Obama Calls Israeli Warnings Over Iranian Nukes, “Noise”

In an interview to air tonight on CBS’s 60 Minutes, President Barack Obama will refer to Israel’s concern over Iran’s march toward a nuclear program as “noise.”

“When it comes to our national security decisions — any pressure that I feel is simply to do what’s right for the American people. And I am going to block out — any noise that’s out there,” Obama says,

That’s certainly a noble attitude for Obama to take. Remember the time he decided that it was in the interests of the American people to turn Libya and Mali over to Al Qaeda?

A decision that he made from the all-American town of Rio based on a request from the Arab League, which is pretty much Saudi Arabia. But that’s the thing about Obama… he always puts America first.

President Barack Obama, defending his foreign policy record at a time of anti-American rage in the Muslim world, fired back at suggestions from Republican Mitt Romney that the president has been weak with allies and enemies alike.

In an interview airing the night before Obama meets with other world leaders at the United Nations, the president said, “If Gov. Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so.”

Or like Obama, he could not say so and start another war in Libya. And Syria, the way Obama is going. But with Obama we can be assured that he won’t start a war for Israel, like that jew-lover Romney. Obama will just start wars for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and his second-cousin Ahmed. That’s the way a true American patriot like Barack Hussein Obama does it, facing his mangled version of the Stars and Stripes, with one hand over his crotch and the other fiddling with his earpiece.

  • FPF

    " Barack Hussein Obama does it, facing his mangled version of the Stars and Stripes, with one hand over his crotch and the other fiddling with his earpiece." and noises coming out of the two openings on the opposite sides of his body.

  • FPF

    Is that the noise from of Neville Chamberlain? Whose bio is described as "Attempted to maintain "peace for our time" through appeasement of Germany, settling the Munich Agreement; widely criticised following the German Invasion of Poland and consequent outbreak of World War II; resigned after failing to form a Coalition Government."

  • Larsky

    Mr. Obama in the fashion of all good appeasers will back us into a war. All Hail Obama the Peacemaker.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    The marxist allows his muslim heritage to rear it's ugly head.

    Most didn't realize just how ugly it is.

  • oldtimer

    "noise"……..that's all that comes out of 0's mouth.. His should be the first to be blocked.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Obama is going to get a very rude awakening, in a few weeks, or perhaps a few days, when Israel strikes Iran; and all h–l breaks loose. I hope he gets word of the Israeli strike when he's unprepared for it–which in Obama's case, is all the time; but particularly when he's teeing off on the golf course, or better yet, when he's at some powder puff fundraiser, getting fawned over by adoring sycophants.

    • IsraelFirster

      I personally hope Obozo hears about the attack on the Network News about 2 hours after it's happened while he's on vacation with the Last Family.

  • kasandra

    In the 60 Minutes interview he also referred to Israel as “one of our closest allies in the region.” Must be right up there with ……. who? I must ask all Obama supporting Jews out there how the weather is down there under the bus?