th. That district was the largest Jewish district and it went for the GOP.

    The polls are wrong. People will say one thing to pollsters (not to look racist) and do the opposite. I know since I'm hearing this at my Hadassah meetings. The Jewish vote (and money) could go for the GOP easily if the right candidate is nominated.

    • WildJew

      Who is the right candidate?

      • homer carnes

        Anyone except Obama. America does not need a Muslim President.

    • Choi

      Romney,Santorum, or Gingrich is THE RIGHT candidate.
      Jew-Hating coot Ron Paul is really being 'helped" by the LEFT,both media & idle(during the Primaries) Lefty/Democratic operatives in order to DIVIDE the GOP.
      They would only love to have it Obama vs Paul,if they could.
      THEY WON'T!

    • Whatsinaname

      If you place a condition like: "The Jewish vote could go for the GOP if the right candidate is nominated", then you will not get the Jewish vote. State emphatically and teach your friends that the GOP gets the Jewish vote no matter who they nominate. The Democratic party is the party of fascism and we need to acknowledge that.

  • wally

    Hussein is a shi'ite name isn't it? Why would a Sunni Mohammedan be named this? What Mohammedan sect did his father belong to? Why has no one asked this question? Why would the American people vote for an Arab Mohammedan with an Arab name who is not a citizen to be their president? Have you all become deluded?
    Just wondering… wally, new zealand

    • Choi

      NOT ALL Americans are DELUDED,Wally.
      The LEFT hijacked America's Democratic Party as their "ticket to ride" to power.

    • homer carnes

      Most voters just vote on names they remember without knowing a damn thing about them. That is how we get a Muslim President. May have ne next time. But, not to worry,, he will not be the next President, I am nor sure there will be a President when he gets through

  • Steve Chavez

    Many vocal Jews who attack Israel and make excuses for terrorists and movements like BDS, are FAKE JEWS or JINO'S, Jews in Name Only. Are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton real Rev's? They only put on their fake collars that they bought at Wal-Mart when it suits their agenda and unfortunately, some people are fooled by their fake righteousness. JINO's head meetings and protests and they say but "I'm a Jew and I blame Israel and its leaders" and then you see them at protests supporting Hamas. Sure go ahead and try to influence Israeli policy but don't join a protest supporting a terrorist group that seeks not to influence Israeli policy but to destroy the Jewish state!

  • Eric G

    A divisive leader, socialist, belief in big brother government to take care of you, didn't have a real relationship with his father to provide a moral compass, claims Christian roots but doesn't really practice, routinely paints the economy as the fault of previous leadership, only real ability is speaking to crowds, appearance is more important than substance, anti-Semite … is this 1933 all over again?

    • trickyblain

      Wait. Are you saying that…..maybe…..Oh my God!

      Obama = Hitler!

      That's so original and erudite!

      • reader

        More like Chamberlain trading Czechoslovakia for an illusion of peace for a few months.

        • trickyblain

          Chamberlain was in the Conservative Party (not a socialist), had a great relationship with his father, and was unquestionably a devout Christian. When did Chamberlain blame his predecessor for the economy? May want to read again, "reader."

          The poster, the imbecile, is comparing Obama to Hitler.

          • passerby

            @trickyblain: maybe you should re-read reader’s comment and stick to its contents when replying.

  • Fred

    Of course Barry is a Muslim who learned his hate very well at the so called "church" he attended for over 20 years. I told Jews not to vote for this racist but they would not listen. Maybe now they will listen. Spread the word.

    Also Barry will not get rid of the white hating Holder who REFUSED to prosecute the Black Panthers. What else do we need to know. Get this petty dictator out of office.

    ps he should not be in office due to the phone birth certificate, suspicious SSA # his using, and so much more. By the way didn't he give 800 millioin to Hamas?

    We all know about Media Matters and the so called Center For American Progress. What a name for a hate org.

    • Dennis X

      Yet here at this web site yoyu speak of , " the final solution for the Black problem" , but media matters is a hate site.

      • Stephen_Brady

        Challenge … Who at this site has ever talked about a "final solution for the Black problem". Add a link …

        • Western Canadian

          No one ever has. dx is a troll, and a much less intelligent than average troll. Completely full of it.

          • Stephen_Brady

            … which is why it's so important to expose the trolls. Most of us can spot them, but some can't. We have a duty towards them.

  • G Marks

    Or maybe some Jews – heretics that they are – don't vote Jewish interests alone.


    that means…. um, that means …. the game is OVER???

  • G Marks

    – addendum

    Using the logic of Front Page –

    Russian Americans should vote only pro Soviet candidates.

    Blacks for blacks

    Latinos for Latinos

    blondes for blondes?

    and Jews for the 2% who are Jews.

    Not a winning strategy. I say go back to the old school…. manipulate the system, purchase the elections for Israeli First Americans – and demonize anyone who complains of ethnocentric Jews


    • Fred Dawes

      can't you say or write white should vote for whites but why Blondes for blondes?? that is in fact real racists ideals, the USA Is going to come apart and become a total police state and it is happeing in front of most. The reason why is black and yellow and brown racists ideals whites must stand as one and fight back or become a dead race of people and when the monkeys are running things as we see in this government it will attack the world and be put down by the big yellow monkey people of china.

    • stern

      And so you prove the point of the article, using code words like "Israel first" "Ownership of media" to not-so-subtly proclaim your anti-Semitism.

      Bet your only problem with Obama is that he has to pretend to be pro-Israel to get elected.

    • Choi

      Based on your name,there is a 50-50 chance min. that YOU R A SELF-HATING LEFTY JEW.
      EEETE SH!+ Marks.
      Oh, and F.Y.

    • pagegl

      Using the logic of FPM Jews should vote for whomever they choose. If they choose to vote for Obama that is their right. But, they should be aware that a vote for Obama is not a vote for their best interest.

    • Okey 1967

      If Jews don't defend Jewish interests, who will? Other nations have plenty of genuine allies; the Jews have only the Jews. If you, G Marks, were a genuine Jew, you, too, would be supportive.
      The USA, Britain & USSR "liberated" the death camps only after the Jews had been exterminated.
      Before that, the likes of Roosevelt, Churchill rejected Jewish pleas for help either because of indifference or malice; and so it goes on.
      In this respect the world has not changed radically, except in one respect: no future Holocaust will resemble the first one, and this is because Israel exists. And that is why the enemies of Jewish existence want to destroy Israel.

  • Fred Dawes

    Obama is just a one world Puppet but who is behind him? can we say most leftwing Jews who handed over one billion in cash? and can we say your system boy.

  • mrbean

    Barack Hussein Obama was a practicing Muslim throughout his entire youth through high school, as an undergraduate at Occidental and Columbia where he studied under his selected Marxist professors, at Harvard law school, after graduating Harvard Law School and even after passing the bar, and only converted for political reasons to the Marxist based Black Liberation Christian crackpot sect under the anti American, openly racist, anti semitic Reverend Jerimiah Wright when in his 30's. He is a clandestine Muslim and a Marxist racist and the worst President in the history of the Republic. He is an enemy of the American people.

  • Neils60

    President Obama's views, on most issues, were well documented, with the exception of an alleged unflattering tape that the Los Angeles Times still refuses to release, prior to his election in 2008. And, yet Dershowitz, Koch, Morty Zuckerman, etc. threw their support to the president, despite all of the red flags that made it apparent that President Obama (exclusively) represented the far-left of the Democrat party to the exclusion of traditional Democrat party values.

  • samsgran1948

    "By demanding accountability, Dershowitz has transformed the Center for American Progress and Media Matters from assets to anchors around the neck of the 2012 Obama campaign."

    You wish. As long as the left maintains its stranglehold on the MSM, CAP and MMFA will get by scott free. Until Pinch Sulzberger prints a first page, above-the-fold denunciation of George Soros and all his works, Dershowitz will be portrayed as America's primary "Israel First"-er. Until the faculties of the Humanites departments of the "elite" colleges and universities in the US stand up collectively to denounce Walt and Mearsheim's updated Protocols of the Elders of Zion, anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Zionism will continue to be the default setting of so-called "liberal" thinking. Anit-Semitism has become an unspoken major plank of the Democrat party.

  • clarespark

    Some of the comments here remind me that Americans and others are not instructed in the bases of antisemitism. I tried to do that here, showing the many sources of AS. Why, if we have other instruction in "prejudice" is there so little about the belief system (antisemitism) that challenges everything we hold dear in the modern world. See http://clarespark.com/2010/11/14/the-abcs-of-anti… This is a glossary.

  • homer carnes

    AND, if Obama is re-elected for another term, there will definitely not be an Isreal.
    Iran and the Muslims will see to that, with Obamas blessing

  • esperantominoria

    A group that should be admired or fighting the Muslim soldiers,and they didn't kill civilians,only soldiers are:

    The Knights Templars,20,000 of who died in 200 years fighting the Muslims.


    "The Saga of the Knights Templars,who fought the Muslims,and the Possibility they Reached America in 1362"


    "Sam Harris,Brave Atheist Critic of Islam"

  • jacob

    Even if OBAMA states he is actually a Muslim and yes, he doesn't back Israel
    regradless, nrest assured as a poll shows, 60% American Jews will still reelect
    him, just because they are genetically Democraps.
    I'll never forget the lady who told me she didn't have to know anything about him,
    as long as he was her party's choice and even if it had been a monkey, she would
    still vote for him.
    That 98% of th black vote went for him is understandable but for 80% of the Jews
    to vote for him, knowing his baggage ????
    If he is reelected, where are they going to run ???
    So then they will go back to Judaism ??
    Hitler sent to concentration camps even those who had a Jewish great grand

  • MethanP

    Alan finally seems to get it. Looks like Ed's still drinking the coolaid.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Ed Koch played a traditional political game which was all about leveraging voter outrage to force the White House to change direction. He's a career pol and it's a smart move, the problem is it's also worthless. He doesn't quite understand that Obama is more like Carter than Clinton and whatever commitments he made are mostly worthless.

  • Brujo Blanco

    In he area I live we call certain democrats “yellow dog democrats.”. If a yellow dog was a democrat they would vote for the yellow dog. This is the problem with many Jews. For some reason they believe the Democrats are on their side even though the Dems are ready to leave them flapping in the wind. Obama has stated that when the time comes he will be on the side of the Muslims. Words mean something. We must listen to the words.

  • maria

    For informed Americans who watch closely what's going on in the ME and in Muslims world it is clear that Islam every where announce it's domination in the world. They want Chaliphat in all the world. They want us non-muslims to be dead or to be their slaves (dhimmi). They are saying it many times openly.
    Israel is by their own words "small Satan" and "US is a great Satan". First they promissed destroy Israel and then they aim to destroy us, USA. So it is not "Israel first" for Jews here or for non-Jews who support Israel.
    it is clear understanding that Israel destiny is US and all Western civilization destiny. Only uninformed, naive or stupid don't understand it.
    BHO is by sharia law Muslim as his father was Muslim. But not only this one. He studied in the medresse and he had very closed relationship with Muslims here. Reach Saudi paid for his University study, on and on…
    He is Muslims Brotherhood proxy. They occupied the first rows in the hall in Cairo where BHO made that "remarkable" speach saying that "US is the biggest muslims country".

    • Western Spirit

      The biggest "Muslim nation" was founded by Christians and remained Christian until the present day when the Left is successfully corrupting its Judeo-Christian roots.The Left is also successfully erasing this fact by assigning all the founders to Deism. Yet all the statements made by the founders are decidedly Christian attesting to their discipleship. For example:

      "If the moral character of a people degenerates, their political character must follow. These considerations should lead to an attentive solisitude to be religiously careful in our choice of all public officials and judge the tree by its fruit."

      such statements were par for the course for all the founders including John Adams proclaiming the country was based on Christian principles. And Christians have been called timid Jews because we believe in the doctrine of grace protecting us from a holy God's wrath.

      Because of our believes Christians, as well as Jews, should be concerned about the Jewish nation but the moral health of America can be judged by its disregard for Obama's fruits that could be seen by his associations.

  • stephenx100

    Liberal dogma proclaims that being black annoints one as a pinnacle of virtue who can do no wrong. Jewish liberals would not hesitate to vote for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or jerrimiah Wright if they were the Democrat candidate for president. American culture, as portrayed in Hollywood and TV entertainment, has created the myth of the brilliant black brain surgeon, the heroic black detective or black fighter pilot, and even conservative members of the electorate accept such overwhelming propaganda. Hence, Obama will contiue to capture the white vote and especially the Jewish vote. Dershowitz's weak protestations will be drowned out by the usual NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR etc. dominance of information flow, and Dershowitz will probably again vote for Obama along with the hordes of brainwashed voters who believe thay are part of the 99% despite the flow of dollars to the Obama camp from Goldman Sachs and their Wall Street cohorts who attend Obama's $35,000 a plate dinners.

  • AGENT007

    Wake up Jews !!!! Osucka and the Terroristocrats are your……ENEMY !!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Sorry, I guess I've been napping. What's an Uncle Howard policy? Who's Uncle Howard?

    • BethesdaDog

      Same thing as Uncle Jake.

      Your foolish, gullible hopelessly liberal, blind-to-Obama, knee-jerk Democrat Jewish uncle.

  • mifouf

    No doubt many people will get a warm and fuzzy notion when they hear that The Dersh has awakened from his slumber, but I haven't yet heard him explain how he came to give the current inhabitant of the White House a pass in 2008. Me, I knew him for what he is from the beginning because I looked into who his associates had been. Uniformly they have been thugs, convicted criminals, anti-white racists, Communists (genuine ones), marxists, third world totalitarians, anti-semites, liars, manipulators, naer-do-wells, and on-the-public-dole. No normal citizen would allow a single one of Obama's colleagues and associates into his home for a social purpose. So, how was Dersh so easily persuaded to support him? Unfortunately for Dershowitz, he now has a very advanced case of No Credibility Whatsoever. It is a mystery why anyone would care a fig what Dersh has to say at this late date.

  • Joshua

    How about the fact that not a single Jewish senator or representative advocates military action against Iran. Jews in Washington are a bunch of despicable cowards. They have no shame and that's a shame!

  • Charlie Hall

    The author cites Ed Koch — who endorsed President Obama for reelection last September!

    Meanwhile there are huge problems with the Republicans: Mitt Romney would vote for Ron Paul, who has openly said that he doesn't care if Iran gets nuclear weapons:

    Furthermore, so would Rick Santorum:

    These folks are friends of Israel???

  • kay

    The fact is that the hatred of the "Israeli Right" toward Pres. Obama is almost identical to Arab hatred of Jews…No matter what Obama does to support Israel, the 'Right" continues it's campaign of hate propaganda against him…sometimes you can actually feel their frustration when he takes a stand for Israel and (temporarily) silences them.

    Since taking office, Pres Obama has increased military aid to Israel to highest levels in history. Pres. Obama imposed the harshest sanctions against Iran in US history. Pres Obama funded the controversial Iron Drone for Israel…as a result, many Israeli lives have been saved. Pres Obama has veto EVERY anti-Israel UN resolution. The Obama administration boycotted the Durban III conference (to show solidarity with Israel) Pres Obama pledged to veto UN Palestinian statehood bid…Congress froze $200 million in Palestinian aid more….Bin Laden is dead…Top Al Queda leaders have been killed and much, much more. In fact, it's fair to say that Pres. Obama has done more for Israel than any previous administration. and still the hatred against him by the Israeli Right continues…

    Pres Obama has been demonized since his first Day in office. The Jerusalem Post has written more hate rhetoric against US President(Obama) than Russia, Iran, EU, Hamas, Hizbollah, UN, 22 Arab League Nations and Rome COMBINED. .it's a statistical fact. Is the US President a greater enemy of Israel than Iran. HELL NO !!! So why is the Israeli media obsessed with demonizing him? Old habits are hard to break but ask yourself, does he really deserve to be villified that way? The next time you come across anti-Obama hate rhetoric , I suggest you remember the the unusual high praises he has received from Israeli leaders, including Netanyahu several occasions. Take a listen ! http://youtu.be/izUkZpTft2w


    Why don't some of our Jewish friends get it!