Betraying Every Ally

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While in the United States the news from the Summit of the Americas involved a prostitute scandal, on the other side of the ocean it was about Obama’s continuing determination to undermine America’s allies. After Prime Minister Cameron’s last humiliating outing with Obama, all he had to show for it was a supposed assurance of neutrality, which the bumbling prime minister attempted to spin into support for the status quo and self-determination for the islanders. It was however no such thing.

When asked, at a joint conference with the President of Colombia, about the Falklands, Obama said curtly that he was remaining completely neutral. Last month while visiting Ground Zero, Prime Minister Cameron had pitifully tried to assure reporters that while Obama might not be for the legal rights of the islanders, he wasn’t actively against them. This may even be a victory of sorts as Hector Timerman, Argentina’s leftist Minister of Foreign Relations, had earlier suggested that the Obama administration had been the most favorable to Argentina’s claims to date.

Obama’s obnoxious behavior is all the more senseless because while there isn’t very much that the United States needs from Argentina, it needs to maintain a good level of cooperation with the UK. Last year the UK lost one soldier to every ten American soldiers in Afghanistan. This year it’s more like one to five. If Obama wants any kind of orderly retreat from Afghanistan, he needs the cooperation and help of a country where the war is even more unpopular than it is here. Then there’s the plan by both leaders to stabilize their political situation with a release of oil from their strategic reserves.

Argentina on the other hand is facing major economic problems and last month the administration was forced to suspend trade benefits due to money owed to two American companies. One of the companies, Blue Ridge Investments, is a subsidiary of Bank of America. Warren Buffett is a major investor in the latter. If Obama could take such an unprecedented step in defense of Warren Buffett’s financial interests, why not take a smaller one for an international ally?

As a further display of cynicism, the Obama administration took a position against a ruling by Judge Thomas Griesa obligating Argentina to make payments to Elliott Management Corporation. EMC is run by Paul Singer, who is a major Republican donor. Singer has already given a million to Romney’s SuperPAC and Fortune Magazine has described him as the Wall Street figure whose support is most crucial to the Romney campaign. It’s in Obama’s own interest to handicap Singer and reward Buffett, and that is exactly what the administration appears to have done.

Obama isn’t unwilling to alienate Argentina for his own culture of corruption, trashing international trade to see to it that his friends get paid and his enemies don’t.  He just does not appear to care enough to make the most minimal gesture toward the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Cameron.  Cameron, like Brown, has shamelessly humiliated himself before Obama, and taken home nothing for it.

A single word from Obama might make a repetition of the Falklands War less likely by an Argentine government sensing weakness. UK defense officials have already questioned the outcome of a second conflict on the thirtieth anniversary of the war. A statement that the United States will support its ally, whose men are dying for it in Afghanistan, would have gone a long way toward keeping the peace.

This has become an unfortunate pattern by an administration that makes so many bad decisions that it is often hard to tell whether it is being willfully destructive or mindlessly clueless. Obama’s intervention in the French election in support of Sarkozy was an arrogant misstep that Bush would never have made. Pandering to Russia yet again is a move that is almost as futile as trying to dictate to the Eurozone or negotiate with North Korea. And Obama has done all three.

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  • Spinoneone

    That Obama does not love the United States has been clear since we first heard of him back in 2004. His loathing of Britain is connected with his father and grand-father's treatment at the hands of the colonial and then national governments of Kenya back in the 1950's. He was raised as a Muslim until he was 10 years old; his conversion to Christianity, and to a particularly virulent and anti-Semitic form at that, may have been more for political reasons than as a matter of conviction. So, whether or not his action support Warren Buffett, directly or indirectly, is likely more a matter of happenstance than intent.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The answer to your question is "willfully destructive."

  • StephenD

    He has not "betrayed every ally" as you put it; No, quite the opposite. He is extremely loyal to his True Allies. He supports without hesitation, any country or regime that is Anti-American. Just take a look around. If he can't openly support them he'll run interference for them (I’m picturing him patting a Russian President on the arm reassuringly). If he can somehow get them our tax dollars (N. Sudan, Chad, Yemen and the Congo) even while they kidnap and enslave their own children into soldiers (guess what happens to the little girls in these places. And giving them our tax money essentially says Obama APPROVES of what they are doing). He is loyal alright. Just not to the people or principles we'd like him to be.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama is a terrorist illegal alien homosexual!!! Need I say more?

    • fiddle

      and if the black population found out how light in the loafers he is, he'd lose the black vote, Van Jones notwithstanding…

  • Post*Tenebras*Lux

    Not only has he disgustingly mocked and brought down allies, look what he's done to the Navy Seals, Secret Service and the American Bald Eagle!!!! All were respected icons in the USA, once.

  • kasandra

    In a further effort to insult the Brits, when The Chosen One was in Bogata last week he attempted to refer to the Falklands as the Malvinas – the name Argentina gives them. Although you would never know it from our "news media" he instead referred to them as the Maldives which, if I recall, are a group of islands off the west coast of Africa some 8,100 miles from the Falklands. Oh, and on his watch, Iran's stockpile of low enriched uranium has grown from a little over one ton three years ago to five and a half tons. It is most dangerous to be one of our traditional allies under this disaster of a president.

    • kasandra

      Oops. My bad. The Maldives are off the east coast of Africa.

      • akreynin

        Actually, the Maldives are near Asia, not far from India and Sri Lanka. They are a Muslim country.

        I heard someone on Jeopardy once confusing Maldives and Malvines.

        • akreynin

          According to Wikipedia, the Maldives are a republic, with an elected president and legislature. Its language is Dhivehi, which is related to the languages of India and Sri Lanka. The flag of the Maldives depicts a crescent, another reference to he country being Muslim.

  • Juddea

    "But who are you going to believe, the anonymous sources who tell the press that Obama is on the right track or Iran’s chief negotiator?"

    What a depressing point; who ever thought that an Islamsit extremeist would be more trustworthy that Federal Government officials in the US.?

  • Schlomotion

    I don't know what's funnier, Greenfield referring to Israel as "every ally of the United States" or the fact that he is still trying to fight the Iran Contra War 26 years later.

    • Stern

      I don't know what's funnier, Schlokmeister giving each of his posts a "thumbs up" because he knows that's the only positive response he'll get, or Schlokmeister thinking that we care what he thinks.

      • Schlomotion

        Oh you care. If a guy blew a kazoo at the back of the Nuremberg Rally, people would care. You care the same way.

        • reader

          We know that you miss being on the podium in the midst of the Nuremberg Rally. You just don't remember where the organizers would end up.

    • reader

      Iran Contra War? How bout Watergate War or Caribbean Crisis War? Poor troll is short on medications – obviously suffering from the Medicare cuts already.

    • Western Canadian

      I don’t know which is funnier, schlothinker commenting on an article that opens with commentary on obamas antics regarding the UK, and thinking the article is defending israel, or the fact that the moron didn’t even bother to read the article before posting.

  • Moshe Pupick

    W., 04/18/12 common era

    I have a hunch that Barak Husein Obama had his undergraduate and law school education paid for by the Saudis. Instead of purporting to be the leader of the U.S. and the free world, Obama is more suited to be President of a small chain of coin laundromats. People running for the office of Dogcatcher in Podunk
    Corners, U.S.A. have had to reveal more about their background than Obama has revealed. The Electorate
    lacks critical thinking skils (thank you, NEA), hence his election.

  • Bob

    It is clear to see that kingO has made an impression on all of you. From his not knowing wear the Falkland Islands are to his being an agent of the Saudis. Has it occurred to anyone that this whole family is a front, that the marriage is a fake, the children belong to someone else and we are being controlled by a Marxist/Communist, set up by the Soviets.
    His main man is Soros, a once supporter of Nazi's giving away Jewish property owners so that the Nazis could take it from the owner. Our votes are going to a company in Spain(a socialist country), to be counted and certified by a company owned and operated by Soros.He is a puppet for the New World Order.

  • qsome

    calling Falklands- Malvinas reminds you of the time someone in his administration called Jerusalem-Al Qud. he likes to play those games.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think Obama's acting foolish. The world knows he's a naive fool who gets himself into idiotic situations. I've got a feeling that the rest of the world is waiting to see if Obama gets thrown out of office this November.

  • bob

    The only thing to say that my last comment was satire, a premise, nothing more. We have indeed lost our allies, and will continue to lose them. Our enemies are welcomed with open arms, our allies with deaf ears. The king has gone to great lengths to make sure of that.

  • johnnywoods

    How is that "Hope and Change" working out for everyone? November is getting closer and I can hardly wait.

  • Fred Dawes

    Well yes obama will betray us all to his real ideals it is ordinary and common to do evil he is after all a child of ham.

  • Linda Rivera

    Our allies are treated as enemies. Our enemies are treated as friends. What a sad day for America.

  • Linda Rivera

    Why should British military continue fighting and dying for America when Obama spits on the graves of Brits WHO DIED FOR AMERICA?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The hope Obama refers to is hope against hope, hoping by that which is baseless, change from Obama
    is structure to destruction. Our developed hope is to get rid of him in the election and undo the
    evil he has caused and where applicable work the wonders of special prosecution. It may be noted
    that dictionaries would not be out of line by making Obama synonymous with betrayal and hoplesness.

  • akreynin

    In his both economic and foreign policies Obama reminds me of another Jimmy Carter. Now we need another Ronald Reagan.

  • akreynin

    It's time to get that moron President of ours out of the White House.

  • Sethbullock

    Please, people, the best way to handle Schlomotion is to ignore him.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fundimental change=changing sides.