Obama Funds Terrorists

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On April 23rd, Obama stopped by the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he mouthed the words, “Never Again” and two days later he issued a memorandum waiving restrictions on funding to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority, which routinely calls for the murder of Jews, and for its president who has described the Holocaust as a “fantastic lie.”

It took Obama a day to disavow his commitment to a united Jerusalem. It took him a little longer to disavow his commitment to “Never Again.”

In his memorandum, Obama certified the 192 million dollar aid package as “important to the national security interests of the United States” and White House spokesman Tommy Vietor claimed that it would ensure “the continued viability of the moderate PA government.” That same moderate government which has tried to form a pact with Hamas and whose high ranking officials have repeatedly engaged in terrorism.

The Palestinian Accountability Act, which Obama waived with a flourish of the pen, was one in a series of attempts to stem the flow of taxpayer money to the terrorist corruptocracy in Ramallah. The Act mandated that no funds may be made available to the Palestinian Authority until it ends its terrorist activities and an independent audit is conducted of its finances. Rather than complying with the bill, Obama dismissed it by resorting to the transparently fraudulent claim of national security.

So where is that money really going?

According to the Palestinian Authority, its budget crisis was caused by the funding that it provides to Hamas run Gaza at a rate of 120 million dollars a month. If we take these figures as actual, then its 1.3 billion dollar budget deficit is almost entirely composed of Gaza expenditures.

Another 60 million dollars a year is paid out to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons. Obama’s generous waiver would cover a month’s worth of expenses for Hamas run Gaza and a year’s worth of salaries for the imprisoned murderers and bombers. Including members of Hamas. Then there are the infrastructure projects, like homes for released terrorists built by the Palestinian Investment Fund.

Nearly 1.8 billion dollars of the PA budget for 2012 consists of government salaries. With above 20 percent unemployment, those in the West Bank and Gaza who don’t work in Israel, work directly or indirectly for the Palestinian Authority or the UNRWA, both funded by foreign donors, including the United States. The World Bank found that the Palestinian Authority’s government employment rates are more than twice the average for the region with around 150,000 employees.  About 65,000 of those are in Hamas run Gaza.

For all the talk about the needs of the Palestinian people, the Authority is in the guns, not butter business. Security spending is its single largest sector expenditure. Within the governance sector, which American aid heavily focuses on, 43 percent of funds goes to security. Its projections for the next three years call for 234 million dollars in security spending.

The Palestinian Authority’s National Development Plan projected a 30 percent increase in security spending for 2012. While it cut the number of health care workers, it did manage to add another 1,122 security employees in the West Bank and 203 in Gaza. These employees are for the most part members of allied militias who are involved in terrorist operations.

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  • Bamaguje

    Why should United States fund Palestinians when oil-rich Gulf Arabs are awash with petrodollars?

    • penny lane

      The US always supports people living under opression and occupation. It's part of their culture and values.

      • stern

        Really? How much does the US provide to Tibet? Cyprus? And does the US "always" support people who wold rather kill Jews than talk to them? And how come the US – in the shape of a democratically elected Congress – has decided not to support Palestinian terror, and yet the US President has decided to override this popular will of the people.

        Penny Lane, you have some 'splainin to do.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Why should United States fund Palestinians when oil-rich Gulf Arabs are awash with petrodollars?

        So according to you a permanent jihad of conquest that is being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world to make Islam supreme via their proxy the so-called Palestinians that were created out of whole cloth is Moscow in 1964 by the Soviet KGB as a disinformation campaign to dupe gullible useful idiots like you and to camouflage the permanent jihad of conquest the Islamic world is waging perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel under a cloak of nationalism, and that is also just one of many such jihads of conquest currently being waged perpetually against many various unbelievers around the world besides the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, somehow translates to people living under oppression and occupation in your extremely deluded mind? Give me a break and go buy a brain.

      • purplewings123

        As nice as that sounds, as an American, I disagree that we should fund oil-rich countries while our country is almost bankrupt. Is our president in charge of the world now? Does he decide which suffering people deserve our attention? I know he didn't bother to respond to the Irani citizens who were pleading for help to become a Democracy several times. Probably the nicest citizens in the Middle east – Persians who are creative, educated, kind human beings. What about the American citizens who are imprisoned, poor or just plain suffering? That's who we should be helping instead of killing their jobs, taking their homes & destroying our country.


        penny lame, And socialists support murderous socialist dictatorships which oppress and murder their opponents.

        socialists support socialist family dictatorships like
        – Cuba (Castro Family)
        – North Korea (Kim family)
        – Syria (Assad family)
        – Russia (Putin family)

        That is why the US supports Israel and not your Pal-e-SWINIANS and Islamofascists who have declared war on the entire world.

      • ziontruth

        "The US always supports people living under opression and occupation."

        Yes, liberating them from the oppression and occupation of Islam would be nice. With all the political correctness out there, I can't see it happening any time soon, though.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Why should United States fund Palestinians when oil-rich Gulf Arabs are awash with petrodollars?

      I don't know…maybe we don't want them to have to divert money away from funding the stealth global jihad?

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        That makes more sense than anything else I've heard.

        When Obama mouthed 'never again' I have to wonder if he meant never again – enough Jews left to build a memorial?

  • Larry

    Why should any Western nation fund the arab/egyptian occupiers of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, or any other arab or muslim region when the Gulf arabs are awash with petrodollars.

    In fact, if we stopped sending Western money over there to fund muslim terrorists maybe the Gulf states would have to stop sending money to fund muslim terrorists in the West.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      In fact, if we stopped sending Western money over there to fund muslim terrorists maybe the Gulf states would have to stop sending money to fund muslim terrorists in the West.

      Excuse me…but I'm far more concerned about the covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists that are infiltrating our country in mass via mass Muslim immigration totally unopposed and that are also infiltrating all our major institutions at the same time, than I am about the occasional Muslim violent jihadists that per the dictates of PC multiculturalism you conflate with being terrorists, since the Islamic world employs covert and deceptive non-violent jihad against the West astronomically far more prevalently and in which constitutes an exponentially far greater threat to the peace and security of the West relative to violent jihad.

  • truebearing

    This should surprise no one. Obama is loyal to his ideological roots, and the deepest of those roots are in Islam.

  • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    Click my name for the answer.

  • oldtimer

    Why doesn't Congress stop this? Everyday obama defies the laws and the people. And HC isn't any better.
    I had to laugh when Bill Clinton praised obama for killing bin laden. If he had acted when he was president, it would not have come to this. The Seals killed bin laden while the big shots sat and watched and should have given the order immediately.

    • Chris Gleason

      My question exactly and I am frustrated because I don't know how to yell at them and get them to hear me. Obama was FORCED into the bin Laden killing because our military was able to convince him that after years of tracking him, they found him and had only a small window of time before he moved again. Believe me, Obama would never have authorized the killing of his brother muslim if he could have helped it.

    • Swatty Jim

      Yesiree – it sure was ironic…but hey, birds of a feather…

      Old Bill the stainmaker Clinton had the opportunity to get OBL back in the late 90s, but Slick Willy was in a golf tourney when he received word that the CIA was in position to take down OBL. Bill Clinton could not and would not make the executive decision to order his death…he had to consult with his advisers the next day, and by then OBL was gone. Read all about it in J. Pattersens book – RECKLESS DISREGARD.

      Right now Obamma is in RELELECTION mode. He will say anything and do anthing to attract votes, even if it is 100% a lie. He is calling to the sheeple and they all come arunning.

      Us Americans are so naive I am sick to my stomach.

  • dougjmiller

    The PA publicly declares on a regular basis their goal is the annihilation of Israel. Criminals on the PA payroll routinely commit terrorist acts. Obama is funding, with our tax dollars, those thugs who are perpetrating terrorism and plotting genocide. Shame on him and shame on us for letting him get away with this despicable act.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Moreover, when supporters of Israel mischaracterize the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict as being a terrorist war fought between so-called Palestinian freedom fighters struggling for Palestinian statehood and Israel as opposed to what it really is, which is a permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world via their proxy, the so-called Palestinians, to make Islam supreme, and in which also comprises just one jihad out of many such jihads currently manifesting around the world being waged perpetually against many other non-Muslim unbelievers besides just the Jewish unbelievers in Israel that altogether constitutes the greater global jihad at large, at the same time they are shooting themselves and Israel in the foot, since it is that misportrayal of events taking place in Israel that causes so many delusional leftists around the world to not only misconstrue what is actually happening in Israel and to remain oblivious to the reality of Islam and the greater global jihad at large, but to also support the so-called Palestinians in which they see erroneously as being freedom fighters. Indeed, many supporters of Israel although well intentioned are actually inadvertent enemies of Israel.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Remember the couple who attended a party at the White House without an invitation?

    He is a member of Hamas,
    and such a good and close friend of the Obama,
    that he didn't need an invite.

    He is now running for office in Virginia.

    • purplewings123

      I had not heard that but will check it out. I do know that thousands of Hamas fighters were brought here, with their families. Many live right here in Michigan. Remember Rod Blogojevitch? Evidently he stepped on Obama's toes & is now doing 14 years behind bars. When asked, Obama said he had never met the man, after which the internet was alight with various pictures of Obama & Blago shaking hands, standing side by side, eating dinner…. … Truth is a stranger to Obama!

    • neils60

      That gate crashing couple's male half belonged, maybe still belongs, to a group that openly supports Hamas. Whether he adheres to all the tenets of his group's manifestos is unclear. But, technically, he's not a member of that certified hate organization, a.k.a., Hamas.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        That's a very fine line.
        You don't join those organizations if you value human life and reject suicide bombers.

  • Steve Chavez

    "FORWARD" OBAMA SAYS after he said "Never Again."

    AMERICAN JEWS should also repeat to each other: "NEVER AGAIN will we vote for a man who holds out his hand for friendship only for funds and votes and then spits on Jews and Israel as soon as we turn our backs!"


    • David, Thailand

      American Jews are Israel's worst enemy. This should not be taken to mean that European Jews are much better.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The American Congress is a business as usual group of do nothing but create more tax schemes to
    fund their re-election priority. What is right or wrong does not concern the Congress, can you imagine
    one of the elected in America's Government saying "we will not do this or that for it would be wrong
    to do so"………The excuse is that there is always a need for government but never to correct itself
    nor stop a rogue regime in Washington from paying out tax dollars our own Nation needs to evil
    and vile compadres of the greatest living hoax in American if not World History. Obama is on track
    supporting Islamist evil and murder, anything coming out of his mouth is a lie……………William

  • Linda Rivera

    Obama certified the 192 million dollar aid package as “important to the national security interests of the United States”

    Islamic takiyya! If Obama told the TRUTH, he would have stated that the 192 million dollar aid package was “important to the security interests of MUSLIM TERRORISTS in Judea, Samaria, and also to aid in the Muslim conquest of Israel. It is a wicked crime against humanity to use America's tax dollars for Muslim terrorists!

    Obama: "My Muslim Faith" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKGdkqfBICw

  • Linda Rivera

    Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony – Youtube

    This was recently signed into law. Supported overwhelmingly by BOTH parties.

    We are BETRAYED by both Republicans and Democrats.

    • Swatty Jim

      Yes, we are doomed. The system is broken from the top down, and a country full of sheeple do not care.

  • Swatty Jim

    Releasing the funds to PLO is illegal. Congress said "NO" as the terms and conditions to receive the funds had not been met. President O, the anointed one, said YES, the PLO did meet the terms and conditions. So it's a he said she said thing. So without any determination of who is correct – congress or Obamma, O takes charge and sends the money off to the terrorists. Where, WHERE I ask you are the system of checks and balances as established by the U.S. Constitution? All three branches of our Gov't make the decisions – the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. We learned this in 6th grade for Pete’s sake!
    So, how is it that our president, falling under the executive branch of gov't, goes un-checked and unchallenged by the other two branches of gov't.?

    That my friend is proof positive that our gov’t is inept and broken, from the top down. Travesty.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      The dictator gathers power.
      And Boehner does nothing.

      He should resign in disgrace while there are still shreds of our republic left.

  • kasandra

    And yet, today, I received an e-mail from The Israel Project reporting on an opinion survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee, which found American Jews were more positive than negative on Obama’s handling of the U.S.-Israel relations, with 58 percent strongly or somewhat approving, against 40 percent strongly or somewhat disapproving. I wonder just what it would take for the 58% to conclude that Obama is no friend of Israel. Apparently not his associations, his policies, his statements to Sarkozy, his treatment of Netanyahu, his giving a speech to AIPAC one day and disavowing what he said the next, his fruitless policy of "engagement" with Iran, his finanacial aid to the P.A. and Hamas, his emnity to President Mubarrak and cultivation of Hamas' parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Nothing. I just don't get it.

    • reader

      These 58% don't care about Israel, even though some of them say that they are. For many of them, the most important thing is to "keep up with the jonses," even though the jonses are marxists, really.

  • reality

    While PLA says "Our children are our glory and honor, they were created to be fertilizer for the land of Palestine" , when does Obama get into the fertilizer business?

  • H&R_ Barack


    Benzion Netanyahu, father of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dies at 102

    The elder Netanyahu was a prominent Israeli historian and a leader in the Revisionist Zionism movement, under its founder Ze'ev Jabotinsky http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/benzion-neta

  • H&R_ Barack

    In Syria, America Allies with the Muslim Brotherhood –

    The president’s support for the Syrian National Council strengthens Islamists. http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/297361/syr

    ….who knew?

  • H&R_ Barack

    ~ Iranian Navy capable of deploying vessels near US shores,

    ~ Senior commander says; another official says Tehran has ability to disable American aircraft …..

    Iran's Navy has the ability to deploy its vessels three miles off the US east coast, a high-ranking Iranian Navy commander was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency. http://www.ynetnews.com/Ext/Comp/ArticleLayout/Cd

    The admiral was speaking on the anniversary JIMMY CARTER's failed 1980 US attempt to rescue American hostages held captive in the US embassy in Tehran.


  • mrbean

    Jews should let them know in no uncertain terms what "Never Again" means. Palestinian Muslims are terrorists period. It is a matter of record that Palestinians strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent Jewish women and children in markets, restuarants, on school buses, and in their homes. The Palestinians in their own words and by their actions are committed to the total genocide of the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel, therefore, have foreited their rights to even exist at all let alone be given a UN and US sanctioned terrorist state.

  • Stephen B.

    I cannot figur out why that SOB hates the United States. He does not care a f ing how many people in the U.S. go to bed with thier stomech growling. I hope all the people in the U.S.A. can see how they are getting screwed and they do not satificed.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why is it any surprise that the terrorist homosexual illegal alien, osama obama, does these things?

  • Mach1Duck

    Prehaps I am wrong, but is this not the same process that allowed Yasser Arafat to skim millions of dollars into his private bank account?

  • http://1389blog.com 1389AD

    Not one more penny to Muslims, either at home or abroad. That includes our POTUS!