Obama Considering Directly Arming Syrian Al Qaeda

Please, won’t you help these Jolly Jihadists take over Syria? For only 9 billion dollars you can help kill Christians and Shiites to establish an Islamic state. Send RPG’s, Patriot Missiles and cluster bombs. Anything you can spare.

Let’s briefly sum up Obama’s history of intervention in Syria.

1. Obama recognized the Syrian opposition and had the CIA direct the flow of arms from Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the Syrian rebels.

2. Obama un-recognized the Syrian opposition after it became clear that most of the weapons had gone to Jihadists and the Free Syrian Army was openly conducting joint operations with Al Qaeda militias.

3. Obama convened a new Syrian opposition group that the fighters on the ground don’t appear to recognize, but that was done under the auspices of Qatar, which is a major backer of the Islamists and has Al Qaeda connections.

4. Obama is considering directly arming the Syrian rebels/Jihadists/ethnic cleansers.

5.  Two years from now, all the Christians and Shiites are dead

The New York Times offers us a view inside the inept Obama policymaking machine trying to find ways to make Syrian even worse.

the administration is considering several alternatives, including directly providing arms to some opposition fighters.

Since we’ve already established that there are no clean opposition fighters and the Free Syrian Army jointly operates with Al Qaeda, giving them weapons means that Obama is arming Al Qaeda.

The most urgent decision, likely to come next week, is whether NATO should deploy surface-to-air missiles in Turkey, ostensibly to protect that country from Syrian missiles that could carry chemical weapons.

Syria is about as likely to use chemical weapons on Turkey as Assad is to take up line-dancing. Turkey has backed a war against Syria and created several provocations. But if Assad is going to use his chemical weapons, it will be at home. So this is a lie that even the New York Times doesn’t appear to accept, putting “ostensibly” in front of it. And if the New York Times isn’t even buying this propaganda…

But some strategists and administration officials believe that Syrian Air Force pilots might fear how else the missile batteries could be used. If so, they could be intimidated from bombing the northern Syrian border towns where the rebels control considerable territory.

Which would have the effect of using Patriot missiles to protect a Sunni Islamist mini-Caliphate in Syrian territory.

Other, more distant options include directly providing arms to opposition fighters rather than only continuing to use other countries, especially Qatar, to do so. A riskier course would be to insert C.I.A. officers or allied intelligence services on the ground in Syria, to work more closely with opposition fighters in areas that they now largely control.

So the options are that either Qatar will ship weapons to Al Qaeda or we’ll give weapons to the Free Syrian Army and they’ll give them to Al Qaeda. Is there a third option where we save them the trouble and just shoot ourselves in the back? Oh right, that was the 2012 election.

the combination of President Obama’s re-election, which has made the White House more willing to take risks, and a series of recent tactical successes by rebel forces, one senior administration official said, “has given this debate a new urgency, and a new focus.”

Four more wars! Four more wars!

Remember how Obama began blathering on about “Nation Building at Home” during the latter debates? Yeah Barry was lying his ass off as usual and views victory as a reason to get into more wars. Which he will deny are wars because he can hardly sneeze without lying.

 American officials and independent specialists on Syria said that the administration was reviewing its Syria policy in part to gain credibility and sway with opposition fighters, who have seized key Syrian military bases in recent weeks.

Most of those fighters are straight up Jihadis. To gain credibility with them, Obama would have to convert to Islam. Their brand of Islam. And start knocking down statues in Washington DC.

“The administration has figured out that if they don’t start doing something, the war will be over and they won’t have any influence over the combat forces on the ground,” said Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence officer and specialist on the Syria military.

If we don’t begin supporting Al Qaeda so that they win, how will we have any influence with them if they do win?

The answer to these and other questions can be found in the bestselling strategy guide. “101 Reasons for Shooting Yourself in the Foot Over and Over Again Without Ever Recognizing That You’re Shooting Yourself in the Foot”. Now on sale for only 9 trillion dollars. Buy 3 copies.

Another person who has been consulted and briefed on the administration’s thinking about Syria said, “The U.S. won’t be able to maintain the position where it’s been,” adding, “Whatever we do will be done in close coordination with the allies.”

Translation. Obama will let Britain and France drag him into war in Syria, the way they dragged him into war in Libya.

  • Arlie
  • NewHampshire

    What do you think we have been doing all along? CIA created Al Qaeda just like they created Bin Laden.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What do you think we have been doing all along? CIA created Al Qaeda just like they created Bin Laden."

      You might have a valid point if you go ahead to complete it. What's newsworthy is all the events between then and today and how little we (our national leaders) have learned.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    For those who think Obama can't do much permanent damage, think about his foreign policy now and say that.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Remember how Obama began blathering on about “Nation Building at Home” during the latter debates? Yeah Barry was lying his ass off as usual and views victory as a reason to get into more wars. Which he will deny are wars because he can hardly sneeze without lying."

    To be fair, he never said where his home was. He does after all live in the "Nation of Islam," so perhaps that was what he was referring to. He's built that home quite well, at least the Sunni sections. The Shia are not doing worse either, that's for sure.

    Now you know what Obama meant. Do you feel better? Me neither.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "the combination of President Obama’s re-election, which has made the White House more willing to take risks"

    As if he'd be there to take risks after losing the election. It's a very subtle way to say that the a-hole waited until after stealing the election to remove his sheep's clothing.

  • Thomas Wells

    If Assad is trapped in a corner, there are other countries than Turkey that he could dump his chemical and biological weapons on; and not only in the middle east. Remember that bit about terrorists bringing suitcases through the tunnels on the American Mexican border?

  • von Starkermann

    It wouldn't surprise me if Assad asks Israel for help in fighting the radicals trying to topple his regime. Who else can he turn to to get him and his Army out of harms way?

  • Ar'nun

    Why not? He armed the Libyan al Qaeda, and even sent our Airforce to enforce a 'No Fly Zone' and drop bombs for them.

    Why the Arab Spring is the key question.

    1) Egypt controls southern Israeli boarder and the Sinai.
    2) Libya provides direct Naval access to the Western Coast of Israel.
    3) Syria Northern Boarder of Israel.
    4) Jordan had a breif dust up during the Arab Spring, but it became clear the Jordanian regimne is on board with the destruction of Israel.
    5) Iran. Obama did not support the uprising in Iran, because that uprising was not part of the bigger plan. Iran was well known for being onboard the Destroy Israel Train as they have provided the majority of material support to Hamas in Gaza. A change in leadership would have been detrimental to the cause.

    • Ar'nun

      If you thought the state of Israel was surrounded by hositlity before, wait until after the Assad regimne falls. Israel is now completely surounded. Iran is funding this new Dark Alliance. Al Qaeda now operates 1 entire country, and working on a second. We know Hezbollah practicly operates Lebanon. Hamas is now a reccognized observer state. And the Moslem Brotherhood, the grand daddy of Jihad now runs a major Islamic State. And with the US's weak stance on all of this, and possibly having a Moslem Brotherhood official as POTUS, Israel is in a bad position. 1-2 years we will see a full scale attack on Israel, as they know they need to do it before the next US election.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama and Clinton LOVE Muslim terrorists. The Syrian Al Qaeda is armed by the U.S. administration.

    The question is: Will Obama and Clinton one day arm Al Qaeda against the American people?