Obama Outdoor Speech May Be Rained Out

First the rain washed away Obama’s 16-foot sand sculpture and now it may wash away his outdoor stadium speech.

On Thursday, President Obama – and Vice President Biden – are slated to deliver acceptance speeches at the OUTDOOR Bank of America Stadium. The stadium seats just over 73,000.

Forecasts show the potential for rain and possibly thunderstorms on Thursday for Charlotte, creating the potential for the soaking of the tens of thousands of attendees and casting a cloud over the carefully-staged event.

So much for being able to lower the seas. Obama doesn’t even seem to be able to control the rain. He has trouble even using an umbrella.

“There’s been some conversations that the forecast is already predicting storms,” one convention official said. While stressing that no decisions have been made, the official said: “Of course there’s some conversations about contingency plans.”

When asked to outline what options that plan might include, the source said, “We will only announce contingency plans in the event that an emergency/severe weather actually arises, so that we can be sure that we communicate only one plan, the one that is accurate and relevant to the situation at hand.”

The most technocratic campaign ever is having “conversations about contingency” plans for an outdoor event that they planned on the coast during hurricane season. Why does anyone think that the future of America may not be safe in their hands?

But don’t worry, in the event that a downpour begins, somebody will announce a contingency plan involving a trillion dollar bailout and some shovel ready jobs building levees out of the remains of Obama’s giant sand sculpture.

America needs a contingency plan for another four years of Obama.

  • amused

    How utterly petty .Get a life Greenfield

  • Yabutz

    I find the subject matter rather entertaining. After all of the careful production planning ["Should we have the pillars in the background again this time?"; "Can we make it so when he enters he appears to be descending upon a cloud?"; "Should we really call it Bank of America Stadium?"] the prospect of witnessing Obama giving an acceptance speech to a more-than-half-empty stadium in the rain while the DNC imbeds canned applause and cheering has the potential to be somewhat entertaining.

    And then the next day they will try to launch their post-convention campaign on the heels on that days monthly jobs report.

  • chuckunderscore

    A rainout would probably be the best thing that could happen for Obama and DNC. It would alay the embarassment that is certain to ensue when the 73,000 seat stadium is shown to be significantly short on occupants during his certain-to-be-forgettable acceptance speech.

    Pray for a sunny day.

  • amused

    I'd rather see the reaction when Romney tries to push Medicare vouchers , more tax cuts for upper income , more deregulation , and bigger tax breaks for big oil while the prices are going over $4 a gallon . In the meantime enjoy bthe football season with scabs calling the shot , and just remember , the union refs weren't asking for any increases just the same as last contract . But the NFL whose profits are up 50% , who have no reason to cut back on their pay or benefits are locking them out .BTW did your tickets get any cheaper this year ? Owners must be Republicans .