Obama Did Not Mention “Islam” Once in the Debate

One of the interesting things about this debate is that Obama never mentioned Islam. He refused to say the word, “Islam”, “Muslim” or “Islamic” in this third debate. He used the word “Terrorism” only once, while Romney used it twice.

Romney mentioned Islamic extremism several times, he used the word Jihadist and spoke briefly about the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. Romney not only mentioned terrorism more often than Obama did, he tried to give specifics.

Obama usually makes a fetish of promoting his outreach to the Muslim world, avoided all mention of the religion, likely on advice from his prep team, which pushed him to take as strong a posture as possible.

Obama used the word “extremism” in place of Islamic extremism when discussing Islamists, saying, “Well, keep in mind our strategy wasn’t just going after bin Laden. We’ve created partnerships throughout the region to deal with extremism — in Somalia, in Yemen, in Pakistan.”

Since he was replying to Romney’s statement that, “We’re also going to have to have a far more effective and comprehensive strategy to help move the world away from terror and Islamic extremism”, Obama had made a clear decision to strip Islamic out of extremism.

The missing Islam in Obama’s rhetoric was all the more strange, as he repeated several times that it was important to protect the rights of religious minorities. But who were those religious minorities being protected from? Obama couldn’t say.

  • Cheryl

    Obama has an agenda we don't even know about. I do believe that the Muslim religion ( MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD) has put him in power to tear the U.S down from the inside. He has to be very careful not to bite the hand that feeds him.

  • avantibev

    As Jamie Glazov, Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Magdi Crisitano Allam, and so many others have pointed out: Western Leftists make common cause with Islamists. The Left are the useful idiots who are sharpening the knives with which their own throats (and ours) will be slit when Islamist populations in our countries reach critical mass.

  • http://iamiranaware.wordpress.com/ IranAware

    Actually he did mention them, he called them "folks" just like he calls us…

  • Hira Islam

    They have all created such mess and searching methods to attack on Muslim world. American leaders only think about hot to over come Muslims.

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