Obama Lies About Ending the War in Afghanistan

“We are bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.  And I’ve set a timetable.  We will have them all out of there by 2014,” Obama said at a rally back in September, only to have his own press secretary call him a liar.

At the VP Debate, Biden repeated Obama’s lie. “”We are leaving in 2014, period.”

Except we’re not. Under Obama and Biden’s definition of leaving, we are going to have almost as many soldiers in Afghanistan after 2014… as there were during the war under the Bush Administration.

Obama is going to have more soldiers in Afghanistan in 2015 than Bush did in 2006.

Obama isn’t pulling out of Afghanistan. He’s pulling the troops from his failed surge out of Afghanistan. It’s a lie and he needs to be called on it.

As discussed in my pamphlet, The Great Betrayal, Obama’s promise to leave Iraq early was a scam. It was accomplished by giving the mission a different name and renaming the soldiers still there as “advisers”.

2014 in Afghanistan will not mean the withdrawal of all ISAF forces from Afghanistan. What it will mean is that those troops, tens of thousands of them, will now be described as advisers to the Afghan security forces. And yes Obama will go on lying and claiming that the war will end in 2014.

Some U.S. military officials have said the plan is to keep 25,000 American troops in Afghanistan past 2014, but Marc Grossman, the State Department’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan insisted that there is no number yet and the 25,000 figure quoted in reports is speculative.

25,000 is a plausible number, but it might be understated. When Obama “withdrew from Iraq”, 50,000 US troops remained behind as “advisers”.

But let’s look at what 25,000 really means. In the spring of 2008, under Bush, US troops levels in Afghanistan hit a high of 32,000. In 2006, there were only 20,400. A number like 25,000 can only seem small in relation to the huge numbers of troops during Obama’s failed surge.

Obama’s “withdrawal” from Afghanistan will leave more troops in the country that were there for most of Bush’s time in office. That’s a funny definition of ending a war.

Under Obama’s definition of ending a war, moving a large number of troops into an existing conflict and then pulling them out, while leaving roughly the same amount of troops that were there under your predecessor counts as ending a war.

Obama has been repeatedly attacking Romney over Afghanistan in increasingly shameless ways.

“You get to decide what the future of the war in Afghanistan is. Last week, did you notice Governor Romney did not say a word about our troops who are in harms way over there,” Obama told a crowd at a high school in Toledo. “Because of my plan, 33,000 of them will have come home by the end of this month.”

What Obama failed to mention is that the 33,000 troops were only sent to Afghanistan because of his plan… a plan that failed.

Governor Romney had nothing to say about Afghanistan last week,” Obama said Sunday. “Governor Romney doesn’t have a timetable. I think he’s wrong. That’s what’s at stake in this election.”

Obama’s timetable for Afghanistan is a lie. Just as his timetable for Iraq was a lie.

Romney needs to push back against Obama’s lies by demanding a timetable for the full and complete withdrawal of all US forces, besides those tasked with protecting diplomatic facilities.

  • Robby Fisher

    Booth Romney and Obama are Liars and are being financed by the same people who's interest it is to keep america at war because of the profits made. Our only choice is a democratic people's party, not bound to big bussiness. We can vot for either one, nothing will change except with Romney, the Collapse will come a lot sooner.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Booth Romney and Obama are Liars and are being financed by the same people who's interest it is to keep america at war because of the profits made."

      Yes, it's all about money. And who in your fantastic mind are these decision makers I wonder?

      "Our only choice is a democratic people's party, not bound to big bussiness."

      Perhaps you can show us the way?

      "We can vot for either one, nothing will change except with Romney, the Collapse will come a lot sooner."

      Sooner than under Obama? LOL!!!

    • fatuous1


      according to Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow is as follows: If President Obama says something, no matter how utterly STUPID in Sounds to anyone with half a Brain, it MUST be the TRUTH, simply because Barack is the President and everybody knows that SOCIALIST DICTATORS like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro "NEVER EVER" tell Lies!

      The President who Cried Wolf”

      FACT: President Obama is actually Cryin about his own Budget Cuts Deal. President Obama shouldn't be mad at the Republicans. Al they are GUILTY of is SIMPLY agreeing to his Ignorant Budget Plan!

      FACT: President Obama and his so-called Administration-which happens to look more like a GOLF TEAM in 2013, has "NEVER EVER" presented an annual BUDGET to CONGRESS!

      QUESTION: How Utterly Incompetent is that?

      … and I thought that I was the fatuous1

    • fatuous1

      "The President who Cried WOLF!

      The President claims in this Video that soon Teachers will be Dismissed from School, the U.S. Military will be Dismantled, Parents Headin off to work (THE BIGGEST JOKE OF ALL) will be leaving their Children Home Unattended, Nurses will be leaving their Battle Stations, Hospitals will be Layin off Doctors, Planes will be Crashin all over America due to lack of Ground Support, Military Ships will be Sinkin and the Government will be completely Shut Down.

      … and I thought that I was the fatuous1

  • tyson trombley

    i will be going to the marines next year and hope i dont go to afghanistan but if i do i will fight honorably.

  • Danny

    Interesting. Apparently Greenfield can't quite make up his mind whether to attack Obama from the right or from the left as he does here. Either that or his MPD is peaking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/itskinda.phallic Itskinda Phallic

    NASA Rover Finds Mars' Soil Similar to Hawaii's

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    a spaceman is not allowed to be the president of the united states. i had looked the other way regarding obama's foreign birthplace when i thought that he was just another monkey from africa, but i cannot be remiss about this. this is serious and needs to be investigated.

    the placation known as "a woman can do anything a man can do" is one thing, i can't see how anyone could take it seriously when gender-based college sports teams and gender-based military requirements are no secret to anyone, but we've gone too far if we're going to placate an alien to let him think he can do anything an earthling can do.

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  • fatuous1

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  • http://twitter.com/obessed56 @obessed56

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  • Mark N Starla Traina


    … and no one with the GUTS or the NUTS to put them on the FLOOR of the HOUSE and SENATE!

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    Obama hasn’t reached the point of no return, but he’s very close. His biggest problem is the collapse of Obamacare on its launching pad as the entire country watched. And there’s worse trouble ahead. More likely than not, Obamacare will be the dominant issue in the final three-plus years of his presidency. From that, there’s no recovery.

    Years on defense—impotent years—have beset even the strongest of presidents. Jimmy Carter’s presidency was hardly a powerhouse. Still, it had one shining moment, when the Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt was signed in September 1978. What clout Carter had vanished after the “malaise” speech in July 1979. It made him a target of ridicule.

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