Obama Bungled Benghazi Attack, Now Bungling Benghazi Response

There’s an investigation underway on how Obama and his political cronies, including the wife of a former president appointed Secretary of State in exchange for her political support, bungled the actual security preparations that would have prevented the Benghazi attack… and bungled the response to the attack while it was under way.

Somewhat less attention has been given to how Obama bungled the response after the attack.

1. Instead of going after the attackers, Obama kicked the ball back to the Libyan government which had been complicit in the attack. The Libyan government refused to take action against the Islamist militias. Instead Ansar Al-Sharia was attacked by a populist mob.

2. Obama’s cronies continually blamed a YouTube video for the attack, even though they had ample intelligence telling them that there had been no protest, only an organized military attack which they had received warnings about from multiple sources.

3. Obama treated the attack not as an act of war, but as a criminal investigation and assigned it to the FBI. The FBI wasn’t able to reach Benghazi for several weeks because visas and clearance were denied by the Libyan government. By the time the FBI made it there, there was nothing left to investigate.

4. The Libyan government denied Obama the right to fly armed drones over Libya. Instead Obama has taken 8 million dollars out of the budget for counterterrorism against Al Qaeda in Pakistan to create a 500 strong Libyan commando force. The most likely recruits for such a force would come from the same Islamist militias who are also deeply embedded in the Libyan government. The money would be used to train our enemies… again.

The Benghazi attack happened because Obama failed to provide the consulate with proper American security, relying instead on local security. His response to the attack is to rely even more on Libyan security. That’s the dictionary definition of learning nothing from what happened.

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