Obama More Unpopular in Israel than 4 Years Ago

In 2008, 49 percent of Israelis supported McCain and 31 percent of Israelis supported Obama. In 2012, Obama is down to 21 percent support while Romney is at 48 percent.

The difference clearly down not come down to Romney’s popularity. Nor is it about Obama’s Muslim roots. It is very clearly about his foreign policy. But it’s also about Israel’s more conservative voting demographics.

Israelis have hardly any gender gap when it comes to Obama. He ranks at 21 percent with women and 23 percent with men– so that in a reversal, more Israeli women than men dislike Obama. Among conservative voters, Obama polls between 5 and 7 percent. Among voters to the left, he polls at 41 percent, which should also tell you how badly the Israeli left has shrunk that these voters have only a marginal impact on the national average.

Religion also plays a role. Among the religious voters often referred to as Ultra-Orthodox, Obama ranks at 3 percent. Romney’s visit to Israel appears to have played a positive role as he scores 71 percent among these voters. Romney’s own religion and traditional lifestyle may help him win such sweeping support among Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel… and possibly the United States.

Among traditional Jews, a category implying religious belief without devout commitment, Obama polls at 20 percent. Even among the secular he only polls at 31.

While Jewish Democrats go around peddling a fake video titled, “What Israelis Think of Obama”, these are the real numbers that show what Israelis think of Obama… and they aren’t good.

  • judahlevi

    Israelis have always had a better understanding of the real issues at stake than American Jews. American Jews have sold their souls to the Democratic party and the political left. Being leftists, they never learn from history that collective forms of political power, such as the Nazis and Soviets, are detrimental to Jewish survival, not beneficial.

    Being closer to the front lines, Israelis values are authentic and real. American Jews could learn much from their fellow Jews in Israel and, frankly, should follow their lead.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "collective forms of political power, such as the Nazis and Soviets"

      All forms of political power flow from "collective forms." What you probably are trying to say is that collectivism, which in this context is any ideology that places the supposed collective good as higher than that of any rights of individuals can be detrimental to anyone outside of the de facto elite class (regardless of their claim that they achieve some kind of nominal equality).

      I'm not trying to attack you maliciously, but this is a key point that few understand. If you would try to refine your thoughts (since you seem to have the right idea) and learn to articulate them clearly, you might be able to educate more people about how to discern who has the moral clarity to lead in liberal democracies such as the USA and Israel.

      I defy anyone to show me any nation with stronger constitutional protections of the individual's rights than the USA and Israel. That alone from any other issue is justification for even closer relations than we have ever had between the 2 nations. That alone is why any enemy of Israel is an enemy of the USA, or an absolute idiot. Never mind religion or any other matter. Those are peripheral to the salient points I made here.

      Obama is an enemy of Israel, an appeaser of the USA's enemies and therefore a de facto enemy of the USA. Period. Even if Obama is sincere in each thought he ever expressed publicly, that still means he is a single-minded dupe of Soviet propaganda (long after its failure!) and a dupe of those factions who were inspired by just how far Nazi and Soviet lies where able to advance their agendas (Muslim Brotherhood, Alinsky, et al.)

      I doubt Obama will ever learn from his mistakes, even if he lives as long as Jimmy Carter. If we use Carter for our own lessons, we can only minimize the damage by getting rid of Obama and preparing to fight his lies till we die. From this day forward (for those who have not already started), managing Obama is about damage control. Voting for him again would be the moral equivalence of treason.

      • judahlevi

        I agree that my use of the word "collectivism" could have been written better. It is the political collectivism which you referred to that I was writing about. Many words can be defined differently, but when the collective good is put above the individual good, that seems to make the distinction clear.

        Individualism, as a human relational philosophy, rejects the notion of the collective good superceding the rights of individuals. Yes, we need to live in a civil society, but one that recognizes and defends the rights of individuals to pursue their own happiness above the needs of the state. You are right that Israel and the USA have strong constitutional protections, but they are being eroded in the USA. Once this Supreme Court turns left, the philosophy of collectivism will begin to replace individualism.

  • Nakba1948

    Two words: who cares? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; I could care less how a foreign nation, and a belligerent, illegal one at that, views my president. If you Israel-firsters were any kind of American patriots, you'd agree.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Hey, scumbag, I care, and I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America every day; and unlike you, I didn't vote for His Majesty Barack Obama. Get out of my country, coward.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      You are an idiot or liar. The Nakba is a myth. Attacking innocent populations deserves to be squashed with violence at some point and the Israelis and Jews before them were always too passive.

      Now, this notion about "Israel First" is about as idiotic as it gets. It asks us to assume that we must choose the loyalty to the USA or Israel, but not both because of some supposed contradiction.

      You are totally ignorant of the facts of history. Israel is the moral DNA of all that is morally good about Western government and culture. You can deny that if you are an atheist, but then you need to develop another coherent comprehensive explanation. Do you have one?

      Or, if you are an Islamic supremacist and you believe that the Islamic texts are the only objective source of truth, you have been totally deceived about the facts and can't actually participate in an objective conversation about these matters without relying on these lies about the objective facts of history. Your opinions are therefore null and void.

      So if you want to discuss the facts of history, you must first identify whether you believe the Koran is infallible. After that point we can see where the discussion leads. Without doing that, you can't possibly discuss constructively the combined interests of the USA and Israel. To do so is to simply amplify ancient ignorance.

      What threatens the West is ignorance. Islam is nothing without ignorance and obscene levels of hubris.

      Enjoy your delusions while you can. Eventually you will learn the truth. It is up to you how easy that truth comes to you.

  • Bill

    Two More Words : I Care >> Here's four more >> especially for you " Your Are An Idiot "

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Brilliant bill wrote: Two More Words : I Care >> Here's four more >> especially for you " Your Are An Idiot "

      OK Bill, prove that you are not an idiot for us. The facts of evidence so far point to the strong possibility that you are an idiot but the case is not yet closed.

      Do you have anything more to say or do you prefer to rest?