Obama Pal Who Led Anti-Semitic Race Riot Will Protest Against the NRA Because “No One Needs Assault Rifles”

Who needs an assault rifle? This guy.

How messed up is the Democratic Party right now? Al Sharpton, who led an Anti-Semitic race riot and has been responsible for causing numerous murders in racial attacks, is an MSNBC host and a regular guest at the White House. And the NRA are the bad guys.

The racist leader had this to offer to the national dialogue.

Al Sharpton vowed Saturday to organize a protest against the NRA and gun manufacturers that will kick off with a rally at the group’s Washington headquarters next month.

“We need to get a real movement against those who get rich off the perpetuation of killing.”

Speaking of people who get rich off killings… there’s Al Sharpton. How much money and power would Al Sharpton have if his thugs hadn’t murdered people in Jewish and Asian stores?

“The only purpose of assault weapons is for war,” Sharpton continued. “You don’t hunt with assault weapons. Nobody shoots down prey with so many bullets you couldn’t eat the prey.”

For a violent thug, Sharpton doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about assault rifles.

Rev. Al Sharpton said on tonight’s PoliticsNation, “It’s not just in Chicago, or in Newtown. Since 1979, more than 116,000 children and teenagers have been killed by guns. We can’t listen to any more of this nonsense from the NRA. The time for their talk is over. Now’s the time for action, and real change on gun control.”

“Everybody needs to be committed to end this culture of violence, but many of us are going to put toy guns under our Christmas trees this year for our young boys,” Sharpton added. “We produce gang-bangers when we plant these seeds of violence in our children. Why are we surprised when they commit acts of violence?”

Yes, why are we surprised when the most visible African-American spokesman is a guy who got famous terrorizing Jews and Asians.

Speaking of that… Koreatown store owners needed assault rifles to stop the racist culture of violence promoted by racist bigots like Sharpton.

Jong Min Kang, president of the Korean American Business Association, was president of Korean Young Adult Team of L.A., when the riots erupted.

“There was a lot of activity to protect I Korean businesses, especially in Koreatown. A lot of young Korean people had weapons. There was every kind of weapon, AK-47s and Uzis.”

  • Mary Sue

    Al Sharpton has no soul.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      If he did. he'd probably claim that some Jew merchant sold him a broken one.

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Sharpton represents the same milieu of thugs which are ruling Obama's gang. He is similar to the head law enforcement official, a serial lawbreaker. So is it any wonder why one would posit: when will the lawless regime finally fall? – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/01/will-barack-h

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • jakespoon

    Al,if you want to change the culture,start with yourself first. Stop being a race-pimp and start being honest about the real cause of problems in this country and who's behind them,until then you're just a jive a– M.F. All you got is a mouthful of gimme and a handful of want.

  • Mark

    I don't like Al Sharpton, I think he's a fool. But don't you think you're stretching the truth a tad bit with him leading the race riots? It was his lack of condemning them that was the biggest issue. He was never involved with any murders, you're spreading lies. He is a regular guest of the white house because he is an African American leader, like it or not, and President Obama is the first black president, which is an amazing feat. I'm Jewish and I'll admit, I don't like the way Al Sharpton seems in regards to that, but honestly, you're being absurd here. You're just being RACIST. "violent thug" How many time do you want to call him or his black followers as you put it, thugs. Now in the context of gun control, shut up. This is not the wild west and we don't need guns to protect ourselves. Those owners should not have needed assault weapons and I don't trust store owners carrying assault weapons. That is the job of law enforcement. Stop being ignorant and just straight up wrong

    • Mary Sue

      "African-American Leaders" these days are full blown communists. There's nothing racist about saying that. It happens to be true, and the reason they bought into the communism is because of Marx's BS theory about "oppression".

      Nobody cares what color Al Sharpton is. Nobody cares what color Obama is. A commie is a commie.

      • Mark

        If you're calling Obama a communist, then you are a complete moron…He is a moderate democrat…

        • Mary Sue

          His parents were full blown communists. His grandparents were radical marxists. His friends were all commies and stupid hippies, all through growing up. His mentor was a commie so red that the FBI was all over him.

          NO sir, he's a commie alright…masquerading as a "moderate" democrat.

          There's nothing moderate about his voting record as a US Senator, however. Check your facts, he's easily the most radical senator EVER.

        • pagegl

          Mark, you really need to do a little reading about the people who were most influential on BHO. Right at the top of the list was Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the CPUSA. There are also William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, who helped launch BHO's political career and have been and still are far left wing radicals who have practiced and espoused political violence. Van Jones is a self admitted communist. Valerie Jarrett's father Vernon was a member of the CPUSA; Jarrett is BHO's closest advisor. Do you want me to go on? The list really is quite a bit longer.

          If BHO is a moderate democrat, Joseph Stalin was a liberal socialist.

      • elle

        Yeah, it's amazing how many stupid blacks have actually bought into the "only whites can be racist" because "racism = racism + power" and only whites have "power" apparently, even though blacks have a whole lot of power in accusing white people of racism, rightly or wrongly, and other non-whites do now too.

        • elle

          This is all most Blacks learn in college these days. The "only whites can be racist". And we wonder why so many college educated youth are unemployable these days?

    • pagegl

      "Those owners should not have needed assault weapons and I don't trust store owners carrying assault weapons. That is the job of law enforcement." Baloney! Mark, check various court rulings, including the Supreme Court, law enformcement agencies are under no obligation to protect you or your property. So, how where those shop owners expected to protect themselves. You are the one who needs to stop being ignorant.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Leading a mob into a neighborhood than then begins smashing things and killing people tends to count as leading a race riot.

    "Those owners should not have needed assault weapons and I don't trust store owners carrying assault weapons. That is the job of law enforcement."

    Law enforcement wasn't doing its job.

    • Mark

      You guys are pretending that Al Sharpton was carrying a torch and throwing stones at the Jews. He said some incredibly hurtful and things and most of all, did not condemn the heinous acts that these rioters were doing, but he was not “leading a mob into a neighborhood” and “smashing things and killing people.” The riot is due to the tension between the two groups, which had been building for some time, since parting ways during the civil rights movement. This was the last straw. In addition, Jesse Jackson was far more active in actually inciting the riots, but he’s not on MSNBC so you can’t pull your whole anti liberal crap with him. At this point, what you guys are doing, is perpetuating this 20 year old conflict. As for the guns, what’s your suggestion, have all the hasidim carrying, so that they can protect themselves? Then this could’ve been an all out war? Unless of course someone decides to attack them on a Friday night, then they won’t be able to protect themselves… This situation would make it incredibly dangerous for law enforcement to ever intervene. And then we get to the final point, that nobody is trying to ban weapons. But you should not be able to get a shotgun in 30 minutes without a permit, when it takes months to get your drivers’ license.

      • elle

        Hey, I believe Sharpton (who you seem to think is this Great Black Leader all Blacks Love and Follow when he's really just a big mouth out for himself) was involved in the Tawana Brawley case, encouraging Tawana to fraudulently lie about being raped by a white police office.

        He also led a band of blacks down to Central Park after that central park jogger had been nearly murdered and gang raped by a group of black and latino youth and had his followers yell "whore, whore, whore"… How disgusting does it get?


        What will it take?

  • Mark

    Daniel, I'm not going to debate this any further, as there is no point, you're not going to get it. But you're acting very ignorant. Yes he was inappropriate and very well may have incited the violence, but it was not the deliberate purpose. These african americans were upset about what they considered to be racism against them; the accident which killed the poor child, and the Jewish hospital ambulance coming and taking the Jewish driver. I'm most definitely not going to get into that, as there is no definite answer as to what happened, but the most probable scenario in my book and what I have heard numerous times is that the driver was torn out of the car and was being assaulted when the ambulance came, and a lone police officer told the ambulance to take him and leave right away, and that there was another right behind it for the boy. The point is, that the african american community saw these incidents as prejudicial, as much of our society has been over the past 200+ years. Sharpton was a voice for the people. In no way do I agree with his techniques and the words he used, but unless he was there with a pitchfork and a torch, you're exaggerating, and therefore making him out to be worst than he was. Once again, he should have condemned these acts of violence and instead cited Martin Luther King and Abraham Heschel, bringing back the deep connection between the two cultures, as there are so many similarities. But instead he was hateful and irresponsible, but you can't demonize him to this extent. It is a ploy. Now we of all cultures should understand this idea of defending one's own group, with such a long history of persecution. But instead people like you guys perpetuate this stuff. S I'm out, this is a waste of time

    • Mary Sue


      Anytime Sharpton does something, it's on deliberate purpose. He knows how to work up a crowd and he knows full well what will come of working up said crowd.

      Pfffft "voice for the people." He never did a constructive thing for anyone. The fact that he did NOT speak against the violence speaks volumes. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. He didn't, and actions speak louder than words.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This wasn't the first time Sharpton went after minority groups. It wasn't the first or last time people died as a result of it.

      Once might be a coincidence. Over and over again makes you the Klan.

  • elle

    Yeah, what's going on in this country is a full-blown attack on "white" people, including Jews. It's a "whites deserve to be hated/abused/gotten revenge upon/humiliated" because of ___________ white privilege, historical events which may or may not have anything to do with their ancestors, x,y, z.

    It's a full blown war against white people, mostly a psychological war.

    It's a belligerance, a hostility, a hate….

    Racial tension doesn't even begin to describe it.

    • elle

      It's endless too. Of course, electing Obama did nothing but feed the monster.

      You see how it's never enough?

  • UCSPanther

    I'd rather see rioters getting shot dead than see people getting assaulted in the streets by hoodlums or having their homes or businesses burn to the ground.

    if you riot, you run the risk of getting hurt or killed. Plain and simple.

  • Patrick Keogan

    I love how honestly the writer of this article worded it. People who watch the Liberal media would be clueless reading this.