Obama’s One-Man Empire

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If you ever played computer solitaire at work, failed to put up a wheelchair accessible ramp or snipped the tag off a mattress, then you may already be on the wrong side of the law. There are thousands of Federal criminal statutes and hundreds of thousands of regulations that carry criminal penalties; so many that most people violate one or more of them every year without even knowing it. Under Obama, the number of violations has increased dramatically with omnibus 2,000- and 3,000-page bills, whose full contents no one knows, rushed into law, making every American into a potential criminal.

In just the first two years, the Obama Administration imposed 40 billion dollars worth of new regulations. Obama added over 100,000 federal employees, an increase of 6 percent, to pad out the byzantine bureaucracy of his regulatory empire. Under his 2012 budget the size of government will have doubled from when he took office to 2021. In 2001, federal outlays were below 2 trillion. In 2006, when the Democrats took Congress, they hit 2.66 trillion, and last year they approached 4 trillion dollars.

All that money and power is going into an empire of czars and commissars. While cabinet members have to be approved by the Senate, czars do not. Obama has 38 czars, compared to 8 for Bill Clinton, that cover everything from Asian carp (yes there’s an Asian carp czar) to the automobile industry to online security to ethics. Bypassing the cabinet also allows Obama to bypass the traditional limitations on executive power.

From massive bills to unregulated czars, the dominant theme of this administration is paranoid secrecy. The expansion of government that we know about is a fraction of the true expansion occurring below the radar, packed away in a subparagraph on the 1209th page of a 3000-page bill and in the functions of the bureaucracies that they create and the czars who oversee their empires.

As part of the 2011 budget deal a number of the more egregious czars were supposed to be eliminated, but Obama broke the budget deal and inserted a signing statement that claimed the deal violated the separation of powers between the branches of government. The appeal to the separation of powers was stunningly hypocritical as the entire purpose of his empire of czars was bypassing Senate confirmation.

Obama’s separation from the separation of powers only increased this month as he signed into law the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011” which widens the scope of the imperial presidency. Rosa Gumataotao Rios, Obama’s nominee for Treasurer of the United States, had to be confirmed by the United States Senate. Rosa however will be the last Treasurer to require Senate confirmation now that the Act has become law.

Among the other key positions that can now be filled without Senate approval is that of Chief Scientist of NOAA, a hub of Global Warming activism. The Obama Administration had been unable to get its pick for Chief Scientist through the Senate legally. That will no longer be an obstacle. Also exempted from Senate confirmation are the directors of the Office for Domestic Preparedness, the United States Mint, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Institute of Justice. The Council of Economic Advisers will also no longer require Senate confirmation.

Most cabinet positions will still require confirmation, but many assistant secretary positions will not, which will make it possible for Obama to move more radical appointees into higher positions within the Department of Defense, the Department of Agriculture, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department. Additionally the leadership of the Commodity Credit Corporation, which has a great deal of influence on the life of the American farmer, will no longer require Senate confirmation.

But Obama has become expert at making unilateral appointments even without the benefit of the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011.” When Obama couldn’t get the appointments he wanted, he bypassed the Senate by making recess appointments even when the Senate was not in recess. And the purpose of all those appointments and czars was to build an infrastructure that would allow him to maintain complete control of the United States of America without the need for legislative action and even in defiance of legislative and judicial action.

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  • Schlomotion

    This article is accurate but it leads to a false conclusion:

    "This year, Americans will have a choice between setting themselves free or submitting to four more years of one-man rule."

    This year, Americans will have a choice between submitting to four more years of one-man rule by Romney or submitting to four more years of one-man rule by Obama. Mr. Greenfield neglected to include that Mr. Obama merely continued the erosive and corrosive policies of George W. Bush and that Congress cheerfully waived its Constitutional role in vetting Presidential appointments. There is no electoral option this time around for "setting ourselves free" at the ballot box.

    • Choi

      And the TROLL is now on a FASCIST PHONEY"Either Way we Lose so therefore STICK with the TOTALITARIAN we have" kick.
      Romney and the GOP are NOT FASCIST and they will SAVE OUR democratic REPUBLIC.
      WHO in their RIGHT MIND would willingly vote against Freedom by giving the" Democratic" Nazis more time to RUIN this country?
      Imagine how things could have been, without Voters TAKING US ALL OVER THE CLIFF in 2008,by voting for Charisma,Hollywood,and amorphous "Hope & Change".

    • Mo Schlotion

      Let's not forget derosive, desplosive, contosive and replosive policies.

    • pagegl

      What Bush did to avoid or evade the Constitution is chump change to what Obama has done. Bush did not start the imperial presidency, it's been an issue since Andrew jackson if not earlier. But no one institutionalized it like FDR; he took it to a level that has led to the acceptance of the abuses we're seeing today.

    • Kufar Dawg

      How do you know Romney won't, if given the chance, roll back the zero's imperial proclamations? Or are you just assuming that the moral imperatives, or lack thereof, by which the zero operates are also those by which Romney operates?

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        He just knows the talking points of the day.

        Nothing else matters when you have enough liberal coolaid.

    • LittleDon

      You are a lying M F and you with the rest of your fellow Jack A should call to have the Dictator tried for treason.
      God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • poppakap

      Once again slomo obfuscates the issue. Instead of addressing the real and dangerous activities of the Obama regime, he engages in a game of moral relativism insisting that W was guilty of the same behavior without providing a shred of evidence.

      It's a suckers game. Don't drink the kool-aid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

      You must be an undersexed teenage boy who doesn't get enough personal attention in your life.
      Nothing else beyond devotion to and faith in demonstrably false voodoo could possibly account for your endless supply of verbal inanity.

  • Tom

    Just watching how this man has maneuvered his way to avoid Laws, the Constitution and whatever it takes to have things his way and he continues to do so. This is the Marxist's way to get things done. This man has no intention of leaving office for any reason. He has found himself a castle and will not be dethroned at any cost. Hang on, it is going to be a very bumpy ride and the price will be many lives and destruction.

    All he has known throughout his life is Communism and Socialism and he has embraced them. Frank Davis, Communist, Mother Communist, Grandparents Communist, all of his associates Communist or Socialist. He is a puppet and being guided by the elitists and New World Order. What has our people done? We have brought in an enemy to our camp and home and didn't bother to find out who he really is. There won't be an election this year.

    • Schlomotion

      Then Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, and Reagan must have all been Marxists, because they all maneuvered their way to avoid laws and the Constitution. Is that your litmus test for Communism?

      • Kufar Dawg

        The Zero didn't mind the Black Panthers using intimidation to stop non-black voters from voting. Do you?

        • Schlomotion

          I think you are confusing the Black Panthers, an authentic movement, with the New Black Panther Party a spinoff of the Nation of Islam.

          The one: http://www.blackpanther.org/FAQs.html

          The other: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Black_Panther_Pa

          If you had asked a truthful question, such as: "Do you support The New Black Panther Party intimidating voters at the polls" the answer is no, I do not.

          I do not support Klansmen, Black Muslims, Jewish Defense Leaguers, Guardian Angels, Occupiers in face masks or people like you hiding behind masks, personas, berets and innuendos. You are all cowards.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            But you still seem to have no problem with the man gathering power as dictator.

      • grovessa

        I would like to see your proof of this. Every bit of the article can be proved by going to snoops.com. it has been a worry for a lot of people from day l bout the huge government Obama is creating and all without the approval of congress. In other countries he would be known as a dictator. We know what we have ahead of us with Obama so why in the world would anyone vote for him. A friend of mine runs a nursing home and she called me to tell me that under the new Obama plan her job description was to WATCH PEOPLE DIE and keep them comfortable. I got a letter from my insurance company and they told me what they did was pay the difference in what medicare paid and what I owed. They said under the Obama plan there would be a lot of things medicare would not pay and therefore they would not be paying either as they only pay the difference. These are all things I know. Not third hand but first hand. If Obama wins again my dr. is going to retire and he says a lot of his friends are. You Kool Aid drinkers out there need to wake up and pay attention to the fact. Even Newsweek magazine a very liberal magazine has a front cover that tells Obama to take a hike. Who is Obama, who are his college records sealed and why did he go to college under a different name. Donald Trump spent a lot of money and a lot of time trying to get information on him and break open his college records and he failed. Does none of this bother anyone. Well it sure bothers me. But I read and I study and I ask questions and I know the issues. I read an article a few weeks ago that asked what the difference was in Obama voters and Mc Cain voters. There were 3 huge differences and 1 was Mc Cain voters BETTER EDUCATED, BETTER CREDIT SCORES AND KNEW THE ISSUES.

  • davarino

    And I was thinking about buying a TV for Christmas. Looks like I better invest in something with a little more velocity before velocity becomes illegal.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I wonder if we'll see something like what happened during Katrina becoming a nationwide phenom? Namely the confiscation of all privately owned guns to make us safer.

  • sharpsrifle

    "Administration" is definitely the wrong term for this rogues gallery. I suggest "junta" or "regime" would be more accurate.

  • Andy

    When Hitler was first appointed Chancellor in 1933 he began his power grab in the same manner, gaining control of department after department by putting his own people into them. It won't be enough to vote Obama out. He should be prosecuted, too. It will take an enormous effort to clean up the mess he has created.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      People really need to hear about Hitler more.
      The parallels are frightening.

      Have you ever heard or read Kitty Werthmann?

      • Kufar Dawg

        All we need is the zero to initiate his own Reichstag scenario and the analogy will be complete.

      • thatsitivehadenough

        Thanks for mentioning Kitty Werthmann. I'm listening to her now, and the similarities are frightening. Obama must be stopped. He's following in Hitler's footprints almost exactly. Especially the part about the press not reporting anything unless it came from the government.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          It makes me shiver when I hear her describe it.

          And Boehner does nothing, the checks and balances in our system are dead with the republican leadership we have.

    • Sharron

      He needs to be Impeached today.. Tomorrow maybe to late…REALLY GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE NOW

      • thatsitivehadenough

        I feel the same way. I think if Germans had the chance to turn back the clock and take out Hitler, they'd have done it too.

  • Stan Lee

    The Obama Regime and its collection of unelected, Czars are like a train-wreck that's already happened and is worsening. We hear reports of Czar-led departments ordering millions of rounds of .357 hollow-point rounds of firearm ammunition. Why? We did hear Obama's frequent comments about his wishes for a seperate army, trained as well as our standing military—but seperate and distinct. Why? This government has to pay for it, how is that happening? Congress, the House in particular, is supposed to have the government pursestrings.
    Obviously, Obama scorns the Constitution, the laws of our land, and he does as he pleases.
    His ejection from the Oval Office can't come soon enough!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Obama wished for a separate army? Maybe one that pledges not so much to uphold the Constitution as to uphold him.

    • Choi

      It's Happened SOMEPLACE ELSE:

      The Wehrmacht Oath of Loyalty to Adolf Hitler, 2 August 1934:

      "I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German empire and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath."

      Civil servant oath
      Service oath for public servants:

      "I swear: I will be faithful and obedient to the leader of the German empire and people, Adolf Hitler, to observe the law, and to conscientiously fulfil my official duties, so help me God!"

      And then there was the SS,the Nazi Party Army(not the German Army) ,expanded from being Hitlers Praetorian Guard.

  • Katharina Sri

    Dictator/Islamic Nazi Muslim Brotherhood-loving/Saudi-king bowing/War Criminal Obama and his evil REGIME love democracy so much – yeah right! Let’s compare: at – http://constitutionalistnc.tripod.com/hitler-left


    By John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.)


    Hitler was a fairly mainstream Leftist of his day. It must be remembered that he gained power by way of a democratic election, not by way of a revolution or a military coup. If any of that seems wrong to you, you need to keep reading

    ….Hitler and his criminal gang hated the rich, the capitalists, the Jews, the Christian Churches, and "the System"….
    "Of what importance is all that, if I range men firmly within a discipline they cannot escape? Let them own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the Party, is supreme over them regardless of whether they are owners or workers. All that is unessential; our socialism goes far deeper. It establishes a relationship of the individual to the State, the national community. Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings."

    (Both quotes above are from Hermann Rauschning in Hitler Speaks, London, T. Butterworth, 1940, also called The Voice of Destruction. See e.g. here. ……

  • tanstaafl jw

    The defeat of our Dear Leader is the beginning of the end for totalitarianism in this country, not an end in itself.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      And as soon as that threat is gone, we need to replace Boehner and the failed republican leadership in the Hill that allowed this little fascist dictator to grab this much power without reigning him in.

      And what ever is left of the bankrupt media needs to be starved to death, like newsweek magazine was.

  • kingofdisco

    Yes, duplication of official posts with unelected cronies is part of the whole fascist divide and rule strategy, as is the bundling together of different groups who have an axe to grind. And the word fascist itself has its roots in the Latin fascis, bundle, and one popular fascist symbol is an axe with many bands bound around the handle. Then there is the predictable trajectory of the control freak, starting just left of center in mild socialism to attract his sorry following, then consolidation of numbers through nationalism. And yet nearly everyone calls the end product extreme right wing! That is the first mess to clear up, and a little Hitler history is as good as any place to start. So despite his half baked marxist roots, it seems most likely that Young Barry will end up as a right wing extremist! It is hard to see even the Great Barry taking modern America into communism. But there are always plenty of sliders and cowards ready to bully their way into power through fascism. As long as this doesn't go too far, perhaps a salutary lesson for the greatest nation on earth, in sticking to values come what may. If you tolerate one sick leader screwing his people, and find ways to justify that tolerance, or hide it, don't be surprised when the same type talks his way right round the confused electorate and into the White House. Good news for comrades and brothers everywhere. Bad news for the rest of us! Impeachment and a clean out is the way to go. Unless the Mittster finds his inner honey badger. But he seems more in touch with his inner Mormon pussy. Someone will have to get down and dirty and digging now, and yet the opposition are wholly unprepared for the challenge and running one election cycle late, while they trash worthy VP candidates. Can you head hunt Netanyahu? Sorry to sound so negative, but it is exactly a reaction of positive naivety to treachery that has landed the American people in this mess. As one Vietnamese refugee who lost everything said to us all – ‘when we say yes, we mean no, when we say no we mean yes….now the Americans never understood this, which is why they lost the war.’ If you go in, go in ‘till the last man drops, then you never lose. These are the chickens that have come home to roost. Too many brave people who confronted tyrants sold down the river by political cowards, and their voters. Very un-American!

  • Western Spirit

    An immigrant from Russia thinks Romney's wealth is enough reason to vote against him while Obama's follies made no impression on him.

    The demographics of this country has been changed dramatically and puts us in danger of a freedom hating tyrant regaining the White House.

  • pagegl

    Given his obvious disdain for the Constitution you would think that Congress could easily make a case for his impeachment. I realize that even if the House were to pass articles of impeachment it would never get through the Senate, but it might help slow him down and make his abuses more apparent. I almost believe that by not acting Congress is complicit in what Obama is doing.

  • John Stone

    I no longer buy this idea that Obama is this clever guy. What he is, is the head of an ideological movement that arises out of the radical teaching in our universities. Perhaps there is a small cadre of people he relies on, or perhaps he just draws in the expertise of his fellow ideologues. Either way, he is this supremely confident but marginally competent guy driven along by a strong ideological base. His minimal competence makes him a greater hazard to the rest of us, should he obtain the kind of power he wants. He will predictably govern poorly and this will be followed by an oppressive tyranny because that is what will be necessary to stay in power. Shades of old Joe Stalin in Russia, he screwed up the agricultural sector so badly that the only way he could stay in power was ruthless brutality.

    • stevefraser

      And they have won…why?… too much $$$, fanaticism, commitment, violence, and weakness of the opposition….See Spengler vol II for the details.

  • Ar'nun

    Obama may also be staging mass murders for the sake of ending the Second Amendment. We know that was his goal with Fast & Furious, but in Aurora, Co, a far left activist tied to the Occupiers murdered people under the direction of Van Jones. Then the Sikh temple, why would anyone attack them?

  • Noway2no

    It is really unpleasant to admit to yourself that this fraud has taken place. I remember when I finally accepted the reality that we have an active usurpation of the presidency going on. I don't blame people for not wanting to admit it; it is painful.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Owhatever, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. The Obots who worship this poser without a past are the real problem. Where did they come from? How did they come to hate this country so deeply? How do they function as adults without even basic curiosity or critical thinking?

    Then there are the people in front of the facade who gleefully participated this usurpation and the crooks behind the facade who really pulled this off. I do wonder why him? Why did they need a third world punk to be the tip of the spear for this evil plan? So many questions so few answers.

    To paraphrase Churchill: "Proving him to be a fraud and removing him is not the end or even the beginning of the end but merely the end of the beginning".

    • Ar'nun

      "Why did they need a third world punk to be the tip of the spear for this evil plan?"

      Don't under-estimate Obama. "They" didn't need or search for him, he is using them to get what he wants. He is not the tip of the spear, he is the one holding and directing the spear. He is no puppet. Yes there are others like Soros holding the money, but they will eventually loose control of Obama and if he outlives his usefulness, he too will be disgarded.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Maybe the Zero will be the first Mugabe of the USA!

  • LindaRivera

    We are witnessing the destruction of the Land of the Free, the very great nation of America.
    America no longer has a president. We have a DICTATOR. We have a government of Obama, by Obama and for Obama.

  • Frank

    Does anybody doubt that this despot will refuse to step down, and surround the Whitehouse with tanks if he is defeated in November?

    • thatsitivehadenough

      I just wish he could be removed before that moment.