Obama Shuts Down Radio Liberty

Who said Vladimir has to wait for after the election to get a show of Obama’s “flexibility”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin looks serious about clamping down on foreign-funded non-government organizations (NGO), foreign-funded programs, and media houses that have direct financial support from the United States of America or through any US project working in Europe.

And Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe will going off the air in Mother Russia.

U.S.-funded media outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty says it will stop medium-wave radio broadcasting while continuing its online service later this year, to comply with a new Russian law.

Senior official Julia Ragona said Saturday that the organization is making the change November 10, when a new Russian law takes effect.

The new law will ban radio broadcasting in Russia by companies that are more than 48 percent owned by foreign individuals or legal entities. Ragona said RFE/RL is reducing its staff by a substantial amount and said those leaving are doing so by mutual agreement, with severance packages.

Sure the US could have defied the new Russian law, but it’s not exactly like we’ve got Reagan in the house here. It seems symbolically appropriate that Radio Liberty is going off the air around the time that liberty is vanishing here. These days we need a Radio Liberty to start broadcasting to us back home.

  • amused

    Uh-oh another strawman by Greenfield . It ain't Obama's call , it's Putin and the new law . Would you rather have the Russians expell the 13 or so Americans and jail the 60 or so Russian employees ??
    What abot the Peace Corps getting bounced in 2002 by Russia ? Was that GW Bush' fault ?
    C'mon now Greenfield , it's their country , like it or not > but we could always nuke the Russians or assasinate Putin ….right ?

  • jose

    Amused , as you just revealed it is not their county at all, rather a dictators. Seems you are o.k. with that.