Obama Breaks with Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Call this a belated awakening. or more cynically, a case of plausible deniability, but the Obama Administration is breaking with the Syrian National Council which was a Muslim Brotherhood front group for the takeover of Syria.

Obama and Co. doubtlessly knew what the Syrian National Council was when they threw their support behind it. Any claims that they were tricked by Turkey or Qatar won’t fly. But while they expected the SNC to be political Islamists, they may have just been stupid enough to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood would not be aligned with Al Qaeda.

After Benghazi, the honeymoon appears to be over. The first sign of that was the release of information conceding that most of the weapons, funneled through the SNC, were going to Jihadists. Now the other shoe has dropped.

The Obama administration on Wednesday renounced the proclaimed leaders of the Syrian political opposition and said any group seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad must reject attempts by extremists to “hijack” a legitimate revolution.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the Syrian National Council, or SNC, should no longer be considered the “visible leader” of the opposition. That made official what has been the increasingly obvious sidelining of an opposition group led mostly by middle-age Syrian expatriates.

The United States has no direct power to anoint the would-be new leaders of Syria, but U.S. backing will be essential for any hopefuls seeking outside financial, diplomatic or possible military assistance. The United States is supporting new opposition leaders who will attend a strategy session in Qatar next week, Clinton said.

Clinton and other U.S. officials are fed up with infighting among the SNC leaders seeking recognition as a shadow government and have become convinced that the group does not represent the interests of all ethnic and religious groups in Syria. It also has little legitimacy among on-the-ground activists and fighters, and has done little to stem the infiltration of Islamist extremists into the opposition forces.

Obama and Co. are still committed to regime change in Syria, but they are suddenly much less committed to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not that this will make much of a difference.

Qatar is behind the Arab Spring and a meeting to choose new opposition leaders in Qatar with the backing of the Qatari government just means a new younger hipper set of Islamists. Or their proxies and fronts.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t really learned anything from Benghazi, except to try and shake things up a little. But that isn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

  • Coptic John

    Just stay away from Syria … Assad is a dictatorship and has done a lot of crimes and mistakes specially in Iraq but I can't choose Muslim terroristhood over him like what happened in Egypt … Assad is evil but Muslim terroristhhood is more evil than him, and if you wanna the sheer truth ask the Christians there in Syria they are the real indicator …

  • dennis metz

    one day some of the stupid hard working Americans are gonna wake up and see that obummer and his crew wont sleep until the US of A is controlled by muslims, by then it wil be to late
    our cites continue to fall to crime

  • http://twitter.com/ylem0 @ylem0

    Anyone who really believes this is a fool. Obama is a Muslim first!

  • Mary Sue

    I think they're reading these pages and acting accordingly. For once… [/paranoid]

  • ferret face

    This administration continues to speak from both sides of its mouth. I want to see what it's other paw is holding behind its back.

  • Anamah

    Our imbecile is opening one eye…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Obama and Co. are still committed to regime change in Syria, but they are suddenly much less committed to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not that this will make much of a difference."

    Barn doors and cows come to mind.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Daniel Pipes called this one correctly a long time ago.

  • kateshon

    Now which organization will try to organize the scattered, localized units fightinh under the name of the Free Syrian Army into a more cohesive force?

    I seem to remember that Jeffrey White wrote there is more than 100 "rebel" formations on the ground in Syria. How will the military coordinating “councils” across Syria share tactics and information?

    Will the Obama administration just leave the Free Syrian Army alone?

    What will Saudi Arabia and Qatar do without the Syrian National Council?

    I think the Saudis don’t want any ties to the Muslim Brothers. They have their men in the command center in Istanbul and Southern Turkey to help "folks" like

    What will happen to Riad al-Asaad? Is he still in Turkey? Does he still have control on the Istanbul Control Room? What about General Mustafa.

    If the Saudi don't have strong tie to the Muslim Bros, the Qataris, however, do.

    What will happen of Okab Sakr, the Saudi's main man in the region, died?

    Okab Sakr, Saudi’s man

    Who will support Abu Khalid, the leader of Syria’s Martyrs Brigades? Khalid must be exalted, because he've said he , a group reportedly now fielding around 45,000 fighters.

    What about Ahmad Abu Issa, of Suqoor al-Sham? He ain't no friend of the Muslim Brotherhood…
    Was he dependent upon them for financial backing?
    Asked about Saudi’s man Okab Sakr, Abu Issa said: “We will not accept becoming tools for anyone, nor do we accept any living being, whether foreign or from within the revolution, acting in a manner to divide revolutionaries.”

    Abu Khalid has been receiving some funding from Saudi authorities, according to Foreign Policy.

    Did Molham al-Drobi say something?

    Should we infer thant the the Saudis have won against the the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • pbogue

    I haven't seen anyone here talk about the allegations of gun running by Ambassador Stevens for the CIA to supply Muslim Brotherhood/al Quaida revolutionaries in Benghazi with weapons. Stevens was supposedly asking for return of some of the weapons during a conversation with with a Turkish representative in the CIA annex. He returned to the consulate one hour later and shortly thereafter it was attacked. Four star General Ham had standing orders to defend the consulate and CIA assets, but was issued an order to stand down. The orders to stand down would have had to come from Obama in the chain of command, and no one else. This means that not only was the Obama administration gun running in South America (Fast and Furious), but was gun running in Libya as well. Is it any wonder he is attempting to distance himself from his Muslim Brotherhood/al Quaida affiliates? Imagine the international black eye this gives America!

    The other scenario alleged is a possible failed kidnapping of Stevens, possibly in conjunction with gun running, which would have been carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood/al Quaida so they could demand release of the blind sheik in exchange for Stevens. The plan was foiled by unexpected intervention by contract security officer Woods. This would explain the order to stand down.

    At any rate, this is as big a scandal as Fast and Furious and demonstrates a pattern of callous disregard for the lives of representatives of the US government. and in fact is Treasonous!

  • David Robinson

    The whole Obama admin is made up of pedaphiles, progressives, socialists, Demacraps, dead beats, and fools of the Stalin genre…..
    Most cannot rub two sticks together and get anything out of the rubbing….tough hard life dont you know…
    But Obama and the Bro Hood are in tight with each other….he simple carrying out the edict from the Quran which is to lie, lie, lie….
    You can tell when another lie is coming down the tongue watch the expression on his face….it is always a sly look when he lies…

  • mjazzguitar

    Looks like we got a president who needed on the job training.