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Obama Pal Who Led Anti-Semitic Race Riot Will Protest Against the NRA Because “No One Needs Assault Rifles”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 23, 2012 @ 2:25 pm In The Point | 22 Comments


Who needs an assault rifle? This guy.

How messed up is the Democratic Party right now? Al Sharpton, who led an Anti-Semitic race riot and has been responsible for causing numerous murders in racial attacks, is an MSNBC host and a regular guest at the White House. And the NRA are the bad guys.

The racist leader had this to offer to the national dialogue.

Al Sharpton vowed Saturday to organize a protest against the NRA and gun manufacturers that will kick off with a rally at the group’s Washington headquarters next month.

“We need to get a real movement against those who get rich off the perpetuation of killing.”

Speaking of people who get rich off killings… there’s Al Sharpton. How much money and power would Al Sharpton have if his thugs hadn’t murdered people in Jewish and Asian stores?

“The only purpose of assault weapons is for war,” Sharpton continued. “You don’t hunt with assault weapons. Nobody shoots down prey with so many bullets you couldn’t eat the prey.”

For a violent thug, Sharpton doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about assault rifles.

Rev. Al Sharpton said on tonight’s PoliticsNation, “It’s not just in Chicago, or in Newtown. Since 1979, more than 116,000 children and teenagers have been killed by guns. We can’t listen to any more of this nonsense from the NRA. The time for their talk is over. Now’s the time for action, and real change on gun control.”

“Everybody needs to be committed to end this culture of violence, but many of us are going to put toy guns under our Christmas trees this year for our young boys,” Sharpton added. “We produce gang-bangers when we plant these seeds of violence in our children. Why are we surprised when they commit acts of violence?”

Yes, why are we surprised when the most visible African-American spokesman is a guy who got famous terrorizing Jews and Asians.

Speaking of that… Koreatown store owners needed assault rifles [2] to stop the racist culture of violence promoted by racist bigots like Sharpton.

Jong Min Kang, president of the Korean American Business Association, was president of Korean Young Adult Team of L.A., when the riots erupted.

“There was a lot of activity to protect I Korean businesses, especially in Koreatown. A lot of young Korean people had weapons. There was every kind of weapon, AK-47s and Uzis.”

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[2] Koreatown store owners needed assault rifles: http://gunowners.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/saved-by-a-semi-automatic-assault-rifle-the-story-of-koreatown-during-the-la-riots/

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