Obama: Let American Soldiers Die So Afghans Can Sleep

Obama’s Afghanistan Surge was coupled with tightened Rules of Engagement aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the locals. The ROE’s restricted how soldiers could fight the Taliban and cost plenty of lives, but it appears that ISAF’s Hearts and Minds project has hit a new low.

When reading this keep in mind that half of deaths in Afghanistan under Obama were caused by IEDs.

Soldiers were ordered not to open fire on Taliban fighters planting mines in case they disturb local people, it has been claimed.

U.S. military chiefs ordered troops to exercise ‘courageous constraint’ and even warned them they could be charged with murder if they shot any Taliban without permission from above.

The claims were made by a former Royal Marine who spoke out following the inquest into the death of Sergeant Peter Rayner last week.

Father-of-one Craig Smith, 36, who quit his job with 40 Commando in January and now works for a Newcastle security firm, documented the ‘outrageous’ orders issued to troops in a diary of his six-month tour of Afghanistan’s Helmand province last May, according to the Sun.

His notebook cites several examples and claims troops were ordered to stand and watch when they spotted a Taliban fighter as the sound of shooting would ‘wake up and upset the locals’.

He also reveals how they were told not to shoot or use mortars for illumination when they came across Taliban soldiers in an area full of hidden explosive devices.

He told the newspaper: ‘In Kajaki I saw Taliban digging in IEDs and was denied the chance to do anything about it for fear of upsetting the locals. Permission to open fire was denied as it would alarm the population.’

The real story of the 2,000 dead in Afghanistan is that the majority of those deaths happened under Obama because his surge was linked to a complete disregard for American lives and compulsive appeasement of the locals.

  • ralph

    Its worse then that. Obama’s “good war” was justified by him because he campaigned to surge into Afghanistan and pull out of Iraq. His amateurish justification was that because the 9/11 terrorists trained in Afghanistan, we need to attack that country. There was never a U.S. interest there. This was nothing more then a campaign promise by Obama. Well, 2000 of our boys are dead as a result and he could give a damn. In his mind he kept a campaign promise. He should be tried for this.

  • http://twitter.com/F22Ross @F22Ross

    The rules of engagement are a bloody disgrace. Should be shoot to kill, no Taliban prisoners, none to escape. Further more no patrolling by Coalition forces. All patrols to be undertaken by Afghan Army. Coalition forces to be called upon to reinforce after contact made with enemy forces.

  • FPF

    Surge with GI Joe with hands tied so they can be killed by Taliban and Al Queda and he might win another election. So disgusting.

    Apparently the ROE is designed to kill those who obey it and it worked.

  • axiom

    The Sheep love being lied into wars : ww1 (lusitania) , ww2 (pearl harbour – prior knowledge) , vietnam ( the fake tonkin incident) , iraq (wmds) , afghanistan ( 9/11 ?!? ) , libya , syria ( both attacked covertly with nato backed “rebels” , more lies ).
    So now the herd of mind controlled uninformed programmed sheep salivate over the lie of the iran threat .
    Why are sheep so dangerously mal-informed ? Ans: The dangerously grossly mal-informing MSM .
    Why does the MSM grossly mislead us ? Ans: Because thats how our owners ( the same ones who own MSM ) want it . Why do they want it like this ? Ans: So military piracy and murder can go unexposed !

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "So now the herd of mind controlled uninformed programmed sheep salivate over the lie of the iran threat"

      Right. Nuclear weapons don't even exist in reality. Islam is a religion of peace. Give peace a chance. John Lennon was murdered, that's how well giving peace a chance worked for him.

      Evil exists moron.

      "Why do they want it like this ? Ans: So military piracy and murder can go unexposed !"

      I have news for you: you're a victim of group-think. Look in the mirror the next time you whine about "sheeple" because you have no original thoughts or evidence for your silly opinions. You think you are "counter culture" because you state things not generally broadcast in mainstream media. Guess what? Liars can invent an infinite number of narratives to fool idiots. You've accepted the second most common set of lies. It's not clear at all whether your smarter or dumber than those who accept the most common lies.

  • kafir4life

    No doubt in my mind that abomination in the White House, the disgusting piece of filth President Stinky (BO) would sacrifice not only our military, but he'd allow (if not plan for) an American city to vaporize if he thinks it would help him politically. Let's get that piece of garbage out in less thn 4 weeks. Even when he loses, I'd expect him to do the legislative equivilent of the actions taken by his Iraqi namesake once he realized his days in power were numbered.

    • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

      Let's arrest him the day after the election and take him out of the White House before he does more damage to the nation in the remaining two months. There are plenty of charges…fraud, aiding and abetting the enemy, obstruction of justice…need I go on? Do we really know what an enraged and rejected President Obama might do in that time period?

  • http://twitter.com/F22Ross @F22Ross

    Axiom Matey that is only partly true. In WW1 Australian volunteered from day 1, because it was the right thing to do. Yanks sat on the fence until it was almost over. WWII Autsralians volunteered from day 1 again, because it was the right thing to do. In hindsight though the British Commonwealth should have declared war on the Soviet Union as they also invaded Poland and committed worse attrocities. Yanks sat on the fence again until half time. Vietnam, Austrakia;s fault possibly… Vietnamese asked Australia to intercede on their behalf with the French and ignored the request… Aust joined the US in the long conflict which did serve to halt the advance of communism. Iraq – probably a mistake. Afghanistan – essential that the Taliban are exterminated! They represent the most evil bunch of mongrels to walk the earth!

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.whitehead.5243 Andrew Whitehead

      The Yanks sat out the first half of WWI because we didn't have a dog in the fight. In addition, the French military wanted to use US troops as replacement, the US Army/Marines were not going to fight as units. This was a no-go from the beginning and Pershing let them know it. We got zero support from the British Empire on this. American troops were also bad-mouthed as "not fit" (I'm using polite words here) by the other Allies because the US troops weren't interested in learning trench warfare (and good thing, trench warfare did not win the war). We had had recent experience with the Empire and were not going to jump in a European war over the England's say-so. Again, a good thing.

      As to WWII, the American public was well aware of the extremely poor leadership and was in no mood to repeat WWI. It took the Japanese attack to get us on board. By the way, the US did NOT know about the Pearl Harbor attack until it occurred. Don't listen to idiots who haven't done proper research. We saw the extremely poor leadership on view again when the Germans attacked the low countries and France on May 10th, 1940. Good thing no Americans were there; the public would have strung up (and rightly so) any American general who had a part in that debacle. While we did arrive late (December, 1941) into the battle, we never declared war on Germany, Hitler declared war on us. If he hadn't, we would have creamed the Japanese first….just thinking, didn't we save Australia when the Empire took the majority of your best troops to North Africa? You're welcome.

      As to Viet Nam, etc., let's be honest…all the wars since WWII have become political theater, written in the blood of soldiers. Nothing but a change in leadership will cure this continuing problem.